The Lycan King

Chapter 5. Delicious


"Why were you late? I have told you I hate waiting, pet!" He snapped at me. I crawled and kneeled next to his feet.

"I'm sorry Master, I was cooking for your guests." I whispered, my eyes trained to the floor.

"You were cooking, eh? You kept me waiting for two minutes, pet. The first part of your punishment is that you will not have food for two days." He chuckled sardonically.

"Yes Master, thank you Master." I trembled, willing myself to not cry or he will extend my punishment. Not having food for a couple of days was normal, what feared me was the other half of the punishment.

He picked up my leash and started walking, I crawled behind him, trying to keep up with his pace. The other housekeepers looked at me in pity. No one said a thing, no one could say a word to him.

He brought me in the living room, I could see a lot of expensive looking shoes, they were his guests. He never let me wear clothes, saying he couldn't deny him the pleasure to look at me, yet he called me ugly. He also said it was for easy access. The only thing I wore was his collar and leash, to show everyone that I belonged to him. He found new ways to break me everyday. He abused me, broke me, humiliated me in the worst ways.

It was to the point that I couldn't even feel my wolf. I had not even shifted yet!

"Gentlemen, let the show begin. Punishment position five pet." He ordered me. I quickly crawled to the table and stood up, extending my legs to touch the table legs and bent the upper half of my body to lean on the table. I knew what was going to come and I was terrified of it.

I could hear the sound of the whip snapping in the air, the tears were already forming in my eyes. Soon, the whip met my ass with a searing sting.

"One, thank you Master." I always had to thank him for the punishment.

More lashing met my back, ass and thighs, the sound of leather meeting my skin engulfing the room. I was sobbing badly and I couldn't take it anymore. His werewolf strength was no match for me. I was stronger than a human for sure, but I was also weaker than an omega.

"Please, no, please, Master, stop, no..." I was sobbing but he did not stop.

He stopped after a couple of more hits. I took a harsh, shuddering breath in. Thank god!

"Okay who wants to go next?" He asked.

Oh no! Not anymore!

"I'll go." I heard someone say. More tears leaked from my eyes. I didn't dare move from my position or else it would be even worse.

This time I heard the 'swoosh' of the cane. My trembling and sobbing grew. It was the most painful.

He started beating me with the cane, first on my left ass cheek, then the right, then between my cheeks at which I cried out.

"Red, Master, pleasee, no, no, it hurts, please, Master Red, no!" I begged, using my safe word to make him stop, but like most times I was ignored.

"Nice work Adrik, you haven't lost your touch yet." I heard him laugh, the others joining him. I was still begging him to stop, sobbing hysterically.

"Avalyn, get up!" I heard a strong voice command and I jerked up, my eyes snapping open to see a worried looking Master, my Master.

"Are you okay? Was it a nightmare, Ava?" He asked, looking all over my face. I knew I was all sweaty and my hair was a mess and I looked filthy.

It was not a nightmare, it was my past, the one which Master had saved me from. He was my saviour, he was mending me slowly, making me feel like whole again, he never hurt me, all that he had done was for me, for my betterment. I wanted to serve him, to please him, I wanted to stay with him but I was scared that he would leave me once he gets tired of me. I would be the perfect slave for him, but Masters usually didn't want perfect slaves, they wanted someone they could punish But Master hadn't even touched me yet, except from a few kisses, I was the one to touch him...he also didn't like me calling myself a slave but I didn't know what else to call myself. It was all very confusing. But I decided to do what I do best?? submit. If he makes all the decisions for us, then I'll be saved from thinking and taking responsibility.

"Yes Master, it was just a bad dream." I lied.

I didn't want to worry him more, I wanted to be the one to do things for him from now on, it was my duty. Also, I was scared to tell Master my truth, afraid that he would be disgusted with me and then leave me.

"Why is it that you only get these dreams when I'm not next to you?" He asked, wiping my tears away. It was true, I had nightmares, it had started two weeks ago when he had sold me to the men in that hotel but when Master was with me, I didn't get them. Maybe because he somehow saved me in my dreams too.

"Let's go take a shower." He said and gave me a small smile when I didn't reply. I had no real answer to his questions.

We went into the washroom and bathed each other, just like we have been doing till now. I loved every part of him, I loved when he took gentle care of me, when he allowed me to take care of him. I wanted to give his cock the release it seemed to need but again, Master had told me no, so I would wait.

"I will be going out now and I'll return in the evening, you can do whatever you want, remember the rules about going out. Also, no need to be scared of anyone here, my Love, they are here to protect you, they will lay down their lives for your protection if needed." He said softly and caught my lips in a bruising kiss before I could reply. The kiss is intense, making me all tingly and leaving me breathless.

"See you later, Love." He said against my lips and left the room, leaving my mind in a disarray because of his kiss.

