The Lycan King

Chapter 34. Pleasures of Punishment


I tore open the door of my bedroom to see Ava lying on the bed and crying while Sofiya was trying to console her.

"Get out." I told Sofiya and stepped in.

She got off the bed and stood in front of me. "I'm not going anywhere. I know you are angry and I am not going to let you release your anger on her." She said stubbornly.

I bared my teeth her her, not liking her tone. Did she think that I would actually fucking hurt Ava?

"He will not hurt me. Thank you for being here Sofiya, but I would like to talk to him alone." Ava replied softly yet firmly.

Sofiya narrowed her eyes at me before turning around and hugging Ava. She left the room after that and Ava sat on the bed, hugging herself.

There was a knock on the door.

"Come in." I grunted. Irina stepped in and placed a tray which had a bowl of ice, water and a cloth on the side table and left, shutting the door behind her.

I settled on the bed just besides the table and said softly. "Kneel."

Ava quietly stood up and kneeled between my legs. I took her left hand in mine and inspected the bruise on her wrist.

She gasped and tears formed in her eyes. "Your hand...I'm so sorry." She choked.

Not saying anything, I wrapped the ice in the cloth and pressed it against the bruise. It covered half of her forearm, considering her small size and my large hand. I made it a point to apply ice everywhere I could see the bruise, not missing a single spot.

"Please Nikolai, your hand is bleeding too much." She begged. It was true, running all the way here was certainly not the best decision but I was so angry. I still am very angry. The wound didn't bother me, I have had worse. And it would heal in some time anyways.

I applied ice on her hand for about ten minutes and then took out the ice from the cloth and dipped it in the cold water. I squeezed the excess water out and wrapped it neatly around her bruise. The water had juices of healing herbs which will help heal it quickly. It should heal in about fifteen minutes.

I was pissed at her and wanted to punish her for that but I didn't want her to hurt, not like this.

I got up from my place and went in the washroom, locking it behind me before I stepped in the shower. I didn't want Ava to come too. I wanted to be alone right now or I was sure I would take out my anger on her. I quickly took a shower and washed my hands, avoiding the wounds. They should heal in an hour. I dried myself with the towel before wrapping it around my waist and stepped into the room.

She was still kneeling exactly where she was before I left.

"You can get up if you want. You have decided to not do as I say anyways." I bit at her and went into the closet and wore my boxer and a t-shirt.

My hand had begun bleeding again. It was fucking annoying.

I heard her sob at my statement. "I'm sorry." She whispered.

"No you are not sorry Avalyn." I snapped. "You are sorry because you hurt me, because you angered me. You are not sorry for trying to stop me, to question me in front of the entire pack, to question my decisions, or for not doing as I said even when I specifically told you to stand by my side, and you are not fucking sorry because you ran away." I yell at her and she flinched. I had hit the nail right on the head and she didn't even try to deny it. I gripped her arm and pulled her up so she was standing exactly in front of me.

"I am fucking furious Avalyn. And I want to punish you, tell me you agree." I told her in a contained voice. I wouldn't touch her if she disagreed, I respected her enough to do not touch her if she wanted so.

"I agree. Punish me Master, tell me my mistake, what I did wrong and how I can correct it." She whispered as she looked me in the eye.

I extended my claws and tore her top and bra with a flick of my wrist. I tore off her shorts and underwear too. "Tie your hair up." I told her softly. As much as I loved her long hair, they would only come in the way. I wanted her totally bare for me to see clearly.

She rushed to her vanity and took out a rubber band from her drawer and tied her hair up in a neat bun. She turned around and came to stand in front of me, her eyes wide with excitement and fear. I gripped her neck and caressed her jaw with my thumb. "This pack runs on rules Ava, breaking any of them is a punishable offence. Since this is a rogue pack, I have very few rules, but I expect all of them to be followed to the dot. Both of them got what they deserved." I explained.

