The Lycan King

Chapter 3.Bad Dream


I got up early and had my hand do the job for me. I would have taken her right there if I had stayed any longer.

I was taking a shower when I heard her enter.

"Let me give you pleasure, Master." Ava said from behind me. She was kneeling when I turned around, her hand already coming to hold my cock. I groaned at the feeling of her hand around my length and my wolf purred. He was already putty in her hands. I wouldn't have done it but there was no going back now.

The shock of her willingly touching me registered somewhere in the back of my mind. But there is no fucking way I'm going to dwell on it when the most beautiful woman I've seen in my entire life is kneeling in front of me.

She kissed the tip of my head first and then took my cock in her hot mouth, her tongue swirling around the head. My cock jerked in her hand. I felt my wolf come forward and fight with me for control for the first time in years. He was going crazy trying to figure out if she was his mate or not. And he wanted to take control and find it out himself. And then I felt the thread snap and he was at the forefront. Fuck this, it was not going to be as gentle as I wanted it to be. My wolf won't let it. I put my hand in her hair and gripped it tight.

"This isn't going to be gentle, Ava." I gritted in warning and started fucking her mouth.

She almost took half of my length, I know she tried but she needed more practice. But this was more than anyone ever had. I fucked her mouth as I would her hot pussy- hard and fast, which would no doubt be as sweet and tasty as her. I was plummeting in her mouth like a jack-hammer. I could hear her gagging when my tip touched the back of her throat and it turned me on more but she wasn't relaxing her throat.

"Relax your throat." I groaned.

Tears were streaming down her eyes as she tried but she couldn't and now my orgasm was close. I gripped her hair harder when her throat relaxed slowly, taking more of my length in her mouth now. Her beautiful but teary eyes on mine. It was because of the gag reflex but I hated her tears. And when I was close, she did a thing with her tongue and I burst in her mouth.

"Swallow every single drop." I ordered as I came, letting go of her hair and slipped out a bit so she could suck comfortably. She did as she was told and then licked me clean before finally letting me go.

My dick was getting hard again but this was enough for now, her throat was going to be sore for quite some time. I pulled her up by her arms. She was so tiny that she hardly reached my shoulders. Fucking cute.

"Thank you Master, for letting me serve you." She whispered softly after she swallowed and licked her lips, like she liked the taste of me.

But for some reason, I felt guilty. Like I shouldn't have let that happen. My shoulders slumped. I felt like I had taken advantage of her. And I knew I had. I couldn't control myself. The moment I felt her lips around me, I was a goner. But I need to make it right. She's my mate. And it's not just my needs anymore, it's about her too. I want to show her that I'll take care of her. And I'll do it with my actions.

"Never thank me, Kroshka." I told her, my thumb caressing her cheek. She sighed and leaned in my palm.

"Let's get you all cleaned up." I whispered, pulling her in the shower with me, letting me serve her now.

I worshipped her body, cleaning her, not letting my hands linger anywhere. That was the least I could do after using her like that. The tension finally left from her stiff form. When I was rinsing the soap off her face, I saw that there was too much pain in her eyes.

"I apologise. I took advantage of you." I whispered as I caressed her cheek. Her breath hitched but she didn't reply. Did her throat hurt? "Did I hurt you?" I asked quietly after I finished bathing her. The thought of hurting her, hurt me, it tugged at my heart. I knew I shouldn't have taken her so roughly but my wolf was mostly in control. I was thinking with my other head too.

Why did it hurt me so much, I wasn't sure. It bothered me but I pushed it out of my mind. She needed me right now.

"No!" She sobbed. I took her in my arms, hugging her, pressing her soft body against my hard one.

"What is it, Ava?" I asked softly in her ear. Her arms came around me but she didn't answer. My heart clenched, I couldn't stand her tears, whatever had caused it.

"What is it Ava?" I demanded quietly in my Master tone, knowing she will answer now. I needed to know the source of her pain so I could work to reduce it.

"I'm sorry for yesterday. No one has ever taken so much care of me. You are so kind to me and I wanted to please you." She whispered, her form shaking. Fucking hell. This was the last thing I was expecting. I thought I hurt her and she was crying because of that!

"Get used to it, my Ava. You are mine and I take care of what is mine. Always." I told her, brushing her tears and then kissed her forehead.

I will sort out the mate deal later. Ava isn't my mate but she is perfect for me. Sweet, caring and submissive. I don't have time for an overbearing, defying and bratty mate anyways.

I am never letting this angel go, she is bound to me forever. She may have escaped the hell she was in but there is no escaping me.

with wide

dress on the bed, as per my instructions. We both got ready and walked downstairs, my hand wrapped around her perfect little waist. Alexander and Isabella were

late." He grumbled. "Bella, meet Alpha Nikolai Volkov. He helped me find you." He told her, his eyes softening at her sight.

She gave me a

This is Avalyn." I nodded at her. I

meet you." Isabella smiled at


to meet you too." She said shyly and shook her hand. At least she wasn't afraid of meeting other people. I wanted her to be a confident person and have friends. The ride to the airport was short, we got out of the car and went towards

on the left." I told Alexander after an hour had passed. It was going to be a long

gripping the arm rest, looking scared of

pressed a kiss on the back

meekly as I entered the room. I ringed the air

I heard a knock.

called out, loosening my tie and

Alpha Volkov?" She

me with wide eyes and I arched one eyebrow at her, waiting for her

or fruits would be good." Came her soft

two plates, with chocolate syrup on pancakes." I

peeking at mine every now and

you let me hear your

found the useless chattering of women annoying but I want Ava to talk. I want to hear her endlessly. The only time she spoke was to reply

slave is not supposed to speak unless spoken to, Master." She said softly, looking away from my eyes. My jaw clenched at her reply. She was not

will not refer to yourself as a slave Avalyn!" I

is going to say or do anything to you for that." I told her,

her cheeks, she is

I ask you

I chuckled and she blushed. "But ask anything."

we going?" She

going home, Krosha."

finally turning her head to look at

Russian." I smiled at her, staring


a trolley and put the plates on on the convertible desk besides

Shaking my head at

her eyes at that moment. Life was ironic, I had bought her

and took the other plate in her hand, bringing a piece in front of my mouth. I opened my mouth a bit wider and

giggled! Fuck yes! I made her laugh! I wanted to pump my hand in the air and celebrate my victory. But I stilled and stared at her while she giggled to take in her pure beauty. Her eyes sparkled and the corners crinkled. Cute dimples dug the middle of her cheeks, making her look like an angel. Her lips turned a shade darker and


laugh." I said brushing her lock behind her

stopped laughing and

She finally

were done eating. We still had four hours to spend here and I wanted her to rest, she did not have enough sleep during the night. She nodded

her there and

mate!" Mikhail clapped

my mate." I muttered slowly but

"What?" Mikhail asked.

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