The Lycan King

Chapter 22. Court Hearing


Today was the day of the court hearing. I was ready at eight in the morning and the hearing started at nine thirty sharp. Andrei was with me the entire time and I had not seen Nikolai since the morning. I knew he was very busy but I was feeling very nervous and I needed him to be with me.

"Don't worry Avalyn, Alpha is the one who will carry out the ceremony and I have no doubt that you will do good." He smiled at me. We were on our way to the building where it would take place.

"He is a fair Alpha, I will be presented like a rogue in front of him and I have to prove that I am better now, right?" I asked him.

"Not necessarily. It's different every time. But that was what happened the last time." He replied and took a left turn.

We came to a stop at the end of the street and I was gawking at the mansion in front of me. It was almost twice the size of the one we stayed in.

"Impressive, I know. You should check out the interior."Andrei smiled and opened my door.

"Thank you. Who stays here anyways?" I asked.

"The Alpha was supposed to stay here but Nikolai prefers staying by the bay and likes his own space which we don't get in the town so we shifted there." He shrugged.

All I could do was gawk at the mansion. Castle was the right word. It was made for royalty. He really was the king. The interior was even better with the vintage vibe. There were big chandeliers and the had splashed of golden red and royal purple everywhere. To say it was extravagant was putting it lightly. I have never seen anything like it. And I liked the place.?

"I'll have to leave you here. I have ordered the guards to keep an eye on you. You will be safe. Just come in through those doors when your name is called." Andrei told me as he pointed towards a set of double doors guarded by two men.

I nodded at him. He left quickly after that. I looked around to see that there was one huge scary looking man, who looked at me and I quickly averted my eyes. Then I saw one little girl, one boy and my heart filled with sadness for them, the girl looked like she was three and the boy about ten years old. They were clearly siblings. They belonged in a pack with their family. Then there was a man with a scar down his face. Lastly, there was a pregnant woman and my eyes widened. She shouldn't have to be here. Where was her family?

"Emily Withorn." The guard called out. The pregnant girl stood up and walked through the double doors.

"John Mayors." The guard called out and the huge man stood up and walked in.

"Avalyn Alvarez." The guard called me in next. I stood up from my seat and entered the court room.

My gaze fell on Master, sitting on the throne, looking at me with those piercing grey eyes, his expression was cold and impassive but his eyes spoke volumes. He looked every inch of the Alpha he was. A step below him was Dimitri, Vladimir, Mikhail and Andrei. And then a step below them were everyone else. There was a red carpet in the middle and the pack members were sitting on either side of it.

I was guided towards my seat where I sat down. After me came the man with the scar and the siblings after him.

"Good morning everyone. We have gathered here today for the yearly court hearing. Without further ado, lets get started." Andrei announced.

"Rogues, step forward." Andrei announced and we did as we were told. We were guided by the guards to stand in the middle of the carpeted aisle.

"State your reason to leave your pack." Andrei told.

"I slept with the Alpha and got pregnant but he didn't want to mark me. He met his mate recently and she didn't want me around so she forced me to leave the pack." Emily said.

my mate to leave with me because he didn't want a female to be a rogue. I promised

killed my father who was the former Alpha and kept me captive. I was rescued

stick up his ass and I wanted my freedom so

"W-we ran away," Adrian said as he clenched Vanessa, his little sister's hand. They both looked terrified but the

and that will decide your fate, you can join the Rogue Pack. You all can take your seats." Vladimir said as he

before and waited. For some reason, the time slowed down as I looked in Master's eyes. He was already staring at me. I could feel that he believed in me, he knew I would be able to do the task

her ear and then placed his palm her head. Then did the same with

in my ear and placed him palm

same with Peter and then Adrian and Vanessa. He flicked

appeared in front of me. She looked so beautiful,

She gave me a

her, but my voice sounded

child." She replied. The smile was still there on her face,

understood what

have to save Nikolai,

them all to

"Brighten the darkness."

"The time is coming."

she faded away, slowly and

at me with wide eyes. For some reason, it didn't bother me at all. I felt more peace than I had ever felt in my entire life. I had no idea

all the rogue's eyes were open. It was done. I looked at Master and saw that his gaze had not wavered from me. I gave him a small smile but he didn't react to it. I understood that he had


announced again. Were they rejecting everyone? He had said that he was protecting his mate from harassment and he was rejected? I didn't understand this

Alvarez- accepted." Vladimir announced. I breathed in relief. I knew Master would accept me but I still feel

and Vanessa were accepted. Accepting the kids was understood, but accepting Peter because he didn't want to live according to rules? I

Emily and John

the guards and John looked angry. They both

acceptance ceremony will

seat and walked ahead.

got up from his throne and stood in front

"Kneel." He ordered.

in front of him and looked up

Avalyn Alvarez, agree to be a loyal member of the Rogue pack?"

I said

and obey me?" His voice rang

"I do."

your life for this pack, if needed?" He

"I do."

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