The Luxury of Discount King

Chapter 31 Good Luck Bar

Bruno put on a long face and went inside to change his clothes. Then, he went to the door to change shifts with the doorman.

At this time, some customers happened to come by. Bruno, a foreigner with blue eyes and a Roman nose, said in poor local language, "Ladies and gentlemen, please come in and take your seats."

The customers were dumbfounded. Amara also felt funny, thinking that Conrad was really clever to bring others under control.

"Conrad, you are so clever. You even subdue Bruno without fighting!"

Coleman gave him a thumbs-up sign. He admired Conrad from the bottom of his heart. Conrad really had many ways to bring others under control. Bruno was extremely arrogant before. But now, he stood at the door to receive the customers honestly.

Coleman and Amara were not surprised at all that this western restaurant suddenly belonged to Conrad. Conrad was so rich that it was no surprise that he bought this restaurant.

Conrad bought a pair of chopsticks from the App and handed them to Coleman. Then, no one would come to disturb their meal.

The chopsticks were handy for Coleman. They had a nice western meal.

After making sure they were both full, Conrad got up and the three of them left the restaurant together. Several waiters watched them leave.

A later customer was puzzled and asked the waiters, "That guy dined and dashed. Why didn't you stop him?"

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young? Then why was the manager so rude

Bruno just lost his head." The national waiter replied in a serious

walked out of the western restaurant. Bruno bowed to see them off in

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the three got into the Hummer and returned to the neighborhood, Amara faithfully performed the duties

disturb the catering industry? But western food is a niche. I saw that this restaurant did not have

was right. This western restaurant had a manager like Bruno who discriminated against people before. So, it definitely could

about what business to do. Since he bought a restaurant by chance, he

had opened chains all over the world. There were some domestic catering brands, such as Shaxian County Snacks and Lanzhou Noodles, which were all over the country.

He preferred to make special Chinese food. But in that case, he needed to recruit new chefs. The plan also had

while, and then went to their own rooms. Conrad lived in Room 101, Coleman in 201, and Amara in

shower in his room. When he toweled his hair and came out, his phone rang. He picked it

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