The Luxury of Discount King

Chapter 50 Francis Deli

Ashley continued, "Conrad, you told me that my marinated food is better than those three chefs. You can't go back on your word."

"But you only know one kind of dish. I want to run a big restaurant. I can't just offer the marinated meat for the guests, right?" Conrad looked at her with a half-smile.

Ashley patted her heart, confidently said, "I can learn how to cook. Just give me a day, I can learn one more dish, and soon, I can become a top chef."

Conrad smiled without saying a word. Ashley took this as a refusal. She screwed up her face and pouted her rosy lips and said, "I don't care. You have to be responsible if you have eaten my marinated pig's feet."

Coleman, who was munching on the pig's feet, was surprised, and then said to Ashley, "Really? I also ate pig's feet. I don't mind being responsible for you and just let you be my girlfriend."

"No way, just eat your pig's feet!" Ashley didn't like the zit-faced man and looked sulky.

Coleman grinned as he continued to eat the pig's feet. In fact, he already knew that Ashley's intention was not for finding a job, but to get close to Conrad. He had the whole picture in mind.

"It's not a problem to hire you." Conrad said.

"Boss, she can only make marinate food." Amara anxiously reminded Conrad. She didn't want Conrad to waste his money.

Ashley can only make marinated food, then the salary would be lower than the average. The probation salary is 4,000 yuan a month,

nodded in approval of

the dinner first. After that, Amara will show you the room. You can live in

building, Conrad said in a domineering

you have made a wise decision!" Ashley, a little narcissistic, sat down to eat dinner

knowledge of Ashley's temperament. She was strong and brave to practice. Occasionally she was a bit silly, but she was a

took Ashley to choose a room, and finally she chose Room 103. She said that there was no one living in the upper floor, and she was afraid to live alone upstairs. Coleman

back to his room right after dinner; otherwise, he'd be

how to cook marinated food. We are running a western restaurant, so I don't think

"You have a point. We can change the restaurant name. Contact the shop that makes the plaque

work?" Amara gave an awkward

smiled. "I'm just kidding," he

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beautiful cook who can

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