The Lycan King

Chapter 33. Death Sentence


We had continuously been trying to contact Mikhail and Natalia but their mind-links were completely cut off, their phones unavailable. Something was wrong and I was going crazy because one mistake will cost them their lives.

I had send my best tracker and my best warrior to investigate and we were waiting for them to contact us. I would have liked to go myself but it wasn't safe if they were being held hostage, I would walk right in their trap. Sending more people would raise suspicions so I sent the team I had the most trust on.

It was four in the morning when the warrior, Denis mind-linked me.?"I found Natalia, Alpha. There are no visible wounds on her body body but she isn't walking up."

"Denis found Natalia. No wounds but she isn't waking up." I told my men. We had stayed together in the conference room for the night.

"Check her pulse."?I told him.

"Maybe she was drugged." Vladimir replied. I nodded, that was the best guess.

"The pulse is very low but she is breathing."?He replied.

"Thats good. Make a cut in her palm and smell if she was injected with any drug."?I told him.

"Wolfsbane."?Came his solemn reply. Fuck! I wanted to pull my hair our right now!

"Make sure she keeps breathing, I'll contact you in sometime."?I informed him and cut off the mind-link.

"She has wolfsbane in her system." I said and got up, pacing around the room. I had to do something, fast. There was no pack in the area that would help. It would take him more than six hours to bring her here, time that we didn't have.

She can't die!?Dammit!?Also, there was no news of Mikhail.

"Fuck." Dimitri grumbled.

"Maximilian." I said. He was the only one who would be able to help.

"He is dangerous." Vladimir said. True, but no one knew the extent of connection we had, it ran deeper than anything else.?

"He had a soft spot for Natalie ever since we found her." Andrei said. Now that I think of it, it was true.

"He will do it." I said. I took out my phone and called Maximilian, not caring it was not the most appropriate time.

"Hello." I heard a disgruntled voice.

"I need you to do something." I told him seriously.

"Try calling me tomorrow, I may be in the mood to help you then." Came his response.

"It's Natalia." I snapped.

Taking his silence as a response, I continued. "I had sent her on a secret mission and there seems to have been a problem. She is found in a different location than where she was supposed to be and she is unconscious. She has wolfsbane in her system, the extent of damage is unknown." I told him.

After a minute of silence, came his reply, "where is she?"

I gave him the co-ordinates of the place. "Mikhail is missing, find him too." I added.

"On it." He grunted and cut the call.

"Well that went well." Dimitri said.

"A man named Maximilian will come there to take Natalia. Go with him. Stay there till Natalia is in proper shape and bring her back safely."?I mind-liked Denis.

"Yes, Alpha."?He replied.

I mind-linked the tracker, Remi after that.?"Any sign of Mikhail?"

They are a couple days

to Maximilian, help him in searching Mikhail and do as he says, he will

"Yes Alpha."?He replied.

to Denis and Remi. Hopefully they

can't lose


entire pack every once a while to see their progress. So all of us were out here, training with the pack. I had made an announcement of the upcoming war among the warriors so

fighting with Sofiya and while she had improved drastically, Ava was taking it easy on

it. Come here, Ava." I told her. She stopped

led her to a circle and turned towards her. "Let's put your skills to test. Impress

determined and took a few steps back too. A crowd was gathering around us, wanting to see the fight of their Alpha and

tackles her down. She fell on her back and I fell above her. She winced but gritted her teeth and put her arms around my neck and buckled her hips to roll me off her and then

so I was only in my shorts. I needed to move freely. I motioned her to come at me and and she did. I made a move to punch her jaw which she ducked and she tried to give an uppercut. I caught her fist in my hand and held on tight. I twisted her around and held both of her arms behind her back tightly. She wiggled but

a front flip and use the moment to throw me

a low growl before she charged towards me again and I side stepped her and used her momentum against

a choke hold from behind. I flipped her in front of


but I released her neck and held both her hands

you know?"?I asked him,

for a few minutes where she mumbled about kicking asses of the kidnappers. My best guess is they kidnapped them

at me with curious eyes,

will bring her back. I'll look into the kidnapping matter."?I said and walked towards where Dimitri and Vladimir were sparing. The crowd parted for

for that, I'm keeping her."?He said.?"She's my


Came his reply before he

me come. They walked towards

I mind-linked them. We cannot

rage. "Control yourselves. Nobody can

fucking angry that I could kill someone right now. I wanted blood. My wolf was

is the doing of the Mont?na pack. I'm going to fucking slaughter

bastard. Let him make a ransom first."?Vladimir said. I knew that Mikhail would kill himself before selling us out. So the only option for them would to torture him or ask us for money. I just hoped we found him before too much

furious too. I could feel the anger of my brothers and my wolf fed on it. I added it to the account of reasons

the corner of the ground, two wolves were fighting and the yells had been of

loud growl, effectively stopping both the wolves. "Shift." I

skin and bared their necks to me. I recognised the

gritted. I was so fucking done with these assholes who couldn't

Calm down,?I told myself.

"But he??"

the fucking rule?"

a pack

my eyes at both of them.

Both said simultaneously, pointing at each other.

said as she pointed towards Kenny who

week. I accepted the deal. It's been two weeks and I couldn't find him anywhere. I saw

punched him in the face. The crack of his now broken nose was loud enough for

my brow at

true. Except we did not decide to

the fuck did you not follow

good fuck."

Four warriors came and held Shane and Kenny and started dragging them to the stage. I

of the warriors and administrating punishments. If there was one thing I

the leash from my hand. She immediately kneeled next to my feet and was shivering in fear. I didn't

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