The Lycan King

Chapter 35. Dagger


"I see you've had a?rough?night." Sofiya grinned at me.

I flushed and tried to ignore my sore legs. After my punishment last night, Nikolai and I had sex many,?many?times. He said that we had to make up for the few days we didn't have sex. Needless to say, I was thoroughly fucked, spent and blissfully happy. The dull ache which was progressively getting better was also something I didn't mind because I could still feel him inside me.

"How do you know?" I bit my lip.

"Your walk of shame says it all babe." She winked. "And there is this glow on your face that makes you look...alive."

It was true. I felt alive. The way he dominated me yesterday, the way he took control...he looked like my saviour again. The way he was with me during the start. I loved it.

"I feel alive." I admitted.

Yesterday's punishment helped me clear my mind. I had to admit that I liked taking control of things now. I also knew it had a lot to do with me shifting into an Alpha wolf. But the human part of me felt like I could truly let go only when I submitted. Because that's the only time no one expects anything of me, I only have to do what I'm told. It helped put things into perspective.

I had been wrong in trying to stop Nikolai yesterday at the training ground. The pack runs on rules. And just because I had a soft heart doesn't mean that the crimes of others will be shown mercy. I needed to toughen up.

"Sofiya? How do you feel about moving to Mozog?" I asked her.

"I've been there before. It's beautiful Ava. And it's Vladimir's home. Which means it's my home too." She smiled.

There was a sadness in her tone that caught my attention. "But?" I prodded further.

"But I will miss all of you. I hardly know anyone there. You guys are my family. The only ones I've known." She whispered.

"And you are going to start a new family now." I eyed her flat stomach and thought of the little bean that would grow to be a beautiful baby. I was sure of it. Sofiya was drop dead gorgeous and Vladimir was handsome in a dark prince sort of way. "She needs you both. Mozog is her legacy too. And being a King is Vladimir's birthright."

"And that's why we are going to go there. I'm going to be happy there and fuck anyone who doesn't want a werewolf as their Queen. I am Vladimir's mate and there is nothing anyone can do about it." She said, her eyes narrowed in the distance as she said fiercely.

"Yes! That's the spirit sis." I smiled.

She tackled me in a bear hug. "I'll miss you."

"I will miss you too." I whispered and hugged her tightly.

I heard someone cough from behind us and I back up and turned around to see Dimitri holding a leash in his hand which connected to the girl's collar that was at the training ground yesterday.

"Alpha had ordered me to bring her home. She is yours now." With a dip of his head, he handed me her leash and then walked out.

My hand trembled as I held on to the leash. There was a time when I was on the other end of it. I hated it. I wasn't sure what this girl was thinking but if the shuddering of her body said anything, she was scared as hell. She had worn a t-shirt which smelled like Dimitri's. Thank goddess she wasn't naked like she had been yesterday.

I felt a hand on my shoulder and I saw Sofiya was smiling at me and tipped her chin towards the girl.?You can do it Avalyn,?it said.

I nodded. Yes, I can do it.

I unhooked the leash from her collar first and tilted her head up which was lowered in submission. Her face was straight now but her eyes were still lowered.

"Look at me." I told her. Her eyes snapped to mine immediately. She was trained properly. I smiled at her softly. "What is your name?"

"April, Mistress." She whispered, looking scared.

"Hello April, I'm Luna Avalyn. You may call me Luna and this is Sofiya." I told her, not yet comfortable with being called Mistress. Her eyes widened at my words. I knew how guilty it felt to call anyone by their name in the starting.

"There are some expectations that you will need to fulfil." I started and then pressed the buzzer which was installed in every switchboard around the house. "You will work five days a week. It will be your job to keep the estate clean and cook food. Do you know how to do that?"

"Yes, Mi??Luna." She flinched.

"You will not be punished for such mistakes." I told her softly. "However, disregard for rules or incompletion of the tasks assigned to you will have consequences. We do not tolerate incompetence." I told her firmly.

Irina entered the kitchen and lowered her head. "Good morning Luna, Ms. Sofiya." She greeted.

"Also," Sofiya added. "There is a vampire in this household who will drink your blood time to time." She said. "Your clothes will be delivered to your room by tomorrow. There are quite few unmated werewolves whom you out when they call for you." Sofiya said. My eyes slid to Irina, I didn't know about all this. But I kept my mouth shut.

"This is Irina. She will show you around the estate and explain what the job exactly entails." I told April.

"Irina, this is April. She is new here. I would like you to show her around and give her a week's training before she starts her actual job. Assign her a schedule too." I told Irina.

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would love it. I'll meet you in the main foyer in ten minutes alright?" I said, feeling just

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the door and opened it when he said 'come in'. His smouldering grey eyes stared at me as I walked in

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saying goodnight to Adrian. She led us to her room and then she jumped on her bed. "So is this your first night out?"

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your life." Sofiya claimed and then walked into her closet and threw a pair of pyjamas at me and

plan is that we pamper ourselves first and then harass the boys later."

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always been wild." She winked and grabbed Vanessa's hand and pulled her inside her closet. "Pick your poison hun." She said and motioned towards her shelfs and shelfs of nail polish. Vanessa was looking up at them in awe. She pointed at a

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I'll do your hair."

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