The Lycan King

Chapter 8. Fight it out


I went to the training room and attacked the punching bag. I was too furious, I couldn't sleep like this. I had to talk to her, had to ask her about her previous Masters, I'll get the list of all the people who have hurt her and kill them slowly. I was already thinking about the new torture techniques. Were all of her previous Masters sadistic fucks who raped her? Judging by her age, she couldn't have a lot but you never knew in our fucked up world.

The sand leaked out of the bag and I threw it away, putting another bag on the hook and continued my punching, this would have to do until I got my hands on the bastards.

"No training today, get out." I snapped at who ever had entered the room. I wanted to be alone right now.

"Fight me." I heard Dimitri say. I turned around and nodded at him.

We got in the ring and started. He was the only one who could give me the fight I needed right now. The blood of others was simply not strong enough to withstand the power of my wolf.

Without any warning, I punched him in the face. He flew back and hit the ropes. He shook his head. He was not prepared for the quick punch. I smirked.

He came forward and tried to punch me but I ducked. I didn't see his leg snake ahead to make me fall on my back until it was too late. I didn't fall but I tripped and that pissed me off more. I gave a hard kick to his gut and slammed my elbow in his back when he doubled over.

He fell down but quickly rolled over before I could attack him again. When he got up I punched again before he got his footing but he got a good punch in too when I did that. It was a quick fight, there was no need to drag anything out.

After he was done, Vladimir took his place, then Mikhail, and then Andrei. Sofiya came in the ring later.

"Get out." I growled at her, I was in no mood to play with her, I wanted to beat the shit out of somebody, my wolf was furious. I was not going to let him out right now because I knew we would run and mark Ava right now. That was something I was not willing to risk. Not right now.

"No." She gritted and came to punch me, I held her fist in mine and twisted it behind her back till her face scrunched up in pain. She would never cry out.

"I said get the fuck out of here." I whispered in her ear menacingly, using her twisted arm to push her against the ring cable.

"Vladimir." I snapped. He better learn how to control his mate.

"Dimitri, Mikhail, Andrei." I gritted.

Vladimir took Sofiya out of the room and the rest joined me in the ring. I let my anger surge the power within me and nodded. All three of them attacked together and I fought against them. Mikhail was out soom, Andrei and Dimitri were working together well. I went to kick Dimitri when Andrei packed a solid punch to the corner of my eye and I fell down. I held up a hand, breathing hard.

I nodded at them and sat up, both of them joining me.

"You good?" Dimitri asked. I nodded.

"Are you going to tell us why you beat the shit out of the punching bag and us?" Mikhail asked, entering the ring again. He was already healing.

messed her up, bad, I am helpless now." I whispered brokenly. They knew about her, they saw her, they know, but they didn't know the extent of it- how deep it is ingrained in her. Hell, I was only

of mate am I?' I scoffed at myself. My wolf seemed to agree with me

Dimitri punched me, hard.

the fuck?"

standing up. I stood up and punched him twice as hard which made him fly across the

I gritted. Just because he

Volkov, you do what you want, get what you aimed for, you get shit done. You decided to buy her, you decided to love her, to mate her, then do it. You are not a helpless spectator, you are the Alpha. Protect. Fight. Rule." He growled before he limped out of the door. Andrei and Mikhail

up, Nikolai Volkov doesn't give up! I was ashamed of the weakness I showed. I will protect Ava, rule her fears and fight for her. I will

shower, Ava was still asleep. I went to my office and locked myself in, determined to finish

tomorrow. I went to the dining room, knowing Ava would be there. Everyone were still having food but their wounds were healed. Ava was eating but she stilled when she saw me and her eyes filled with tears. She was stood up and was coming to me when Sofiya stood up from her seat and marched towards me and punched me in the gut. I didn't stop her, I knew I

froze, I couldn't remember the last time we had

little sis." I said softly in her

argued." She whispered and stepped back, she was crying. I brushed her tears away, giving her a soft smile. She grinned at me

to sit on her seat

Lyubov." I smiled

me and that slowed my healing process. We worked best as

I replied and started eating too. She gave me another pleading look but then sighed and

lunch, I took her out of the house and we walked into

we were out of the eye sight,

into my wolf now." I told her softly as I tucked a stray lock behind her

I shift, I will have little control over my actions. He can be a little...touchy. And protective. But I promise you that he will not hurt you, Moya Lyubov." I told

Master." She whispered with a soft smile on her face. I started stripping after she uttered those words. She didn't look away, she didn't shy away from my nakedness as I thought she would. That was progress, I

will go for a run. I need you to put your arms around my

skin. Shifting came effortlessly to me after all these years. I remember the time that it used to hurt

all. My wolf looked at her with so much love that I knew that when the time would come, he would

himself all over her body like a damn cat. He was trying to get his scent on her and I laid back and let him be in control. Ava was

her, knowing exactly what to do. I bent my head so that my head was in level with hers and licked

bows before

and rubbed the top of my head with her

then moved on to my throat and then my neck as she walked ahead. She was so tiny that even my wolf was taller than her. When she reached my back, I sat down so she could

when I was sure that she was comfortable and had her arms around my neck and had a

it, I sped up. A giggle escaped her lips and I doubled my efforts of running so

much better than

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