The Lycan King

Chapter 17. Being Brave


I sat aside like a?useless pet?and had seen a lot of my loved ones die but not anymore.

I saw two big cars coming coming and after three more shots, it went dead silent. I still didn't move, I was not sure what happened. My heart was beating so fast that I could hear it. I tried to calm myself but it was of no use, I just wanted Master safe, I wanted him alive. Tears formed in my eyes at the thought of something happening to him, at the thought of never seeing him again. I brushed them away, not wanting them to blur my vision. This is not the time to cry!

I couldn't see anything from my position when I heard the car two cars start. I prepared myself to shoot again if anyone came near me but I saw Master walking down the road, towards me, without hiding from the car and I knew they were his men. Everything was done, he was safe. I quickly stood up from behind the car and ran towards Master and jumped on him, hugging him to me. He had caught me and now my legs were around his waist and his arms tight around me. I sobbed in his neck.

"Everything is fine now, my Love, you are safe." He whispered softly in my ear. I shook my head in his neck, he had got it all wrong!

"I thought that something would have happened to?you, I was?so?scared for you." I whispered.

I didn't care what happened to me, a little pain didn't bother me anymore, I am used to it. Sometimes I even welcome it, it meant I was still alive, I could feel things and I was not just a play thing meant for others to use. His told tightened at my confession.

"I'm so happy that you are alright." I told him as he set me down.

"Why did you get out of the car when I specifically told you not to?" He asked me softly but I could hear the anger hidden underneath it.

"There are two people there, they were trying to shoot you so I shot them. One is dead and the other is....mutilated." I said for a better word and then pointed towards the alley. Then the reality settled in that I hurt two people, I shot two people, I killed a person! I eyes watered again.

Master's eyes fogged over for a second before I saw men get down from the cars and go there, then his eyes were on me, he was looking at me in awe.

"You did an amazing job,?Moya Lyubov. I don't want you to feel bad for those people. In our world, its kill or get killed. So do not feel guilty for hurting him or killing them, because they don't give a second thought before doing the same to innocents." He said whispering the last part while caressing my hair. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, they were the?his?men. Nikolai didn't tell me but I just?knew. I wiped the remaining tears and nodded at Nikolai.

"Let's go home Ava." Nikolai said, opening my door for me. I got in and started putting everything back in the briefcase and put it in its place while Nikolai started the car.

There was one car in front of us and one car behind us as we drove home.

"I'm sorry that this spoiled our night." He sighed.

"It was still the one of the best nights I've ever had." I smiled at him.

"One of them? What are the others?" He asked smirking.

"The ones with you." I blushed and he chuckled.

How easily we went from serious to joking...

of the car." He said quietly, but the anger was present in his

disobeyed him, however justifiable the reason may be, I didn't

what I can't bare is you getting hurt, even the

the windows a bit, I risked my life and disobeyed him, worried him. I should

burn for my transgressions so that I would do better next time. He was not like the Emilio?who would beat me raw and didn't stop even if I safe worded. Nikolai was my saviour and cared for me. I wanted him to care

softly yet desperately, I really really wanted him

a normal relationship, I wont hurt you." He said, his hands clenching the steering wheel

you, I want you to help me correct my transgressions, if it hurts me to do so, I can take it. I'm not a fragile little girl. That is what I need,?please." I

do, if I wasn't used to doing what the Emilio told me to do, I knew I would have killed

was older and was Emmanuel's pet. She was

her parting words as if she had told

son, I hoped I could escape and go back but I can't live like this anymore. I'm sorry for the pain I will

her, not understanding what she was saying. She didn't reply and

the next day by snatching a gun from a guard's holster but she did it when I was not

the second mother-figure that was taken away from me and I felt empty after that. The pain was what made me feel alive, it was what stopped me from becoming a hollow shell of a person. While the Emilio's punishments were for his enjoyment and I hated him, I

had already opened my door for me. I was so lost in my thoughts that I didn't

hurt you like that Ava." Nikolai whispered to me as I got off, closing the door

I like getting hurt, if becoming better comes with pain, then give me

you want to us to sleep together?" He asked, ignoring my statement

of the car and a few men who brought out two men. One was shot in the stomach probably

him. He nodded

upstairs and Andrei

you okay?"

just tired." I

towards our room when I stopped, I didn't want to sleep alone tonight. I went towards Sofiya room and opened it. She turned when she heard the door open. Seeing my teary state, she didn't say anything, just opened her arms and I lied down

I told her, everything, about my entire past, about me and Master- sparing the intimate details, and then trying the normal relationship and how I didn't like it. She cried with me, mourned with me and


pleased, as much as it turned me on, it was her life and she had the right to

of her past, a reminder of that piece of shit who beat her for his enjoyment, made her

an angel who is meant to fly and hell would freeze over before I would let

this right now, I wanted to go to Ava and sleep with her in my arms and keep her nightmares away but

was in awe of her strength, everyday she did things that would leave me bewildered. The first kill is never easy but she had done so good, I knew it was not the first time she had seen someone get killed before, you can't live a life like ours and not have seen it. Ava was going down the dark road but she

me." I asked standing up and going towards the weapons

didn't reply. I huffed internally and sat back on my chair, motioning Vladimir to go ahead. He picked up a knife and walked

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