The Lycan King

Chapter 2. Rules


'Arrange for a dress by tomorrow morning and have the room service send in some food.' I mind linked Vladimir.

'Yes, Alpha.' He replied.

I removed my shoes and entered the bathroom and saw Ava standing straight, her hands at her sides and her head bowed down. She stiffened further when she heard me come in.

She is scared of me. And the only way to get rid of your fears is to face them.

I took her hand in mine and walked her to the shower area and turned on the shower on the warmer side??enough that it wouldn't burn her fragile skin but would warm her up quickly.

"Undress me." I told her softly. I wanted her to feel comfortable with me. Deep down, I know she is my mate. How? I don't know. But she just is.

Her hands trembled as she slowly undid my jacket buttons before pushing it off my shoulders. I helped her take it off my arms and threw it aside.

She took a shaky breath as she stepped forward and undid my tie, throwing it over my jacket.

Next, she started undoing the buttons of my shirt. Her hands fumbled as she did. She was deathly scared of what she thought was about to happen.

"Rule number one." I spoke as I stood still while she undid my buttons. "Know that I will have your best interest at heart. You have to trust me or else this won't work."

She pressed her lips together and a frown marred her forehead as she nodded and continued concentrating on undoing the buttons.

"I need your words Ava." I told her as she undid the last button.

"Yes, Master." She said softly. My dick jolted at her calling me that. But sadly, that will have to go.

She hesitated before she reached the belt buckle, undid it and pulled the belt out of the loops.

"Rule number two. You will call me by my name. Nikolai." I told her.

Her breath hitched and her lips parted in surprise. "Yes Nikolai." She said so softly that I hardly heard it, even with the enhanced hearing.

Slowly, she undid the button of my pants and pushed it down. I stepped out of them and kicked it aside. The last remaining clothing I had on was my boxer.

Her lower lip trembled as she hooked her thumbs in the elastic of the boxer by my waist.

"What was Rule number one?" I asked her.

"To know that you have my best interest at heart. And that I should trust you." She whispered.

"Good girl." I praised, causing blush to rise on her cheeks. "Go on."

Slowly, with unsure hands she pulled down my boxer. I stepped out of it and kicked it aside too.

stepped back, looking terrified of my cock. This is the first time in my entire life this has happened and I have to agree that

who has touched you. You are only allowed to know and remember my touch." I told her so she knew what to expect. "After which, I want you to bathe me. I want you to know that I'm not going to hurt you. I want you to feel for yourself that you are safe with me. I want you to feel the strength beneath the skin and know that it will be used to protect you. Because that's what I do. I protect what time mine."

"Yes, Nikolai." She whispered.

off. I could feel the tension releasing from the body as time went on. The more I touched her without inflicting any sort of pain,

hands and then her chest. I didn't let my hands linger anywhere. I washed her flat stomach, her back, her voluptuous ass, her

soap from my hands before I rubbed her body under water again, rinsing off the soap. Again, I didn't linger anywhere. I wanted her to know I wasn't taking advantage of her, only taking care

gentleness I didn't know I had. I applied it on her neck too,

beautiful body. I washed away every single

I saw

turn." I told

in her yet, she took the shampoo and stood on her toes to reach the top of my head but

bent until she washed my face as

chest, cleaning it first. I stood still as she rubbed her hands all over my

hands touched my ass and she softly rubbed

up and circled me,

on my fully erect dick and she bit

to hurt you." I smiled lightly, wanting to ease

bothered and she looked deathly afraid. And I

is rubbing my body. I'll have to be crazy to not react. But that doesn't mean I'm going

She was still frozen.

at me." I said when her hand


how to make her understand. "If I did not have good intentions, you would've known by now, wouldn't

chewed on her delicious

to force her to touch me

into fists and

she wasn't my mate. She didn't even want to touch me. She was repulsed by me. Of course she is. I bought her. But I also saved her from the other horrid possibilities. But I wasn't going to say I am better than others.

My eyes slid shut in disappointment. I couldn't

more tears fell down. "I'm sorry." Her hand forwarded but I caught it before she could touch me. I wanted her to touch me because she wanted to, not because I told her to. Fear

out." My voice sounded rough because of the hurt my

and rushed out,

deal with it

cold water. I placed my hand against the tiled wall and tried to calm myself. Why was I so attracted to her? I hated not knowing it. Who the fuck does not know if a person is their mate

to fuck some manners into her but I'd rather punch myself in the face than hurt her like that. Why am I so fucking horny when it comes to her? Why is she turning me on unlike any other woman has

out, rubbing myself dry with a towel before I wrapped it

almost tripped over Ava who was kneeling just outside the door. She was facing away from me and was bent over, her ass in the air, her

fuck! Fucking Emilio bastard! I knew he was cruel but it could be some other Master she had before him too! I fucking hated the thought of anyone else

angry at her previous Masters who have messed with her this bad. I want to show her I wasn't like her other

you, let me serve you, let me make you happy, let me submit

doesn't deserve my anger, even though it's not towards her. She doesn't deserve my mood swings. I need to control

I'm at her mercy. Like one word out of her mouth can lead me to slay

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