The Lycan King

Chapter 38. Begrudging Respect


"Follow me." I muttered to her and headed out.

The girl protested but Andrei shut her up and dragged her with us to the car.

"This is kidnapping!" She screamed. "Let me go!"

"Shut up." I growled and her mouth closed immediately. "What's your name?" I asked as I started the car. Andrei was sitting in the back with her.

"Felicity." She snapped.

"Real name." I gritted as I spun the car and drove deeper into Greenwich, which was the human town.

"Jessica." She muttered. "Jessica Mathers."

"Aren't you going to tell me your name?" She blurted after a minute.

"There is no need for you to know." Andrei said after I didn't reply to her. "All you need to know is that we will get you your sister but it will take time."

"But why? He's dead! I can just go and get her. I don't need you both! Why are you taking me anyways??Where?are you taking me?"

"I said shut up." I snarled. "I am taking you to a place to stay for a few days. You are not going to get out of there or say anything to anybody. Not one word. I will give you your sister in one week. I don't want a fucking word out of your mouth now."

She let out a hmph before crossing her arms and looking out of the window.

'Arrange for a female warrior to babysit her. She is going to try to escape and tell her to use force if necessary to keep her quiet.' I mind-linked Andrei.

'Yes Alpha.' He replied.

After fifteen minutes, we reached our destination, a cottage on the outskirts of Greenwich and the pack was near from here to travel easily. It had only one door and the two windows had grills so no one could go out. It was perfect for this situation.

I got out of the car and walked in the house. A brunette was already standing in the living room, knowing we had arrived.

"Name?" I asked.

"Bailey Adams, Alpha." She replied.

"Grant Adams your father?" I asked.

She nodded, her eyes softening for a second. Grant was a friend of mom's and I know is a good but hard man. He would have trained his daughter well.

'Bring her in.'?I told Andrei.

A minute later Andrei came in with Jessica in tow.

"This is Jessica Mathers. You will stay here with her and she is not allowed outside this house under any circumstance. Not unless any direct orders from me, Beta Dimitri, Andrei or Vladimir."

"Yes Alpha." She nodded.

"Whats the address of Kaleb Karwells?" I asked Jessica.

She grudgingly gave me the address after I glared at her.

"If you try to escape, I will let the police know that you killed Kaleb." With that being my last sentence, I whirled around and drove to Kaleb's house.

It was in a secluded area, surrounded by overgrown plants and trees. I brought my wolf forward and took a deep breath. I could smell only one human.?Good.

I looked around for any hidden cameras or a trap and when I found none, I and Andrei moved ahead silently. I broke in the locked door and found a girl kneeling by the shoe-rack, her legs spread, hands on her thighs and head bowed down.

She is trained.

All the doubts about her not knowing about us vanished.

"Stand up. Look at me." I said and the girl clumsily stood up and shuddered. When her eyes met mine, they widened.

"Your Master, Kaleb is dead." I spoke slowly so she could register it.

Her chin trembled but she remained perfectly still.

"I am not going to be your new Master and neither is he." I motioned towards Andrei. "You will not be touched or be punished. Unless you do exactly as I say." I said sharply.

She nodded frantically.

"What was Kaleb Karwells?" I asked her.

Her breath hitched before she said in a soft whisper, "a werewolf."

Just as I expected.

"Call in more people and comb the entire house. Find out every single piece of information on him. Trace the phone calls and messages on his phone." I said and passed him the phone I had picked up from Kaleb's suit.

"Find where Jerry is and tell him to meet me tomorrow. Find out who fired him and who hired Kaleb, I want him in the dungeon in one hour. Get information on every single business in town and the ones I own that had a change in managerial positions in the last two-three months." I told him.?

There was going to be an issue if I found snitches or backstabbers in my pack.

"Also send in a female in the office with some clothes in fifteen minutes."

"Yes Alpha." He replied and walked out of the house, starting on the work I had given him.

"Where is his office?" I asked the human.

"On the second floor, first door to the right." She said softly.

"Follow me." I said as I went to where she directed.

The office looked like it was already ransacked. But from the lack of any other smell than Kaleb's, I knew this was all his handy work.

I sat on the chair behind the desk and motioned her to sit on the chair in front of me.

your name?" I

her chin trembled again. This was the

were kidnapped?" I asked,

She said


"Hochberg." She replied.

werewolves there? Think about it

But the thing about slaves was that most people ignored them, forgot

after a minute. "Master's friends that came over used to drink like no human could."

wouldn't invite humans

the word 'Mont?na'

Tessa jumped but seeing my focus on her, she started

guests were over. I was only supposed

and the door

from my seat. "You will answer everything Larissa asks truthfully. Your sister Jessica is here, we might let

down her cheek.

looked at Larissa.?'I want to know every single thing she knows about Kaleb Karwells. Don't pressure her and take your time. Get her the medical attention she needs. I want a detailed report

'Yes Alpha.'?She nodded.

out of the office to see the trackers snooping around. I nodded and clapped their backs in appreciation as I passed by them. I threw in greetings when

the living room, giving orders to others on what to do. Two full bags

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a report on my

he from Mont?na Pack?"

him a sharp nod. "Not a word of

held my eyes for a couple of seconds, trying to convey his unwillingness but murmured, "yes Alpha", in agreement when

well so he smartly remained quiet. And questioning my decisions regarding

status with the one

dungeon." Andrei replied. "And what is to be done about the

will stay here with you till this thing blows over. She has crucial information and she needs protection." I said. "Also, call Grace to look after her." The pack doctor's skill would work miracles

the kind of information about Tessa has, we might break into the spy system of Mont?na

kind of

to personally make all the reports, this is the information no one else should have knowledge of. And keep me posted on

to the estate. I finally felt like

dungeon and set the weapons table.'?I

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are Ava and Sofiya?'?I asked

preparations for

even realise it was almost time for dinner. But if everything went well, there

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cut the link

took the stairs down to go to the dungeon. Dimitri

filled you in?" I

anymore!" He pouted. "Its like you forgot about me after you met Avalyn." He jutted his

fucks sake." I rolled my eyes. "Don't

was all serious when it came to the pack and business. But he

"Are you going to cheat on

sighed and shook my head. "Grow

grow up? Its a trap."

Vladimir's voice echoed

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one in our family."

that delusion?" Vladimir

shook my

He snapped his finger in front of my face and did a little hip

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three of us tensed. We

door opened and four warriors brought in a hostile man whose

lifted his bowed head and I

Grant Adams.


hell is all this Nikolai?" He


Jessica Mathers out of there ASAP and bring Bailey Adams here right now." I

the dungeon in

let Tessa get

"What happened?" Vladimir asked.

replied, hearing the urgency in my tone

warrior assigned to babysit Jessica Mathers is Grant's

this was a misunderstanding. But the larger, logical part of my brain said that Grant was a spy.

in my pack, under my

didn't want to believe it. He was

the dungeon guards as

car, waiting

a good chance that Jessica was already dead yet. And for some reason, it made me feel like I failed. There was no reason

home Nik? Dinner's ready.'?Ava

busy, my Love. I should be home in an hour or two.'?I told

be done by then. Jessica should be here in some time and the warriors should be able to find Bailey soon. The patrols were alerted so she couldn't pass through. But if she was smart, she would

for you.

some.'?I said


The rest left to look after Mozog in absence of

my phone and called him. "Where are you?"

a bar, why?"

Adams. Tanned skin, height around five eight, brunette and brown eyes. Bring her to the estate,?alive?but not necessarily conscious if she is being a bitch. She

Nikolai." He said

'Update?'?I mind linked Dimitri.

empty Boss.'?He growled. I

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