It took Coleman quite a long time to smooth his breath. He then said seriously, "Conrad, you are really awesome. From now on, I will work for you forever!"

"No problem, I ask you here just because I want to fight with you side by side. You will have your ability proved someday. Just put your stuff away. Let's go to have a big feast for celebration." Conrad said.

"Okay!" Coleman walked into the building and suddenly saw a sexy girl, Amara, in the corridor.

"She…She is so beautiful…" Coleman stammered.

"Let me introduce. She is Amara Morris, my chief assistant. And this is my best friend, Coleman Stone." Conrad introduced them to each other.

"Hi, nice to meet you." Amara greeted and then stood beside Conrad, looking quite intimate with him.

Coleman was a bit stunned when seeing that. Then he suddenly bowed to Amara with great respect, "Nice to meet you, Mrs. Porter!"

"Nonono! I am just Mr. Porter's assistant! Not his wife or girlfriend!" Amara hurried to explain. She was mistaken as Conrad's girlfriend for twice today. She blushed and thought to herself, 'I wish I deserve to be…'

"Oh…your assistant…" Coleman then stared at Conrad with an ambiguous look, which seemed to confirm the intimate relationship between them even more. After all, Amara looked so sexy and ravishing. He didn't even believe that Conrad would do nothing with her.

Conrad just glanced at him. Of course he could tell that Coleman was now thinking of something dirty in his mind.

as to get close to Conrad's.

an awkward problem. The Lamborghini could only fit two people. However, they didn't deem

vehicle section and suddenly a car attracted his

Original Price: 5,850,000,

with four seats. Conrad couldn't help falling in love with it as soon as he just saw the picture. The Hummer looked strong and tough like a best wrapped with steel plate and equipped with nice engine and solid tyre. Besides, the space on the

was more, the discounted price could even enable him to drive the Hummer at a cost of a bottle of beverage

what I want!" Conrad clicked to purchase and

delivered. 50 seconds

gained for the

such a surprising notice on the app. He then clicked to gain the extra credit. But he only got one credit. It seemed that purchase could only enable him with mere credit. So it still took quite

and saw the Hummer painted with camouflage color beside

are so freaking

the car. He almost leaned

I could just hop in for once

mine. Now your wish comes true." As speaking, Conrad pressed on the key and opened the

amazing!" Coleman immediately rushed to the back seat and kept bumping his butt on the seat again and again. He was really amazed by

when he bought a new car. But since he was able to afford a whole building, it was quite easy for him to get a Hummer. So she

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