The Lycan King

Chapter 4. Home


I took care of my business and walked to where I had told Ava to sit. I pressed the button for the back massager of the recliner, I want her to relax, to enjoy herself. I took the seat in front of her and smiled lazily at her.

"All good, Ava?" I asked.

"Yes, thank you Master." She whispered and smiled back lazily, a small moan coming out of her. I groaned inwardly as my cock twitched at her sight, she had no idea of the effect she has on me. The plane soon landed and we got off, my men following me; Alexander and Isabella appearing behind us.

"Thank you Alpha Nikolai, I owe you one. Call me when you need help. I mean it." He nodded sharply and I got the meaning.

"Yes, thank you so much Alpha Nikolai." Isabella said, her voice thick with emotions.

"Pleasure was all mine. Stay safe." I nodded at both of them and walked to my car.

My pleasure indeed, I thought as I tightened my hold on Ava's waist.

Mikhail and Vladimir followed me in my car, this was Silverwitch Bay, most of it was under my rule and no one would dare to cross my path here. Ava was looking out of the window, fascinated by the view.

"Have you told Sofiya yet?" Mikhail smirked at me.

"She will know once we get home." I glared at him. He rolled his eyes at me. That woman is going to annoy the shit out of me for not telling her before bringing Ava home.

Soon, we reached home. The gates were opened and after a minute's ride, we reached the driveway. The mansion overlooked the Silverwitch Bay and I could see Ava trying to look past the palm trees to the beach, eager to see everything.

"We can go to the beach in the evening if you want." I told her, guiding her through the entrance steps to the door.

As soon as we reached, the guards and the slaves, now dressed appropriately as maids, as per my instructions, bowed their heads. A sign of respect. I nodded at them.

"Call Dimitri." I told one of the slaves and walked to the living room.

"Can't live without me for a second, can you?" Dimitri smirked, already seated on the sofa.

"Reports?" I asked, ignoring his previous statement.

"No problems. But we may have to visit Club Lupus again though." He frowned. "And who is the lovely lady on your arm?" He grinned as he noticed Ava who was almost hiding behind me.

"Avalyn." I replied with a look that spoke volumes. The flirty smile was swept off his face in an instant.

"Ava, meet Dimitri, my Beta." I told her softly, bringing her forward. She didn't need to hide or be intimidated by the men here, they are family.

"Hello." She smiled at him. It was a stiff smile. I was rubbing circles on her waist with my thumb to calm her.

"Nikolai! Why didn't you tell me? I heard you brought a girl home!" I heard an excited yell. Sofiya came rushing into the living room.

"Finally a girlfriend in this boring house." She grinned and hugged Ava who stilled before looking at me. I nodded, giving her a smile. She smiled back shyly and hugged Sofiya.

"Hi, I'm Sofiya, your new best friend slash sister." She grinned letting go of her and extending her arm towards Ava.

"I'm Avalyn." She smiled softly and shook her hand shyly.

"Do you want to rest or do you want a tour of the Estate?" I asked Ava.

and her eyes shined

well. Sofiya will show you around the estate." I gave them a dismissive nod. "My

around to check Ava, looking for any

went to Vladimir and pulled him down by his tie to kiss him. I rolled

eyes at his sister and followed me to the

I trusted them with my life. I was sworn to protect

when your own father kills your mother? They are

bring the Monta?a Pack

that it is needed in this world. Without it, something would be missing. I'm just thankful to Moon Goddess that she's


my friend, one I made after so many years. She is smart, happy and complete- something I am not.

I am beautiful but I doubt it. I believed him whole-heartedly, trusted him with my life but this was hard to accept. He was my saviour, I would do anything

hope, gave me a place to call home. I still think this is all a dream, that Master would give me away once he was bored of me. I made it my life goal to be the perfect slave for him. He didn't like it when I called myself that but I didn't know what else to call myself. That's what I've always been, a slave, a means for others

want a perfect slave, they wanted someone to punish, someone to hurt. But my Master hadn't hurt me even when

wanted to make Master happy, his happiness gave

Avalyn. Are you okay?" Sofiya asked me,

just thinking." I smiled at

I was supposed to stay in my assigned room, only to be brought out when and where he wanted me. I had

She smiled and guided me to where Master would be. I was

mine." Sofiya winked at me as she left

from me, talking to Andrei. Sofiya had told me about everyone. Dimitri was her brother, I could see the resemblance and the rest were just people Master had helped along his way and had

want him to think I was trying to listen to things

remembered he told me to call him

heard and turned around swiftly, a small smile covering his face. His smiles were reserved just for me, I hadn't seen him smile

later." He told Andrei, not taking his eyes off me. He came towards me, kissed my

arm going around me, holding my waist. I loved it when he did that, it meant that he was protective about me, showing everyone else

I nodded.

use my words. He didn't want me silent like he wanted me to be, he only wanted my screams and begging but Master wanted my

a small trail, reaching the beach. It was rocky at first but then there was soft sand. It was just a patch, I could see the rocks a little further, blocking the way on either side of the sand, separating

was setting and the water

are you crying, Kroshka?" Master asked, his lips brushing my ear. I shivered at the feeling, at his closeness, at him speaking in Russian and calling

my life, saved me. "It's also been so long since I have been outside." I said softly, thinking about the only time the he let me go out, it was only in the backyard because he wanted to fuck me there or to his other clubs where he fucked me in front of other people or let them fuck me. More tears streamed down my

is now your personal bodyguard,

did this to me.

tried to calm myself. I didn't

kneeling to remove his own. I removed

the sand beneath

was a weird, squishy feeling. I loved

of my hand and walking beside me in the water. I jumped a bit when a cold wave washed over my feet. It

water, Love." He chuckled at

a bit ahead until the water came to my mid stomach. It was still so cold but it didn't feel as chilly as the

as I say in the water,

Master." I nodded happily. He cared for me and worried about me. That

your own safety, people flow away in the water during

He snapped and picked me up and walked back to the shore before placing me down again. My eyes

is close." He was angry again, trailing his hands through his hair. I never wanted to make him

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