The Lycan King

Chapter 23. Run


"I have a lot of questions Nikolai." I told him as I placed a stack of pancakes in front of him.

"And I have one; where is my chocolate?" He frowned.

"Right here." I chuckled as I opened the nutella jar and removed some using a butter knife. I smeared it over the pancakes just as he liked.

"I wasn't talking about that." He said before he took my hand and swiped my finger over his chocolatey pancakes and I yelped.

"Mmm." He exaggerated his moan as he licked the chocolate off my fingers.

I blushed as I looked around to see no one was around. Nikolai woke up in a playful mood and I was either joining in on the fun, giggling or blushing. I loved this Nikolai. It wasn't very often that he sat next to me and let loose. He was always either thinking about work or worrying about me.

He winked at me and then started eating his breakfast.

"What did you want to ask?" He asked after sometime, oblivious to my ogling.

"About yesterday. Why didn't you take the pregnant woman and the man who saved his mate? But you took a man who didn't want follow the rules." I frowned.

"Do you know about Vladimir's gift?" He asked.

I nodded. Sofiya had told me about it.

"We had crafted scenarios for every werewolf according to their reasons. They are such that only a good wolf or one who repents their mistakes will pass the test." He told me.

"What was her scenario?" I asked.

"Vladimir had whispered 'love or child' in her ear. Love here would mean something she loves the most in the world or her baby. She chose love- love for power. She slept with the Alpha and gave him a condom in which she had poked a hole, hoping that having a child together will increase her chances of him choosing her as his mate." He rolled his eyes.

I gaped at him. That was cruel. She basically spoilt her and her child's life for a title. But somehow, it didn't shock me. People have done much more for power.

"And how did you know all this?" She said her reason and was given her scenario hardly a minute later.

"Simple. Everyone is required to fill an application in which they state their reasons. And I have enough experience to judge people and craft the scenarios accordingly." He smiled.

"What about John? He had killed someone to protect his mate." I asked.

"He is a liar. The girl wasn't his mate. He wanted to mate her. And the man whom he killed was the girl's mate." He said softly.

My lips parted. That girl must have been through so much. I can't even imagine what would happen to me if someone even tried to harm Nikolai.

"And you'll take him the next time if he repents it?" My heart thudded.

"I killed him,?Moya Lyubov. I decide the fate of the ones who enter my court. I don't forgive liars and the rules are clearly written in the application, it was his mistake that he didn't follow. He neither regretted his mistake nor tried to correct it when he was given a second chance." He said. There was an underlying anger in his tone.

I was satisfied with all the answers he had given me.

"You are an amazing Alpha, Nik." I smiled as I leaned over the counter to kiss him.

"And you will be too. I expect you to sit next to me in the court hearings from now on and stand with me during pack meetings." Master told me.

I nodded hesitantly. I wasn't sure if I would do a good job. But if Master wanted, I'd do my best.

"Don't worry, you'll do great and I'll be right next to you." He smiled.

Master." I said giving him

cup to mix our blood but just joined

our bodies before we mate." He simply replied and

need you to help me out." He said as he got up

He took a hold of my hand and started leading me

I entered. Then, he sat in his seat and motioned me to

are the applications for mates who want to adopt the twins, I want you to

now?" I asked as I picked up the papers and looked through them. There were

the pack house. That's the mansion where the court hearing took place. The people living there are taking care of them but they need a constant

I nodded.

I wanted someone who couldn't have pups so they would love the twins like their own.

three, the first and the third couple seemed like a suitable candidate. The second couple were both warriors and I didn't think they would have enough time

I have shortlisted two couples and I think they both would be good candidates. But then we should let

me with those intense grey eyes of his

papers of the mates I had narrowed down and

He smiled at me and I

why I blushed at that. Maybe it was him calling

I help you with anything else?" I asked eyeing the other

was too much work. No wonder he spent most of his

you are good to go. I want you in the gym at 5pm sharp." He told

and kissed his cheek. But he grabbed me by the back of my head and kissed me on my

you later' kiss." He murmured

I gave him a shy smile and nodded. I left his office and greeted at Vladimir who entered


sorry I'm late!" I said as soon as I ran inside the

know the reason." Master said as he

woke up just five minutes ago." I whispered. I was half an

your warm up." Came his impassive

ask for a punishment but I shut up when I remembered his rule. Instead, I did as he said and started my warm


Master." I whispered as I

increased the speed every minute. I was

any buttons, not until I say so." He ordered softly

head a bit to see where he was going, only to

me to do cardio with Sofiya everyday before the usual aiming practices with different weapons and that had increased my

Half hour later.

drenched in sweat. I didn't think I could run anymore. From the pounding noise that hadn't faltered a

whispered through my shallow

noise stopped and a second later, he appeared in front of

already?" His eyes darkened. I

You were supposed to run for thirty minutes only but since you made me wait for half an hour, you will run for another half an hour."

normal treadmill. This was a

wide eyes as I

You have been practicing with Sofiya, or have

had been slacking. We didn't run fast enough or

I huffed between my breaths. My lungs were

reason I told you to focus on cardio and aiming. You?need?to run fast. I don't joke

winced. I deserved it. He was doing all of this

"I'm sorry." I breathed.

a step and was about to fall but caught myself. I forced my legs to move faster. All the

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