The Luxury of Discount King

Chapter 29 I Need Chopsticks!

Obviously, the doorman referred to Coleman. As a nerd, he always stayed at home with messy clothes and indulged himself in the Cyberworld. And he didn't even have time to change his clothes when he came to meet Conrad. So he was stopped by the doorman.

"What? You even dare to drive your guest away?" Conrad looked sullen. He couldn't believe that bias against one's dress still existed in the modern world.

"Sorry, sir. This is the rule of the restaurant. And we serve according to the rules as the traditional French restaurant. So the one with scruffy dress is not allowed to enter." The doorman said a bit arrogantly.

Before Conrad was about to argue, Coleman said, "I am fine with that, Conrad. Let me just go back to change my clothes. And it's not far away from here."

"No!" Conrad really hated this restaurant, but since it was Coleman's choice, he decided to give in. So he then took off his suit jacket and put it on for Coleman. Though Coleman still looked a bit weird with the pair of shorts, he seemed to fit the rule here.

"What about now?" Conrad questioned the doorman.

The doorman took a look and agreed seemingly reluctantly. Then he stepped aside and they finally entered the restaurant.

Only one third of the tables here were occupied as the dishes here were quite expensive. Besides, the western food turned to be a bit plainer when compared to the Chinese dishes.

They took seats at a quiet place. A middle-aged foreign waiter in swallow-tailed coat came forward and offered them the menu.

"Just get what you want." Conrad said. Of course, it was on him still.

"Lady first." Coleman still had no idea what to order.

localized one. So she only ordered some common dishes that she had ever tasted

restaurant such as baked snails,

it was turn for Coleman.

other dishes freely.

such as the use of fork and knife and also how to wrap the napkin.

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served them the appetizer—a plate of caviar for

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didn't like it. But for him, only the atmosphere mattered as it was a dinner with his best

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you please urge your chef to do it quick?" Coleman

rude Chinese guy!" The waiter complained

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then went to ask the manager

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