The Lycan King

Chapter 12.Training


2 weeks later.

"Ava, wake up, Love." I said caressing her hair. It was six am and I wanted to start her training from today.

She opened her eyes.

"What time is it? Am I late?" She mumbled sleepily.

"It's six am. We are starting your training today. Go get ready, we are already late." I told her.

"Yes, Nikolai." She nodded and got up, getting ready quickly.

I took her to the gym in the estate and it was empty, just as I had ordered it to be.

"Let's start with warm ups." I said and told her to copy me as I started with basic warm up exercises.

After we were done, I placed the mats on the ground and motioned her to stand in front of me.

"Since your wolf is not present," I started softly, "you are not as strong as most wolves."

I know that she knew that but me saying it out loud was hurting her more. "Which is why I want you to train so that you can take care of yourself if needed. I will train you in special techniques which need more skill and little strength. Tell me you understand."

"I understand." She echoed.

"If you do as I say and practice everyday, you will be able to take down a full grown wolf by the time I'm done with you." I smirked, already imagining her kicking asses of other males.

No one will be able to take advantage of her ever again. No one will touch her without her permission again.

I could see the determination grow in her eyes. "I will do whatever you want me to do."


"Punch me."

Her eyes grew wide immediately and she was about to shake her head but I raised an eyebrow.

She blushed and then raised an arm to punch me but I caught it easily. "I asked you to punch me Moya Lyubov, not tickle me." I chuckled.

Her skin turned redder as she brought another hand up to punch me and I caught it. Better than before but still not enough.

"Land one punch on me and I'll give you a reward." I smirked. All she needed was an incentive.

A smirk grew on her lips too. "I'll get anything I ask for?"

I nodded. "Anything."

She didn't realise that I would give her anything she desired whether she landed a punch on me or not. And for training's sake, I hoped she didn't.

"I want your dick."

I choked on my spit at what she blurted out.

"No! I mean yes!" She quickly corrected, her entire body flushing. "I mean, I want you to touch me again." She said softly. "I want you to make love to me."

I do too. But I didn't say that. She isn't ready. She wanted it because she thought I wanted it. She thought she was ready but she wasn't.

to do it but this was possibly the best incentive

a ferocity that shocked me. But I simply moved out of her way, which increased her

even going to touch me Ava?" I

moved to the right and caught her right hand

was an old move. "Next time you try this move, try not looking at where you are going to punch with your

lips curved up, making me chuckle. I needed to do this more often, getting her worked up

the way again. "Not the face

cried out in

the first day." I told her. "Go drink some water then we will start with the basic self defence

pretty fast. She looked upset with herself

I circled around her, thinking about the best way

there is no

snaked my arm around her waist and pulled her flush

when someone holds you from behind like this?" I

asked after a



yes. I'll-I'll

my other hand on her mouth, effectively muffling her. "And now?" My

the hand over her mouth but it was

stronger than you." I

bit my

attacker will not let you go

down harder than I expected.


have on your waist." I told her and she did. "You will push my hand out and drop your weight. This will be unexpected so the attacker will either drop you or try to carry your weight. This is your best chance to get

her a bit, not letting her go completely. She twisted around in my hand and her hand came up to punch my throat

her lips and then turned her around again,

her yoga

flexing my fingers. "And what if someone else does this to you?" I asked,


panted and then

missed her. She's been so close

I whispered again, closing my eyes, trying to regain

tried to squirm away but when that didn't work, she tried to drop down but

again, wanting to punch me but I caught her fists and put them behind her back and pulled her flush against me, her breasts brushing against my diaphragm. I smirked and then put her over

you know? Use them. A kick to the groin will bring any man to his knees."

and pounding but it didn't

waist." I ordered softly. She did as I said. "Now hold on tight and push your legs up. This will imbalance the person and you

as I said but she wasn't good at flips so she fell down on the mat. She didn't attempt to stand up, she kept lying down on her back, her chest heaving hard and her

her in a second. Both her wrist in my one hand, above her head and my face centimetres from her's. "And what will you do now?" I whispered, my

something clicked, she licked her lips, "this", and smashed her

like a second nature to me. I could kiss her all day, everyday. I kissed her with

but I tightened my hold, kissing her harder and taking all the control. My free hand slid down her body and into her

lets her mouth,

that, I realised what I was doing and in a second I was off of her and

I heaved. I was ashamed for not having control on

but I cut her off. I didn't

done training here. We should train outside." I can't trust myself when I'm alone with

us, but I ignored them all. I know this was my first outing with Ava, their Luna and they were all curious. But they will get their answers according to my schedule. And today wasn't that

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