I followed him down the stairs to see Dimitri, Andrei, Vladimir and Mikhail joining him and they left through the main door. I saw Sofiya leaving the foyer too, I quickly followed her, determined to talk to her, I didn't want to lose the only friend I had. I saw her enter the kitchen and I went behind her.

"Sofiya, can I talk to you?" I asked desperately.

"Leave us." She said and my eyes widened. Did she want me to leave? Suddenly, all of the maids left the kitchen and I released the breath I realised I had been holding.

"If you are just some slut who wants Nikolai for power and money then I do not want to talk to you." She said firmly, looking me in my eye.

"I don't want anything from him." I told her softly. I decided to tell her the truth, the necessary parts of it at least, I don't want to base our friendship on lies.

"My father was killed when I was thirteen by someone who was very close to us, he made me a captive in my own house. But his son was the worst. He raped me for the first time when I was sixteen. He trained me, tortured me, to become his personal slave, his 'pet' as he would call me, make me do whatever he wanted. He hurt me when I did something he perceived as wrong. After eight years, he sold me when he thought I had become 'old' and 'boring'. Nikolai had bought me when he had come to help his friend. So you see, I don't want anything from him, he has freed me and already given me everything." I told her quietly, my tears flowing freely down my cheeks. I kept my eyes lowered while I spoke, I didn't want to see the disgust in her eyes or worse, pity.

"I'm so, so, so sorry Avalyn!"

is crying

what I understood, Master was very wealthy and very powerful, even more than the Devil. Master was also a dangerous man

to you. I am so sorry, for what you have had to go through." She whispered in my ear. "You can live a normal life here now, well as normal as a life in a

need now, it has been the only constant in my life since Papa died." I whispered brokenly. I then realised that all the things that came out of my mouth were absolutely true and

when she and Dimitri were young and used to play with Nikolai and Max, another of their friends. She also told me Andrei and Mikhail had joined the pack late. Both of them had dark pasts but they were good men and that's why they were

year for any rogue that wanted to join. He had to state his reason for being a rogue and then


for him to

he was the heir, he was treated nicely. But then something happened that changed Master and made him the man he

you tell me what had happened?" I asked her. I wanted to know everything about

Nikolai himself about it." She smiled. I nodded

the men come, what do

to say that I was the best cook ever and I could be a chef when I

you want."

you." I grinned

people in the mansion, there are a lot of

tonight, so you don't need to do

was the one to manage the entire estate and handle the staff. I spent the next few hours in the kitchen, cooking and giving the three maids directions, telling them what and how to do it. It was an odd feeling- telling others what to do, it felt very weird and very new. Sofiya was sitting on one of the bar stools of the

mousse is delicious." She

for tasting, you will ruin your appetite."

you will start training like me, you will too." She

"Training?" I squeaked.

training once you are settled." She said, giving me an understanding smile.

typed something on her phone."Are you done with dinner?"

to set the table

I don't think Nikolai brought you here

my old

asked a

"Yes ma'am." She nodded.

stood meekly in front of them, Master hadn't told me to do anything, I couldn't just kiss him like that, how much ever I

and kissed me like he hadn't seen me in years. He had missed me, just like

Ava." He whispered softly against my lips and I nodded, smiling widely, effectively breaking our

a beautiful smile." He said

the time for him if he liked it

starving." He said, taking my hand in his as we walked to

announced as one of

had help." I

I'm sure you would be." Master

food is amazing." Dimitri moaned and

complimented my food like this, it

went to

room. I nodded excitedly at that, I loved having showers with him, in fact I loved doing everything

was washing his leg.

I looked up at him and smiled. His cock was hard, demanding attention, I wanted to help him, I looked in his eyes

is about you, I shall reward you for the amazing dinner. I also have to check if the dinner was as delicious as you, don't I?" He smirked, pulling me up to my feet. After drying ourselves,

to be honest with me. Do you want this?" He

your words Ava."

breathed, looking deep in

feel comfortable. I don't touch women against their will." He said, his eyes turning a pitch black meaning his wolf was on the surface. It turned me on more for some

breathless. He had so much effect over me just by looking at me. I could feel myself getting

he called me that, a deep feeling of satisfaction washes over

and kissed me lightly, teasing me, one hand in my hair and the other going to my breast, moulding it, giving it a gentle squeeze and

lips not leaving my body for a second, I was breathing so hard. His mouth latched on my other nipple, sucking and biting and then gave it a flick with his

even know what

he gave my nipple a hard squeeze and twisted it, then switching positions with his hand, giving my other nipple the

said huskily, giving me another hard

I didn't even know what I

coming up and

towards my pussy. I closed my legs,

He said, looking at

was just him, my saviour, the one who had taken gentle care of me. I opened my legs for him, giving him a shy smile. He ginned before going down again, kissing the lips of my pussy, my very wet pussy. A

whispering, licking me, eating me. My moans were getting louder

"Please...." I begged breathlessly.

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