The Lycan King

Chapter 9. Past


"My full name is Avalyn Alvarez." She whispered and I took a deep breath. "Yes, my dad was Javier Alvarez, the Alpha of the Monta?a Pack before his Beta Emmanuel Gonz??lez and now his son Emilio Gonz??lez took over."

"When I was thirteen years old, Emmanuel killed my dad to become the Alpha, he was papa's Beta and my favourite uncle. He was very close to us, but his desire for more power led him to do it. I didn't know he killed him, nobody in the entire pack told me about it. They were all sworn to protect me and papa but no one helped him, no one told me the truth. Emmanuel, who had been treating me like his own daughter, told me that they were attacked at and papa didn't make it, I believed him." She said and her eyes filled with tears.

There was so much pain in her eyes that I felt my heart crack. I didn't say anything. I wanted to listen.

"After six months, our cook, Mrs. Maria told me the truth. She was like a mother to me, my real mother died giving birth to me. She said that I shouldn't tell anyone or it would put my life in danger but she wanted me to know the truth, she didn't want me to grow up thinking of the man who had killed my father was my second father. Someone heard our conversation and and told Emmanuel, he shot Mrs. Maria in front of my eyes." She sobbed. I kept caressing her hair, showing that I am there for her.

"After that, he started treating be badly, but that was just calling me names or pushing me around and making me do household chores. It actually got bad when Emilio came to stay at my house too, he was staying with his mother before that. His father was happy that his heir had come back to him so he gifted me to him. He was almost eighteen by then and I was just a thirteen year old kid. That was when he started 'training' me and made me into in personal slave. He called me his 'pet'. He had trapped and tortured me in my own home. My only fault was that I had started growing boobs and butt by that age and that was what started his attraction towards me. He first raped me on my sixteenth birthday." She was sobbing uncontrollably by now. A tear leaked from my eye and my hold on her tightened. I could've even begin to imagine the kind of pain she had lived through most of her life.

"Its okay, if you don't want continue, Love." I whispered. She didn't deserve it, no child should have gone through what she did.

"No, I want to tell you. I-I need to get it off my chest." She hiccupped. I nodded against her head.

"After that I wasn't allowed to wear clothes at home, my birthday gift was the collar and the leash, I was not allowed to take it off. You were the first one to take it of, you are my saviour." She kissed my neck, her tears not stopping. But she kept going. That's how strong she was.

"I-If I did something he didn't like, he wou-would punish me with floggers, crops, paddles, whips and even canes, never stopped even when I said the s-safe word." She said, sobbing hysterically by now.

Tears formed in my eyes as I listened to her, at what she had to go through at such a young age. She had no one of her own. I would feel her wolf crying for her human's pain. But she was so far away and my wolf and I could do nothing to soothe her pain.

"He used to bring his friends home to show me off, punish me in front of them, even let them beat me or fuck me or have me suck them off. I quickly learned that crying would earn me more punishments so I stopped crying, I became the the perfect submissive, so he didn't get much reasons to punish me but he would find some or the other fault and beat me anyway but it would be less when I behaved." My anger started surging but I kept a tight lid on it. This wasn't the time. This wasn't about me. It was about Ava, and she needs me. She needs me to just listen to her.

"I even started finding peace in submitting, just letting go of everything and not think about anything, doing as you are told?? it was the only constant in my life after papa died. And the pain was a constant too. That was my life till I was twenty one. Then I became too boring for him, because I finally became the perfect submissive. He sold me to that place and two weeks later, you bought me. I had no hope but you saved me. You are my saviour." Ava cried out the last part.

I held her tight and let her cry, let her mourn, she needed to let it all out. I kept whispering sweet words in her ears and kept wiping her tears. She cried herself to sleep in my arms.

I felt helpless again, I couldn't be there for her when she really needed me. But then I felt good that she trusted me to tell me the truth about everything, I understood her so much better now. But I still had one question.

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fire coursed through me but I somehow managed to keep myself in check. I wanted Ava to tell me everything and not get scared of

avenge you, Moya Lyubov." I vowed to her and kissed her forehead. I forced


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