The Luxury of Discount King

Chapter 30 Acquisition

"Boss, Coleman, please calm down. Let me have a talk with him." Amara also interceded and started to communicate with Bruno in English. She told him that it was because of their arrogance and bias against Chinese customers that Conrad and Coleman felt like being offended.

However, Bruno turned a deaf ear to her words while claiming how great the restaurant had been under his leadership.

"I need to issue a letter of complaint against you!" Even Amara, such a kind and tender girl, was rendered mad by his stubbornness.

"My boss now lives in France. I am sure he will also support me if he knows what I am doing." Bruno still insisted arrogantly.

However, Conrad suddenly realized that Bruno only worked for someone else instead of owning the restaurant on his own. While the owner still lived abroad. He really got mad as being offended by such a staff.

"You are all not welcomed here! Please pay the bill and leave right away!" Bruno warned.

"Are you kidding me? We are here just for dinner! How dare you drive us away!" Coleman stood up to argue with him.

"Rude Chinese guys! I am going to call the police!" Bruno threatened.

Conrad sneered as he had figured out how to teach him a lesson. He then stopped Coleman, who was getting mad, and said, "Coleman, there is no need to argue. Let me handle this."

newly updated property section. Soon, he found the property information about this

located at No. 12, Xinming Road, BH City, Cover Area: 650 m2, Estimated Price: 9,200,000, Discounted Price:

restaurant was even worth about ten million. Most of the value originated from the premise. And Conrad also had enough

immediately clicked to purchase the property right of this

transferred. Estimated Time: 40 seconds. You will then gain the right to manage all staffs here and also

and sit

you officially own Francis Restaurant!' Another

now you are fired!" Conrad

make me, the greatest manager

Francis Restaurant, which he just gained, on the table

fake one! I know all Chinese guys are good at making fake certificates!" Bruno even started to blame all Chinese

just call your boss to make sure if it's the fake one!

He made a call to his boss to confirm. However, it was still wee hours in France. So

If you call me for nothing, I

say, "Boss, I know it sounds really ridiculous. But I had to make it confirmed. A Chinese guy just took out the

more than nine million transferred to my back account and there is even an agreement of property transfer on the bedside table!" The boss kept exclaiming. But soon he calmed down and continued, "It seems that something incredible happened. But it is a nice price for me. You know, the business has been declining during the pandemic. I am glad to have it sold. That's it! Bruno, I am sure that the Francis

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