The Luxury of Discount King

Chapter 32 An Ugly Man Makes Trouble

"Hey, sorry I'm late." Conrad walked over and said to the two beauties with a smile.

"Conrad? Nice to meet you!"

The curly-haired lady held out her hand. Conrad could tell from her voice that she was the one who talked to him on the phone, Katherine.

Conrad noticed that Katherine had some crow's feet around the outer of her eyes. So, he estimated that Katherine was about 40 years old. But Katherine maintained well and looked just around 30 years old. She looked like a pretty girl next door and still kept her charm. She wore a pair of large fashion earrings on her ears and was very fashionable.

"You're not late. We didn't fix a time."

Jennifer said. She painted crystal lip gloss today. Her red lips looked sparkling and crystal-clear, like jelly, which would attract people to kiss her. Such a beauty had fatal attraction to men.

"You look beautiful today." Conrad sincerely praised.

"Thank you. Order whatever you like."

Jennifer looked calm on the surface. With her face and identity, she had heard too many similar words before. But Conrad's words still pleased her.

This man was too mysterious, as if he had everything you needed. So, Conrad played a decisive role in Jennifer's mind.

Seeing the way Jennifer and Conrad looked at each other, Katherine gave an understanding smile and asked, "Conrad, what would you like to drink?"

Conrad looked at Katherine and said, "I drove here and cannot drink wine. Just offer me some juice, thanks."

glass of fresh

and a half of Wuliangye and put it on the bar counter. There was only half a bottle of wine in one bottle. Because it had been opened and the wine was poured out by Conrad

loved wine. This kind of wine was of great collection value. Even if there was only empty bottle, she would

half a bottle

wine. It has enough age and the liquid is fragrant. I'll buy this bottle and a half.

I will sell it to you

Conrad is so generous. Then I'll

700,000 to Conrad on the spot

any more good wine like this in


Conrad nodded.

was limited in Discount King

Katherine went to receive guests.

Stunner Jennifer free to come here for a drink today?"

that." Jennifer shook

you Jenny?" said Conrad

intimate. Conrad was

Jennifer raised her glass in

clinked his goblet against hers, and then they took a

the wine, Jennifer's white face turned red and she looked beautiful. She was also

atmosphere was a little ambitious. Conrad felt that Jennifer also had feeling for him. To get her, he had to take

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