The Lycan King

Chapter 39. Doubts


My legs felt heavy as I walked to my unconscious brother. I picked up his left hand and immediately dropped it when he let out a low, pain-filled groan.

I inspected the bite.

The visible flesh had already blackened and the tatters of the skin around was turning a dark greenish-blue in colour. The veins around the bite were slowly turning black too.

The poison was slowly spreading to his entire body.

"What happens now?" I asked Grace.

"The rest of the wounds will heal in a couple of days. It's the bite that worries me, Alpha Nikolai. I don't have full knowledge on how to treat a vampire bite." She replied.

"Who will have a full knowledge?" I asked.

"There is no real cure for a vampire's bite. There are herbs that can slow it down but that means extending his life for a couple of years and living in constant pain. He will feel the poison spreading in his body every second. Not a lot of people choose to do it." Grace replied.

"But I had read in a book before I was kicked out of my old pack that extracting the vampire's saliva from the wound will help. But the rest of the pages were too faded to be coherent so I'm not sure how to do it. And I'm not sure how accurate that is." She added.

There is no way I am going to let Mikhail die.

"Do whatever you can. I'll try to arrange something." I replied. I'll talk to Rhazien and Vladimir. There has to be a cure.

"Yes, Alpha." She replied as she tied up the bandaid on his mid-rift.

"What is the extent of his injuries?" I asked.

"He has a knife wound in his stomach that caused internal bleeding that worries me right now. He also has four bruised ribs, two are broken." She replied.

That would take a couple of days max to heal. Internal bleeding would take more time but what really worried me was the bite.

I sighed and sat on the bed besides his sleeping form. I saw Grace mix different leaves as she kept mumbling chants under her breath before she applied it on his gnash.

The door opened and Rhazien stepped in.

"Where is Bailey?" I asked.

"Passed out on the couch. I've told two wolves to keep watch." He replied distractedly as he eyed Jessica, his eyes blood red.

"Step aside." He ordered Tessa who scrambled to move away.

He knelt in front of Jessica and bit his wrist and put it in front of her mouth. "Drink." He whispered, his voice unnaturally soft.

Jessica looked up at him with hazy eyes and did as he said,?without complaint!

I will never understand women.

"Is she Jessica Mathers?" He asked.

"Yes." I replied. Understanding dawned on me. His red eyes should have been a give away. Especially since he was an ancient and wouldn't loose control seeing or smelling blood.

"She's my beloved." He whispered, caressing her red hair.

"You've got your hands full." I muttered.

But he didn't pay attention to me, his eyes were only fixated on Jessica.

I let them be and looked at a grim Dimitri who was talking to Grace, asking about Mikhail.

I couldn't ask any pack to lend us their pack doctor. No one really liked rogues. No one would help us. But then there was no true cure about this...

has been

cure for vampire bites?" I asked

his mate. "There is no cure."


by a vampire.'?I

'Fuck!'?He cursed.

determined. 'What's the status

giving him information but he wasn't involved in kidnapping her. He was under a misconception that your father wanted to look after you and your mother even if you both left him. He thinks Adrik is innocent. He killed Jerry and Volkov Corps's CEO?Christian Fallon

did all of this happen without any of

there would

some time.'?I replied and looked at the grim faces

means." I said in a controlled voice as I clamped down my raging wolf. My blood was simmering with anger as I stood up from my place. Everyone in the room had their

thought of Ava. My anchor. My redemption. And then pulled my wolf back, calming him, trying to make him understand that it wasn't time yet. I

time Grace?" I

as she tied a bandaid around Mikhail's

him to the hospital after that." I don't trust anyone right now. "Andrei work on the reports, I want them by day after tomorrow and keep Tessa with you. Rhazien, you can take Jessica with you. Tell her she can meet Tessa day after tomorrow. She knows about supernaturals so its your job now to tell her

couch, glaring at the two guards in front

her out." I told them and walked

her escape. Andrei wanted to run to the estate in his fur to release some tension but it wasn't safe anymore. The news of Grant

me wonder what story Adrik must have spun after mom and I

the estate in fifteen minutes. Andrei and Tessa left as soon as I parked

Bailey to the dungeon. She had given up fighting by now. There was no hope of

Grant slumped on the chair. Bailey cried out, trying to reach to her father but the guards held her tightly, not

for her, facing

chair so the

minute, Grant was drenched in cold water, snapping him awake with a

some more to get Bailey talking. She may

go rest after

"Yes Alpha." Vladimir smirked.

to my bedroom after that. Ava was sleeping on my side of the bed made me smile. I knelt in front

get so

and her red lips look too inviting but I resisted. I didn't want to disturb her sleep. I brushed the back of my fingers down her cheek softly, almost

mad that my own pack isn't safe for my mate. That she needs to have bodyguards to

go out on your own. Without me worrying,

fist that was still warm

had all the files and

the last two months and I sighed. It was already one in the morning and I was going to have to stay up all night to complete all of this by morning so I could go to the company and take

a?long?night. And not in

behind the desk and cracked my knuckles

was barely done with the first page when the door opened. I was

as I saw her enter in a white nightie

sleep?" I asked, inviting


Why nervous, Love?

were you Nikolai?" She asked in a

face. Today's revelations made work much more stressful

to stand in

What the hell?

was at a couple of places. Why?" I said vaguely, raising

She closed her eyes,

make me lie

house who was living in our pack right under my nose? And I didn't even know? I failed as an Alpha to protect the pack and as a mate because I couldn't protect you? At the house where

open, her eyeballs icy blue-white. "I asked where were you?" She screamed and then my chair flew back and banged against the wall, the lights in

walked to her. Something must have happened for her to react this way. "What happened Ava?" I walked to her slowly, trying to

and pushing her palm forward and

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