The Lycan King

Chapter 21. I love you


"Are you sure you want to do this? What if it gets out of hand?" I asked worriedly. But both of them waved it way.

"We've done this like a million times, sis, don't worry. Now, you will say start and then we will start and when you see one of us over powering the other in human form, say shift and then we will fight in our wolf forms. It ends when one of us submits." Sofiya said with a reassuring smile and they both entered a circle that was drawn on the ground.

They both stood on opposite sides and then nodded at me.

"Start." I announced.

At my word, Sofiya dashed to Natalia who got out of her way before delivering a punch which Sofiya blocked. Natalia kicked Sofiya in the stomach at which she winced but she caught her leg and flung her afar. Natalia landed on the other side of the circle on her hands and legs. Letting out a growl, she ran to Sofiya and punched her in the gut while Nat punched her face. Sofiya staggered back but held her ground.

I winced a bit. This was my first time seeing a friendly fight. I didn't want either of them to get hurt. But apparently, this was how they trained.

Taking this opportunity, Nat clawed Sofiya on her neck and Sofiya growled as she bent down and pretended to punch Nat but when she ducked, Sofiya elbowed her on the her back and Natalia fell down. She sat on Nat and punched her a couple of times before Natalia flung Sofiya away from her. Nat wiped her bleeding lip with the back of her hand and grinned. Her teeth were bloody and she looked dangerous.

I suddenly knew why Sofiya said that about her.

"When will you learn to get a better hold on your opponent Sof?" She mocked as she spit some blood on the ground.

Sofiya growled before she dashed to Natalia but this time, Natalia took a hold of her neck and held her in a chock hold.

"Shift." Someone said from besides me and I jumped. I turned to see it was Dimitri.

"Good evening, Avalyn." Dimitri gave me a bright smile, unbothered by Natalia and his sister fighting.

I looked at both of them who had shifted in their wolf form. Sofiya had a light brown wolf which was slightly smaller than Natalia's reddish brown wolf.

"Good evening, Dimitri." I smiled at him.

"Nikolai is looking for you." He told me.

"Can you tell him I'm here?" I asked him.

"I already did." He replied. He looked at both the females fighting with a small smile on his face.

"What?" There was something fishy about his smile.

they are fighting to impress you?" He asked me with a twinkle in

appalled by that fact. It

their skills. Skills they could use to protect you, to fight for you when needed. Not everyone will show it, but a true pack member will always seek the approval of their Alpha and Luna. Just like a child would want approval of his parents and would want to

him with

want my approval?" I asked, confused with

is very eager to meet you too. But Nikolai has given strict orders to steer clear from you until given further notice." He gave me a side smile. "Don't tell Nikolai I told you anything." He

can use some incentives." I smiled. I have no idea where this playfulness was coming from but I felt

Luna, are

cream." I chuckled. It was true, I

you some."

you get me cotton candy ice cream? I would really appreciate it." I asked. I haven't had it since almost ten years

and then chuckled.

eyes snapped to the fighting wolves. Both of them were bleeding and Sofiya was crouched on the ground

said as he went ahead and lifted Sofiya in her wolf form in his arms and started walking

Natalia who motioned towards Sofiya with her head. She wanted me to go behind her. Giving her

I asked

her on her bed. It was clear that he was still

standing outside the door, call me once she has changed." He told me and

shifted into her human form in front of me

better than that. Today was just not

and handed

long since I had a decent fight." She replied as she wore her clothes. "I'm all

went and opened the door.

each other pointers to fight better. Dimitri

I can grow, fight and then help. I wanted a family. And now I have one.

Natalia had a lot more things to talk about and the entire afternoon

The door was open so I didn't knock

"Nikolai?" I called him.

gave me a sweet smile. "How was today for

his lap. His hands immediately came around me to

I sighed.

you my Love?" He asked softly and

can't do this anymore." I whispered to him. "I don't want a normal relationship Nikolai. You told

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