The Luxury of Discount King

Chapter 33 Hummer Shows Its Power

"Jenny, don't go!"

The ugly man said and was about to grab Jennifer's hand. But he was blocked by another strong arm.

"Hey, she asked you to leave. Why are you still pestering?"

It turned out to be Conrad who took action. He could see that the ugly man was chasing Jennifer. But without Jennifer's answer, Conrad knew it was the ugly man's unrequited love. Anyone who was not blind would definitely not choose this ugly man.

The ugly man was useless, both in terms of temperament and look.

"Who are you? How dare you talk to me like that? You are so close to Jenny. What is your relationship?" the ugly man got angry and started questioning Conrad.

"Never you mind. He's Maddox Graham."

Jennifer told Conrad the identity of this ugly man. Maddox was a rich second generation with a great background in this city. His father used to be a gangster and then turned into a good guy to create a family business. But he still had many bad habits. Maddox had a gang of youths around him. Jennifer was not afraid of him. But she was worried about Conrad would be retaliated.

"I don't care who he is. He cannot pester people for no reason, right?" Conrad showed no sign of fear. As a man, he would not be afraid of this ugly man.

"Damn it! How dare you talk to Mr. Maddox like this? You are courting death!"

A yellow-haired young man behind Maddox stepped forward and cursed and was about to make a move. Some tattooed-armed youths came around and wanted to attack Conrad.

could be knocked down. But he could not step back. Watching Jennifer who he loved

also took the stool. It looked like a conflict

doing? Maddox, don't make trouble in my

here. Although she looked kind just now,

will not

was obviously afraid of Katherine and did not dare to attack Conrad in the bar.

be careful. I can only protect

righteous. There was a saying that the arrogant men were afraid of the stubborn

"How disappointing!"

disturbed to drink and said to Conrad,

"No problem."

nodded and walked out of the bar

they followed behind them with bad intentions. However, Jennifer had a high status after all. She was the only daughter of Powell Austin and the successor of the Austin International. Maddox didn't dare to act recklessly. So,

because she wanted to protect Conrad. As long as

cars had been tailing

Conrad didn't want to bother himself arguing with the likes of them. He

you for driving me back. Since my mom is recuperating at home today, it is

get some rest early and remember me to your mother. Goodbye." Conrad smiled and said goodbye to

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