The Lycan King

Chapter 6. Spy


One week later.

"What were you doing on my land?" I growled at the man who was tied to the chair.

A couple of days ago, I got some intel that Emilio had sent spies. I put my men on alert and we found this man, attending clubs and parties all over the pack, snooping around. That's when they realised that he wasn't even from the fucking pack. The patrol wolves got an appropriate punishment for the mistake.

"As if I am going to tell you." The dimwit spat on the ground. Did he not realise he was my prisoner and the is no use of playing the loyal warrior of his pack? I had his life in the palm of my hand.

"And here I thought that we can have a civilised conversation." I tsked, shaking my head.

All of us here in the dungeon knew it was a lie. I just enjoyed toying with my prey.

I motioned Mikhail with my two fingers to come forward from the shadows. He brought in a table with my weapons on it.

I wore my leather gloves, all the weapons here were laced in wolfsbane. I picked up the tri-dagger knife made of silver, my favourite. It had a blade that was spiral and hurt like a bitch.

I took it in front of him and played with it, letting the fear build in him. It was all a game.

I went near him and trailed the blade down his chest, forming a line. Blood started seeping out of it.

I could already smell his skin burning because of the silver. I then stabbed the blade in his thigh, hard and relished in his screams filling the dungeon.

"Pathetic." I smirked, taking out a handkerchief from my pocket and wiping the blood that had splattered on my face.

He still didn't speak.

I'm going to make this quick.

"You tried to spy, placed audio chips in houses of the high rankers." I growled. "Thats why your ears have to go." I said and sliced both of his ears off.

His screaming was like music to my ears.

"Vladimir, do you want a go?" I asked, my eyes trained on the guy as I grinned darkly at him.

"No! I'll tell you." He gritted, his body almost covered in blood.

"Speak." I ordered, taking a chair and sitting in front of him.

"My name is Sam and Alpha Emilio Gonz??lez sent me. He didn't tell me more, he just wanted information and was going to pay me for it." He asked, crying at this point. I nodded, my wolf told me that he was saying the truth.

"And what information have you passed on to him yet?" Dimitri asked, picking up a dagger.

"Nothing, I had been there for three days only. Please don't hurt me." He begged.

Weak pussy.


looked at us. I nodded at Dimitri and he nodded back, he will finish

night??it was perfect and so was she. I could have her for breakfast, lunch and dinner and

took a shower and went downstairs in search of her. I found

the entrance of the kitchen. Her hair was tied up, small tendrils that escaped her bun teasing her long slender neck and a happy smile on her face. She turned to serve a pancake to Andrei when she saw

in Nikolai, I'm making pancakes,

I'll have some with chocolate on them." I lied that I hadn't had breakfast, she looked so hopeful about making me

smiled and rushed to make

knew he would say something. I had assigned him to be Ava's bodyguard, it made me feel a little better to know she was looked after when I was not with her. Also, Andrei

at her, she was always trying to get out of having to train, we usually trained early in the morning

her pointedly. She huffed and turned away from me. I was going

her palm in my hand, licking chocolate off her finger, sucking on it like I did her pussy last night and let her go, winking at her. Her

one wants to see you suck her off." Sofiya mumbled, seeming bored, not taking her eyes off her

Dimitri nodded at me and I nodded back.

walked up to Ava and

whispered and went towards my office,

chair, rubbing my face in frustration before I looked at my men.



the men to die." Vladimir said. He was a man of few

They are instructed by other sector heads, they must know something,

by the Alpha. Depending on the size, the pack had Deltas who assisted the Beta, Gammas who took care of sector heads who in turn took care of area heads. All the heads also took care of the overall land falling in

of his pack without the help of so many people, that's why he is the Alpha. But these damn Alphas were lazy asses who gave their work to other people instead and gave it the tag of modernisation by adopting human measures. Dimwits.

our men on that. But we need something more than just area intel." I muttered the

Emilio, directly related to him." I said, thinking

war Nikolai."

good, no one suspects a

spying is out of question. We will not send an innocent girl

idea popped

would be no innocent, she would be one of us. Call Natalia."


both of us would go swimming in the evening,

pool and it's heated, we can warm it up if you want. Also, werewolves hardly feel the cold."

I frowned, she did not mention it during the

and this is the perfect time." She grinned and

of the huge room was made out of a curved glass. I could clearly see the sky and the bay from here,

is amazing." I whispered, still marvelled


been a long time since the last time I swam." I bit my lip. The last time I

grinned and pushed me in the pool,

spluttering water. She was laughing and I joined her too. It was so good to have a friend! She cannon-jumped in the pool

one of her bikinis and I was much bigger than her in my chest and

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