The Lycan King

Chapter 24. Mark


As soon as I saw Ava was about to collapse, I rushed around the treadmill and caught her before she fell. It hurt me to hurt her like this but it had to be done. Her wolf had be be brought out. The longer she went without her wolf, the harder if would have been for her wolf to come out. Then there would have come a time when her wolf would have died in isolation inside her head, killing Avalyn in the process.

"You did great, Love." I whispered as I pecked her lips.

I picked her in my arms and carried her out of the gym.

I was so goddamn proud of her. Doing as Vladimir suggested worked.

Her wolf is out!

I was carrying her up the stairs when I felt her body temperature rise. I could feel her wolf. She was really strong.

Ava's eyes snapped open and she stared up at me. They weren't the usual brown colour but pitch black. It was her wolf. I grinned at her.

Her temperature rose further and now it was starting to worry me.

"Ho-hot" she rasped out.

Fuck. It was happening. It was happening right now.

I ran down the stairs and into the backyard.

'Sofiya, Natalia, come fast and get a blanket. Fast. It's happening.'?I mind-linked them.

I sat on the grass and sat Ava in my lap.

"You're shifting Ava." I smiled at her.

She blinked her eyes up at me and gave me a wobbly smile.

"It hurts." She whispered and a tear leaked out of her eye.?I know, Love, I know.

"I'm here with you. We will get through this together. I want you to stay strong, I'm here with you." I told her softly and brushed back her hair from her forehead. Her skin was clammy because of the heat and sweat.

Vladimir jumped out of a window and zipped besides us.

He touched her forehead and closed his eyes for a second.

"It's time." He told me, giving me a nod.

"Avalyn, I want you to allow whatever is happening, don't try to stop your wolf." He told her.

She gave him a short, shaky nod. Her eyes clouded again and turned pitch black again before turning pale blue, like of the sky. She was going to have a beautiful wolf.

blankets in her arms. After one

will hurt less." I told her as I lifted her and

extending and retracting. The bones in her jaw were breaking and realigning and

all will be waiting inside, call us if you

her clothes Nikolai." Natalia informed me. I nodded and used my

cold water and were using a soft cloth to rub it over her

I have never seen an adult shift. But I heard that it was very difficult to survive and mostly everyone dies. It is because their body cannot bare all that pain. There is no way in hell I was going to let

and legs were twisting and breaking. It looked

it Ava. You are so strong."

when her spine broke. She was crying and was shaking

c-can't." She cried and then suddenly the breaking of her bones stopped and

No! This

to her?"

and squeezed. "Avalyn wake

at me with teary eyes.?I'm

wolf out. Do not stop her." I ordered again. Her lips quivered but she

when her bones continued to break. Her claws were back again. By the way she was crying,

hold on her hands and and closed my eyes and focused on our mate bond. I know that we hadn't mated but being together for so

could feel a fraction of the pain she was feeling

me in confusion. I tried to keep my face impassive as the pain grew. The pain I was feeling

Better me, than her.

if all the bones in my body were breaking and realigning and tiny needles

she shook her head, more tears forming in

was taking all her

to pull her hands from mine

gritted. I closed my eyes when I felt a

She said, her eyes still

After all, it was

her hand. I growled as the pain became unbearable. Suddenly, the pain was decreasing and I saw Ava give me a pain

remember?" She bit

"Equals." I agreed.

throughout her whole shift. Her hands turned into paws but I still held on and so did she. It was

of Ava lay her wolf- her beautiful, pure white

up and walked to me. She was taller than normal wolfs. She was an Alpha. She nuzzled in my side and I brushed my hand through her soft as silk fur, finally feeling the sparks

Avalyn?was addicting.

and she purred. I grinned at her. She was almost as tall as me. I rubbed behind her ears and she closed

weren't here anymore. Maybe they slipped inside

We truly were a sight to behold. I focused on our bond and I pulled her in my head,

in shock and then looked at me and cocked her

the mind-link. Try it. Imagine you are talking to me

said after

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