The Luxury of Discount King

Chapter 35 The Elixir Is Made

Conrad ate a small dumpling. It was delicious. The flavor of meat and flour was perfectly combined, making Conrad's taste buds become sense.


Conrad couldn't wait to pick up another one, not caring that it was hot. He blew it twice and swallowed.

"Don't eat in such a hurry. There's a lot more here." Amara said with a smile. She felt happy that Conrad loved her breakfast so much.

"Well, I should leave some for Coleman. If I have something to eat but he doesn't, it's too unfair of him." Conrad said.

"I've prepared his breakfast. Just enjoy yourself." Amara was careful enough to take them all into account.

Conrad felt that with Amara, he was much happier. In the past, he often didn't eat breakfast. If he got up late, he would have lunch directly. But now, he had such a hardworking and beautiful female assistant, his life was happier than before.

Conrad asked Amara to eat with him. He tasted other food and felt that they were all delicious. Amara was really a good cook.

Thinking of cooking, Conrad remembered the western restaurant he had just taken over. If he wanted to transform the restaurant into a Chinese restaurant, he needed to recruit chefs first.

"Amara, prepare a notice inviting workers and post it on the website. We need to recruit chefs and waiters for Francis Restaurant. The chefs, who are proficient in the eight cuisines and can make delicious dishes, are what we want. As long as he can meet our requirements, he can ask for any salary he wants. The salary of waiters should be 30% higher than that given by other restaurants. The requirements of waiters are good appearance and temperament. Besides, they should also serve others well. We don't want people who will look down on others like Bruno."

I'll get right on

working from dawn to dusk. Now that she was working for

no hurry. You can do it after breakfast. I will not

is the best to me." Amara said with

thought that Amara was really charming. She was a good worker and gentle. He really found the right person. Thinking of this, Conrad decided to give Amara more bonuses at the end of the month, so that she could

away all the dishes and clean them. Now, she became a personal secretary who took

beautiful and hardworking. She was really

into Discount King App to look for goodies. Soon, he really found a good thing. It was the Night Orchid that

thought of that Mr. Huber would make this elixir for him, wondering if he had started

it was Mr. Huber, who he

and get the elixir. It's done." Mr. Huber

I'll be there

eager to know how effective this elixir was. So, he got in his Hummer and

backyard. Mr. Huber was sitting in the living room, looking at a glass bottle that

the elixir is done?" Conrad asked as

made elixir according to the ancient recipe. I didn't expect

glass bottle on

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