The Lycan King

Chapter 28. Mom


I opened my eyes to see Ava's head on my chest and her arm around my waist.

I smiled.

I caressed her hair and saw it turn white under my touch. The reason was a mystery but it didn't bother me as much. I want to know the reason why but deep down I knew it wasn't a negative thing.

I slowly slipped from under her and got off the bed. I peeled off the covers and saw goosebumps rise on her naked skin.

Smirking, I kissed my way up her legs to her inner thighs and saw her twitch. Her eyes were shut but her heart was beating faster. Then I kissed her already wet core and was gifted with a small moan.

I smirked wider.

She tried to close her legs but I held them apart.

Then, I dug in my breakfast. I lapped up her juices before sucking at her pussy. Her back arched off the bed and she woke up with a lust- filled scream. I tightened my hold on her thighs so she didn't move. Her eyes widened when she saw me and she let out another moan when I grazed my teeth. Her hands gripped my hair and tugged and I groaned. I loved it when she did that. I continued devouring her core and kept my eyes on her, not wanting to miss a single thing.

Seeing her get off got me off too.

"Pleasee..." she moaned. I doubled my efforts and just before she was there, I paused. She screamed and looked at me with her enticingly aroused blue eyes.

"Whom does this pussy belong to Avalyn?" I asked darkly.

"You." She groaned and bucked her hips, urging me to continue. I pushed them back down.

"Thats right, Love. This is my pussy to do as I please." I murmured and gave it a long lick. Her pants grew heavier. "Please Master. Please let me come." She cried.

I smirked and and crawled up and kissed her lips, slamming my cock in her wet core without warning. She cried my name again.

"Cum, my love." I said softly, my tone exactly opposite of how hard I was pounding into her and how my finger and thumb were now pinching her nipples. She cried out her orgasm while I didn't stop my movements, her nails scratching my back.

"Thats right, dig your nails deep, Avalyn." I gritted. She clawed harder until I smelled blood and I smirked down at my little wolf. Her orgasm just ended and her next one was close.

I kissed her hard and pinched her clit. "Cum with me." I groaned and shot my load in her and she climaxed with me again.

I stayed still until we both were done, but I still didn't move. Her tight pussy was too good to be left empty and her smell drove me crazier than ever before. I knew she had changed after shifting and mating but my mate had done a total three sixty and I was fucking proud of her.

"Good morning." She smiled at me, her dimples popping.

"Understatement of the century." I grinned.

"True." She said as a blush rose her cheek. I thumbed her cheeks. She was shy after everything we did? I chuckled.

"I love it when you laugh." She whispered suddenly.

"Only for you, my Love. Only for you." I said and finally slipped out of her. I was getting hard again and we had too much to do. We shifted to our fur and started running.

her coat, slowing her slightly which made my wolf and I

tail, making me growl playfully. She let out a small mewl and I started chasing her, making

never run from

the estate, I pounced on her back. But she was fast in twisting and moving out of the way before

me an

'Good move.' I smiled.


almost forgot that being in the wolf form was new to her. She had

to our skin before we went to our room and showered

room and we walked down the hallway. When we reached in front of the door, I pulled out the key from my

hand in

is my mother's bedroom." I

me with a shocked expression. I know she didn't expect me to share so soon but there was no reason

wasn't returning the favour, I

and brown hair just like mine. She had the same high cheeks structure that I do and the same chin. The only thing I got from Adrik, my father was my grey eyes and my strong

the picture but you could see the pain

towards my mom and I. She wasn't his mate, they were mated because of their pure lineage. And I was the heir he always wanted. He made me train ever since I could walk to become the next Alpha. He would punish me if he thought I did a bad job that day. Never in front of anyone else, or so

I tried to stop him but I was?weak." I admitted, hating that fact. If I had been stronger, maybe my mom would have been with me today. My eyes blurred with tears and

had inherited a vast fortune from her parents and she bought this

safe. Slowly we started forming our own pack when more and more rogues came to us for help. My mom helped everyone she believed was good. She had a penchant for helping the troubled. I guess the only one she couldn't help was

look up at me with teary eyes. "She was never happy?? she would smile

her eyes. "This is my mom." I said. She turned in my arms to look at the

as she cut

a sob tore through her throat. Her legs knees buckled but I tightened my hold on

she crying so much? A deep pit grew in

"She was the one who killed herself." She covered her mouth. "She was the one who was like a mother to me after Mrs. Maria died.?She was Emmanuel's

insinuate something like that. "We were attacked and I saw saw the wolf plunge his knife in her stomach.




quickly filled my eyes. The floor beneath my feet moved and my I stumbled before I fell down on my knees, not being able to carry my own weight. I disappointed my mother.


my arms around her waist and placed my head against her stomach as I

"Its not your fault Nikolai." She whispered. "She loved

sweet child, but I can't live like this anymore, I miss my son, I hoped I could escape and go back to him but I can't live like this anymore. I'm sorry for the pain I will cause you."?Avalyn said, almost as if she

could feel was pain and regret. It consumed my entire body, so much that I started vibrating. I felt like I was a kid and back under Adrik's rule again. Able to see what was happening, having to suffer through

want to fucking kill Emmanuel and Emilio. My body hummed with rage. Hot white fury took over me. I was not the weak boy now, I am a strong Alpha and could face my fears and fight. I let go of Ava and stood up. I turned around and jumped off the

smiling face. Crying face. Determined face. Kind face.

such a good little boy, Nik.' She

in front of my

It's okay.' She

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