The Luxury of Discount King

Chapter 36 Amazing Effect

When he got back to his room, Conrad followed Mr. Huber's instructions and took the elixir with warm water.

After taking Elixir of Strength, he felt his whole stomach warm up and he was so hot that it was as if he was being baked.

"It's so hot!"

Conrad couldn't stand it anymore. He took off his clothes and went into the bathroom, filling the tub and lying in it to release the heat.

Conrad was surprised that the effect of the elixir was so amazing. It made him have such a great reaction.

Soon, he had a burning sensation. Conrad turned on the automatic circulation of water in the tub to keep the water temperature low all the time. Since the cold and heat succeeded each other, he was a little dizzy and fell asleep.

When Conrad opened his eyes again, he felt that he was in a good fettle after a sleep. The automatic circulation of water was still turning on in the tub. But there were some greasy substances floating on the surface of the water, which should be the impurities his body excreted under the effect of the elixir.

"This elixir has a strong delayed effect."

Conrad jumped out of the tub and took a shower. Then, he dried and dressed and went to the living room.

He picked up his cell phone to watch the time. However, the screen cracked at the center of the circle where he pressed his finger.

"Damn it! Is the quality of this brand's mobile phone so bad?"

10,000 broke down in two days. At the same time, he found that it was

Fortunately, my skin

having a meal, he had to get a

just as he held the new phone, the screen also

that the two major cell phone manufacturers had produced defective products at the same time. Maybe it was

perhaps the cause was the Elixir of Strength he

that I'm

house, which looked quite stout. But he gently bent it and it broke,

spoon between

had gotten stronger. What was recorded in the ancient books was true. Elixir

But he did not know how strong he was now. He needed to

he had to have a meal first. So, he drove out to

a restaurant on the roadside and

to go to test his strength. Conrad thought of gym. He searched the largest gym on his phone. It was a chain of gyms called "Mount Fitness

was quite large and upscale. So, it should not be the gym that went out of business after

the front desk and asked to pay for

with membership cards can enter."

me a membership card."

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