I gripped her neck a bit tighter and tilted her head further up so our faces were nearer. "You do not question my decisions Avalyn and today, you did just that. In front of the entire pack. You disrespected my decisions, which means you disrespected me. You questioned my authority, Avalyn." I whispered against her earlobe and she shivered.

"I didn't mean to, I'm sorry Master." She whispered, the smell of her arousal filling the air. I took a sharp breath. Fuck me.

supported you for it, or went against it." I said harshly. "Even when I had brought you here as a pet, tell me one time when I did something you did not want. You very well know I could have done anything I wanted with you and you would not have said one word. I could have marked you and fucked you the second I bought you and you would have fucking let me.

whispered and a tear trailed down

asked you to do? Why did you question my decisions, questioned my ways of

it was a small

a pack of rogues. They can be vicious if not put in line. I am not going to change the way of justice which

sorry." She said and

stand besides me on the stage, you were struggling under my hold. Do you understand what

She shook her head.

side,?no matter what.?It was important for you to stand besides me to show that you were with me on the decision. You are the Luna and there will come a day when you will have to hand out these punishments or even administer them yourselves." I told her and moved my hands down the curve of her waist and on her hip. "You will never, ever fucking run away

most of this so consider it my kindness that I'm

at me with her tear filled eyes. "Please punish me, I promise I will be a good girl." She said in

of her lips tilted up at the endearment. "Get on the bed, on

jumped at my command and quickly did as I said, eager to please me. She was in the middle of the bed so I hooked my hands around her hips and pulled her down so she was at the



under my touch and them back to pale white, it's usual colour. I loved her pale skin and now I was going to love it more when I turned it red. I spanked lightly her ass and she moaned. I massaged it again before giving it another smack, seeing it turn red. I continued the same process until her moans turned into short groans. Her ass was turning a lovely shade of red and her short groans turned to grunts and then low screams. I moved to

is now a lovely shade of red, Love." I smirked

already dripping because of the spanking so I started finger fucking her. I inserted my another two fingers and fucked her with my three fingers

I grabbed her ass with with my other hand

up my motions and her

Master may I cum?" She screamed and I stopped my movements and

ass hard. "You are in no position to ask anything." I hissed.

spat on it and then rubbed a finger that was covered with

no Avalyn?" I

before inserting my finger in.?Fuck, it felt good. I started fingering her ass and them added another finger, stretching her. I spat again

was going to be so sore tomorrow that I was going to have fun watching her walk. Her groans turned into moans and the look of absolute bliss on her face hardened me painfully. My dick was throbbing but I had one more thing I wanted to do before I fucked

please may I cum? Please I

come, I will make sure you will regret it." I hissed. Tears were leaking down her face and she shook her head. Her pussy and ass was clenched tightly around

no. Please don't

did I say, Love? I will do what I want with my pussy and right now I don't feel like it should cum." I bit her ear. She gasped and

Not yet.

I said. A whine left her lips

of her and pushed my wet fingers inside her

and twirled her tongue around my fingers and sucked them. And?fuck?did she suck. I ground my throbbing erection into her core and her

mouth and whispered in her ear. "The next thing I do is more for

brushed against my t-shirt clad chest. I could feel her hardened nipples and I grabbed her breasts and squeezed the perfectly rounded soft moulds. I

be back, you will not move in inch." I groaned and got off her and

in my house? I entered without making a sound and saw the fridge open. I breathed a sigh of relief. I walked over and saw that

buddy." I whispered and

whispered back,

asked and opened the

stealing anything I

Can't blame you for it, my mate's cooking is delicious."?Just like herself,?I

I was searching for the cake." He

door and removed the cake. "Here." I whispered. "I was also here for that. Let's share yeah?" I said and took a knife and cut

plates and placed one piece in each. "Thank you

didn't see each other alright?" I said. If any of my men came to know, they would not fucking let

He whispered and took out two spoons and passed me one. He began eating

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