The Lycan King

Chapter 37. Lupus


"You can do it Avalyn. Concentrate." I told her.

We were in the patio right now and I was helping Ava use her powers. We hadn't done this before because we didn't know how to control it. And since hadn't been able to find a faye to help her, I had taken it upon myself to train her.

I had placed a bottle on a table in front of us and I had told Ava to use her mind power and lift it in the air.

We have been at it for almost an hour now but the bottle hasn't even moved a millimetre.

"I can't do it." She cried out of frustration.

"Remember how you willed Lisa to stand up from her kneeling position and sit besides Rhazien, we need that kind of determination Ava." I told her.

"But I didn't even do anything consciously." She frowned. "I just felt very strongly about her not kneeling."

"Do you remember when you saw me and Natalia in my office?" I asked her about the day she thought I cheated on her.

She gave me an unsure nod.

"I have cameras in the entire house Ava. I could see you running in the camera one second and you vanished the next." I told her. Everyone had freaked out. But we just thought it was a glitch in the camera but I now knew it wasn't.?

"We couldn't see you or smell you. What were you thinking at that time?" I asked her softly.

"Just that I wanted to be alone for some time. I didn't want anyone to find me." She whispered.

"Just like that, you have to think about moving this bottle." I told her.

She held my eyes and nodded.

She closed her eyes and concentrated. I could feel her trying really hard through the bond.

The bottle slowly but unsteadily lifted from the table. Ava's brown hair were turning white but then suddenly they turned brown again and the bottle crashed on the ground.

She eyes snapped open and she looked at the glass remains. She looked... defeated.

Suddenly an idea popped into my mind.

'Send in Ava's slave with a couple of daggers. Get her in full slave- mode.'?I mind-linked Sofiya.

"You know what? Sit down and lets take a break. We will practice aiming next. I think practicing your powers is enough for today." I told her and snatched a bottle of water, opening the cap and gulping some before offering it to Ava.

She took it from my hand and drank the rest of it after she plopped on the chaise next to mine.

"I don't think I can do it." She whispered.

"Don't be so tough on yourself. Its your first day." I said lightly. I saw the slave walk in with a bag in her hand. "The equipments are here."

She came and kneeled at my feet, extending the bag towards me.

"Master." She greeted.

"Alpha." I growled lowly.

Only my Ava can call me Master.

She trembled. "I'm sorry. Alpha." She gulped.

Ava was looking at me with a frown on her beautiful face. I focused on the matter in hand.

"What's your name?" I asked.

"April, Alpha." She whispered.

"So April, would you mind giving your life for me, if need arises?" I asked lightly, as if I was talking about the weather.

"No, Alpha." She whispered again.

"Fantastic." I grinned. "Go stand against that tree. We would like to do some target practice." I said and stood up, taking the daggers out of the bag.

"Are you serious?" Ava all but shrieked.

"Of course I am serious. You out of all people should know I don't joke about training and safety." I sounded perfectly offended.

"And what about her safety. Her?life?"?She was hysterical by now. I could feel her hurt, anger and betrayal through the bond.

"She just said she doesn't mind dying." I shrugged and picked up a dagger, twirling it around my fingers.

"She is a slave! Of course she will say that!" She said, her eyes wide. "Are you actually going to throw them at her?"

"Are you crazy, Love? Of course not. No need to waste a perfectly good slave like this. I am going to aim at the tree, just her outlines. But there is a possibility it may hit her, and she might get hurt or die..." I trailed and offered her the dagger.

that I would

the dagger and then at me like she didn't recognise any of

and decided to start. If she didn't

this please!" She clutched

said in a firm, Master voice. She was standing against the

and she moved even an inch, she was as good as dead. Not

threw the dagger in my hand. It landed a

time's a luck." I winked at Ava. She had

and picked up two more daggers, one in each hand and

but the same thing happened. I saw Ava give me a challenging look from the corner of my eye but I focused on throwing daggers. Once the

every single dagger and I was so fucking proud

to where she was now sitting. Her eyes widened as she scrambled to get up

could hear Avalyn run behind me. I controlled my smirk and picked

at Ava. "I told you we were going to practice aiming but you keep

up from branch to branch so I reached the topmost branch

try and save her now." I said and pushed the hysterically crying slave

her eyes. Her eyes had turned

who was now on the ground and Ava was the one


body facing mine and a hand stretched out towards me. I extended my hand and caught her hand in mine, pulling her in my arms and twisted so I get

was about to crash but I?stopped,?mid- air. And then fell down with an oomph. But it hardly hurt since

on top of me. There was no sign

to the house, still crying and furious. I tried to get into her

to April who was crying as she knelt on the ground

I called her as she entered the house through the


asked. She looked so fucking hot all worked up. It was

sent a cute little glare my way

my laugh. Goddess spent some extra making my

Damn that ass!

colour rise up her ass.?This was SO not

me!" She screamed and entered our room. Just when I was about to enter, the doors shut in my

now she knows how to use

her sitting on the bed, glaring daggers at me. Her white

I feel about treating slaves badly."

decided to answer her truthfully. "That was

realising what all she did. It may be out of hurt or anger, but she did

slowly changed from the platinum blond to he usual dark brown from her roots

My Ava is back.

right." She whispered, looking down to her

placed them in my lap. "Of course I

life in

she get hurt? Did she die?"

used her for my benefit!" She

idea what limits I would go to for

I do. Why do you

it is yours, of course." I said, offended that she would even compare herself

mother nature and left trash everywhere they went. The only good thing they created would be technology. But they didn't realise how much more important this planet was

not right!" She cried out of frustration. "You

is that I would kill a thousand more humans before I would let someone even touch your hair. And we are not going to have any more discussion on this. The motive of this exercise was to get your magic out. The slave is just fine." I ground. "And

amusement. Considering this was for a greater cause and she was still alive, she should have thanked both of us. But I didn't say that to Ava because


with me." Why must she always think of others before

later." I muttered and was out of the room

the front door with

go check up on club

time ago but I didn't have the time. And from what I


there a problem there anyways?"

"With Luna."

looking out of the window. We should be there in ten minutes

would want you to apologise to her, if she were in

she's fucking not. Women like empathising and dramatising every fucking thing." Why couldn't she just be thankful about the fact that she could use her magic



of drunk women who were flirting with the bartender and a couple of humans sitting

I asked the human

frowning and then a look of recognition flashed his eyes when he saw us. "Good afternoon, sir. And Jerry resigned. Kaleb Karwells took over like two months

I informed


not sure."

where is

in his office,

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