The Lycan King

Chapter 7. Good things come to those who wait


"Natalia said she will come in one month, once she completes her assignment." Mikhail said. I nodded at that. She was very thorough with her job.

"What about the small area heads?" I asked Dimitri.

"We are still on it. We have targeted a few areas that I know we will get something from." He replied, showing me the file of the area which had all the information of the heads and pictures of them. I looked through all of them.

"Don't take this one, it may be a small area but it is in a good neighbourhood, covering for a missing person will be difficult. I don't want them pissing their pants." I rolled my eyes.

"Area Tuscnky is too close to area Fusco, find another one." I told him. "They have to be far away, with no connection to each other and in a bad neighbourhood where no one cares who goes missing."

"Adding a couple of warriors would be good, they have good connections. Trackers too." Vladimir muttered. I nodded.

"No more than five people." I said. We discussed each one in detail and finalised it.

"I want them in two days." I demanded and after we were done, I left my office.

I was tired and wanted to go back to Ava and sleep. Today was tiring and her skimpy bikini added on to my torture. I wanted to claim her so bad but I knew I had to wait. So instead, I went back to our room, just wanting to hold her again.

When I opened the door, my eyes widened at her naked, kneeling self.

"Stand up." I snapped.

Why the fuck was she kneeling again? I have made it clear to her about the kneeling rules. She stood up quickly, her head down. I forced my wolf to calm down. He loved it and then hated himself for loving it. It was always like that with him. He craved power and control over everything. I thought about all the things she could think that would land her a punishment. I had told her that her being late for dinner was fine.

"How long have you been kneeling like this?" I gritted.

"Since you were gone." She whispered, still not looking at me.

"Its been two fucking hours, Ava! Look at me when I talk to you." I was furious. Why didn't she understand that I wouldn't punish her? I was not sick like Gonz??lez, I would never beat her. I loved torturing people but never my Ava, never my mate. Her eyes snapped to mine. Didn't she realise that I wanted her to be my mate? How could I break it to her that I wanted to bite her and claim her? That I wanted to have pups with her? She was so fucking innocent that my wolf couldn't handle it sometimes.

"Tell me why." I asked, pinching the bridge of my nose.

"I know you want me Master, I saw it in your eyes. I didn't know why you didn't just fuck me. I wanted to do something for you, I wanted to offer myself to you." She whispered, I could see the hurt in her eyes. I wanted to punch myself at that moment. I walked up to her and stood close to her.

"I'm sorry for shouting at you." I said kissing her forehead. "I wanted you to be comfortable with me before we had made love, at least our first time." I smiled, telling her the half truth. I knew about her nightmares, they were not just bad dreams. And that's why I had to wait before doing anything more with her. I also had to get a better control over my horny ass wolf.

of replying she kissed

this." She whispered against my lips, her hand trailing

last time, I don't think I can

was enough for me to throw her on the bed, strip and then pounce on her,

her neck if she wanted it to be bare after she left this room tomorrow morning. My wolf understood and stayed in the back of my head, giving me back the full

when she gasped. I pressed my growing length against her core, letting her know the effect she had on me. I ravished her mouth, kissing her like I was fucking her. I squeezed her breast and she groaned.

try being gentle the first time but you well tell me if I am hurting

her nipple, just hard enough to bring her attention to me.

"Yes Master." She gasped.

my mouth, one had played with her other breast and the other still holding her hair tight. I knew she liked it a little rough and I wanted to do anything to make it pleasurable for her. Satisfied, I switched positions with my other hand. I let go of her hair too. I slowly trailed down, kissing her smooth stomach, licking her cute

"Please..." She moaned.

for me, I was desperate to taste her again, her smell of earth and chocolate was sending my mind

please, Master." She

at her, smirking at the desperate

want you to eat me." She whispered hoarsely, her hazy eyes

her, licking her. I was addicted to her and I

you in a hurry?" I grinned at her,

begged as a tear of pleasure leaked

this Emilio must have a pencil dick. She

"Im...I'm cuming." She screamed.

pushing my third finger in and she screamed, she was very tight but I needed to stretch her more if she didn't want to get hurt a lot when my dick entered her.

This made

trembling. It was a glorious sight, I did not stop though, I let her orgasm ride out. Her wolf was so


grinned. I was dancing in

pulled out my fingers and licked two of them, relishing her sweet taste. I

voice husky. She looked as if she was in a trance and took a hold of my hand, sucking my finger like her life depended on

she was done. That had made me painfully hard. My wolf wanted to claim his mate right now! Especially since he realised that his mate was right under his nose since the last few days. I pulled him back. This was not the time. This was about her. About her feeling the pleasure she was trained to

Ava, tell me how you feel." I asked her

sore, Master but this is also the best I have ever


me much." She

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