The Lycan King

Chapter 20. Fight


"Please get up Ava." He pleaded, his tone making me shiver. And it had nothing to do with the cold. It hardly bothered me right now.

I got up and kept my hands behind my back and chest out, it was a standing position for a slave. He picked up his shirt from the ground and made me wear it.

He was being so sweet to me when when I was so rude to him. I couldn't look in his eyes anymore, it hurt. It hurt because he was hurting and that hurt me more.

"Please, look at me, Love. What you saw is not what you think it was." My eyes watered at the use of nickname again but I didn't look at him anyways.

"I am sending Natalia undercover as a slave to a club, Ava. Its all business. I have not touched her in anyway. You have to believe me, I would never do that to you. You are my mate, my Luna, my Queen." Nikolai said softly.

My heart stopped when his words registered in my mind.

I sucked in a harsh breath and my eyes snapped to his. I had not even imagined that?this?could even be the reason behind his actions.

"I'm saying the truth,?Moya Lyubov."?He told me. I believed him. Every fibre inside of me believed in him.

Goddess, I was such a bitch to him, when he wasn't at fault at all. He was still apologising to me.

"Why?" I asked him. I needed to know why he was doing this.

"Emilio has sent a lot of people to spy on us, the one we encountered yesterday night were just a few of them. I have to retaliate. I'm not going to send my men to spy and get them killed for nothing. We recently got the information that he is opening a club in a month and we are going to send Natalia undercover. She has done it before and would do it again for the pack." He told me quietly. I could hear the sincerity in his voice. "I should have told you earlier. I'm sorry. I am not used to telling people what I do but I'll do better now. For you."

He is sending her to Emilio??Willingly??"He will hurt her a lot. They all will hurt her a lot." I whispered. He was practically setting the girl up to get tortured.

"This is a club,?Lyubov. He can't do something too harsh in front of a lot of people, he has to maintain his image." He told me. I nodded, it made sense.

"Did you really not touch her?" I asked him again just to be sure.

"No, I didn't. I would never hurt you like that. I would never cheat on you." He whispered. I believed him. Something inside me said that he was telling me the truth. "And if I had touched her??which I did not?? you would have known. As my mate, you would have felt the burn on your skin." His fingers brushed the back of my hand. "If anyone touches either of us with a sexual intent, the other one will feel it. The same goes if we touch someone else like that too. It's a supernatural thing. Your wolf might not be here but you?are?a supernatural and you?would?have felt it.?Please?believe be."

"I believe you." I whispered. I did. I truly did.

a hold of me hand and led me inside the shack. It was small and simple with a cupboard and a

next to him.

looked at him. He was looking at me with a tender

to clear my mind and turned around so I wasn't facing him anymore. I was so confused. This was not me. How did I become so strong? How did I even talk rudely to Master or not listen to his orders? How could I even tell him that he was not my Master?

want to know why you acted this

know what I was

an arm around my waist and

feel everything deeply Ava. Especially when it is related to me. Tell me you understand." He whispered

Ava. You have Alpha blood in you. Your wolf is slowly coming out now. You are turning into a strong willed, confident and loving woman. The Alpha part of you that was suppressed for so many years is fighting with the part that has been trained to obey, to submit, the part that was taught to put others above yourself. It's a a fight between nature and nurture. And

This felt like the

do I do

don't like. Do what feels right. Follow your heart. I'm always here to help you if you need it, Love. " He

she has started to make her appearance known now, Love. You jumping from the third floor, your enhanced vision and bravery is all her doings. You need to train harder now, thats the fastest and easiest way to bring her out."

to?you?train me Nikolai." I

wish is


before he went out for some pack business. Whatever it was, I didn't ask questions because it seemed important. I was about to open the door when I heard a knock.

she hugged me. "I thought Alpha had informed you about

your fault."

"Natalia, Alpha Emilio is a bad man. So are his men. They can hurt you, they will hurt you, punish you, beat you for hardly any reason." I told her softly. I wasn't angry with her. I wanted to safe her from the mistake she was going to make. I didn't want

I'm fine so far and I don't mind being

hurt you." My eyes teared, I didn't know what to say

the way I am and instead of hiding it, I embrace it. I have been through a lot, everyone in this house has been through a lot and that changed them, made them who they are and if my past made me who

words hit home, straight to my heart and I sucked in a breath. She knew, and she was saying all this about herself because she knew I was different and she wanted to help me. I didn't know how

of the day together. Sofiya claimed that we needed to have a girl's day today. So three were sprawled in Natalia's bedroom and Sofiya was painting

the perfect outfit for you to wear tomorrow." Sofiya said

"What's tomorrow?" I asked.

he returns home." Sofiya rolled her eyes. "Tomorrow is the court hearing Avalyn." She

officially be a part of the pack and then you and Nikolai will be able to

anything about it! What will I have to do? Is it going to be difficult?" I asked

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