The Luxury of Discount King

Chapter 34 Play with Bumper Cars

"Damn it. He dares to hit our car. Hit him!"

Maddox shouted in the Mercedes. His men drove the Passat recklessly and blindly alongside Conrad, then turned the wheel sharply to the right to hit Conrad's car.

Conrad was angry and felt funny. They dared to drive the ordinary car to hit the military Hummer. He really had no idea what they were thinking. They were so stupid to court their own ruin!

Conrad did not humor him and hit the Passat hard. Then, every time the two cars hit, the Passat would lose some parts, while the Hummer was almost unharmed. The gap between the military and civilian vehicles was clear at a glance.

Finally, Conrad hit the Passat fiercely. The wheels of the Passat were deformed and the driver could no longer control it. The Passat directly hit the roadside guardrail, stalling.

Finally, there was only Maddox's Mercedes. Seeing Conrad was so fierce, Maddox was hesitant about hitting him. Unexpectedly, Conrad braked and opened the window, giving Maddox the finger to provoke him.

"Damn, I'll kill you!"

Maddox, who had always been arrogant and domineering, could not stand it any longer and put his foot down hard on the accelerator.

This time he learned from his men. He did not drive together with Conrad. Instead, he was behind Conrad's car and hit the trail of Conrad's car. But he was still courting his own ruin. Even though the quality of Mercedes was good, it couldn't stand being hit like this. Soon, the headstock of the Mercedes was deformed. But the Hummer's license plate was just slightly deformed. After all, the military Hummer's materials were all bulletproof.

Conrad smiled. Now, he was about to give Maddox the final blow. When Maddox hit the trail of his Hummer again, Conrad braked sharply and the Hummer immediately stopped. Then, Mercedes hit the Hummer heavily and pushed Hummer forward a few meters.

the four-wheel drive Hummer. Hummer had full power output. The Mercedes drove forward and the Hummer backed up.

was suitable for all kinds of harsh terrain. So, it had more power. Soon, it won the fight and pushed the Mercedes back. No matter how the Mercedes

Damn it! Why is his

angrily. He had driven Hummer. His Hummer would also be damaged if it was hit. Why couldn't Conrad's car be

driven before. This was what made the

Mercedes at a roadblock. There was a roadblock in the back and Hummers in the front. Mercedes was sandwiched in the middle. The car was seriously deformed. Finally, the engine was damaged and stalled and it couldn't start anymore. It seemed that the car was scrapped. Maddox was scared

his foot off the accelerator and turned his car around. Then, his eyes met the eyes

playing bumper cars

laughed and drove

were seriously deformed. It was estimated that they would spend a lot of

Mercedes, Maddox wanted to go out. But he just found that the car was deformed and could not

he is. I will

street echoed with

surface of the car was slightly deformed. The paint was scraped off a lot. He could

to touch up the paint, so that there was the feeling of war, and it

to bed, he found that Jennifer had sent him a message, asking if he had

his safety. Conrad replied,

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