The Lycan King

Chapter 30. Queen Avalyn


"You did good, my child." A sweet voice told me.

I turned around to see the same blue- eyed and white haired lady smiling at me. I envied how she was always so at peace.

"Don't worry, Avalyn. I am you. You will soon find your own peace too." She said with a soft smile.

How did she know what I was thinking?

"That's because we both are the same, I can hear your thoughts." She replied. "I am so proud of you for yesterday Avalyn. Its time to wake up now, its time to fulfil your duties. Your people have arrived, they need you."

My people? What does that mean?

"You'll know when you wake up." She said.

"Save Nikolai."

"Lead them all to victory."

"Lighten the darkness."

"The time is coming."

Then she faded way, just like last time. Slowly, and then all at once.

My eyes fluttered open and I saw Nikolai sitting on the bed, his one arm around me and the other on his lap. His head was rested against the headboard as he rested. Suddenly his eyes snapped open and he breathed a sign of relief when he saw me.

"You scared all of us Ava." He breathed.

What was he talking about? I got up from my sleeping position and sat besides him. Then I suddenly remembered what happened yesterday. Shit.

"I killed him." I whispered in shock. "I killed a king.?I killed Vladimir's father."

I got off the bed and ran out of the door in search of Vladimir. I crashed into him in the hallway. I took a step back and looked up at him.

How will I ever get him to forgive me?

"I'm so sorry." I apologised. How could I have killed his father? What was wrong with me? "I- I don't know what happened, it was as if something took control of me and-and I killed him." I said in a small voice.

"Don't be sorry Avalyn." He told me softly. "He had it coming."


decision to strip me away from my position as his son and as the prince. That was a decade ago. I assure you, there is not much affection in me left for him." He

have a good

And as a Luna, you are bound to be protective. He was also going to take you away to keep you as a..." he coughed. "If he had been successful, there was no one in this entire world that

My eyes widened.

I told him

are some people who have come to meet you." His eyes flickered behind me. I turned around to see Nikolai standing there still in his boxers with a small smile on his face. I looked down at myself and saw I was

the next

again." His eyes

shower." He murmured but

I jumped around with

I kept steeling glances at him, still wondering what he was thinking. The last conversation we had was in the forest which didn't go as well as it could have gone. I didn't know what took over me. When I realised what had actually happened, I was back in the estate and Sofiya was standing in front of me,

him was overpowering. But I didn't feel guilty to actually stop him. I just could have handled it better. I knew that knowing what happened to Viktoria angered him and hurt him, and I

"I hope you know? that killing a long reining Vampire king was not as easy as you made it seem like. You are something else."

I blinked.?What?

by breaking his tyranny, you took on a huge responsibility." He murmured. "If

anything about ruling anybody." I told him, still in

handling everything?? the kids, Rhazien and Vasilik. Dimitri was very amused at how you handled him with your polite words. Give yourself a chance, give them a chance. Meet them, talk to them,

lady in my dreams also said

his deep grey eyes and smiled. Our hands found each other's before we made our way

four Vampires, including Rhazien sitting on the couches. On our arrival, all of them quickly stood up

looked at Nikolai with wide eyes, not used to any of this. He just squeezed my hand in

with straight faces but they had...hope in

were Vasilik's subjects that had come with him. Fear grew in their eyes when they saw me recognise

of them gulped. "We were merely following the orders of the

gave them a small smile and shook my head. "Think nothing of it, you were just doing your duties." I said and he visibly relaxed. "Please introduce

I am Lord Leikos." He said. "I was in charge of the finances of the Mozog Kingdom." He was a tall, well built man and had a certain

Darius, I was in charge of arms, ammunitions and wars." The next man said. His large frame scared me, he was even bigger

Mozog Kingdom." She was a middle aged, kind looking woman. I was sure she more than a couple of century old but she looked

Lord Rhazien, my Queen." He smirked. "I was in charge of foreign affairs. And this

snarled as he cut him off. He cleared his throat and clenched Sofiyaa's hand in his. "I do not belong to the Mozog kingdom anymore." He said, his face impassive but I could feel

King and his father but I assure you that he deserves to

long time." Vladimir told Rhazien in a


the pain buried underneath the tough exterior. He had been strong far to long, it was time to

in love with a werewolf and mating with her." He replied. "Vasilik and Queen Zakyra had promised to marry their first borns

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