The Lycan King

Chapter 44. I’ll never let that happen


"Thank you for having us over." I smiled at Max and Nat. We had a quick breakfast after we woke up and now we were on our way to meet Mary.

"It was our pleasure." Max smiled back. "I also wanted to give you something." He told Nik.

He handed the envelope to him.

"What's this?" Nik asked, taking it from my hand.

"It's a gift from Viktoria. She said to give to you when you meet your mate." Max replied, his tone gentle.

I sucked in a breath.

"Why did she give it to you? Why not me directly?" He asked, his voice thick.

"When I asked her to give it to you herself, she just made me promise that I'd give it to you. And that I'll always protect you." There was nothing but love in Max's eyes for Nik. I bit my lip. At least there was someone to truly take care of Nik after what happened to Viktoria.

"Thanks, brother." Nik hugged him.

Max hugged me afterwards, surprising me."I'm technically your uncle."

I laughed. It was weird to even think about it. Adoptive, but uncle. I had already told Nat my goodbyes so I just waved at them before we left.

I looked at the trees pass by fast as we cruised through the roads. Mary is my grandmother. Not really but still. Grandmother. I have a family. A living family member. I chewed down on my lip. Will she like me? What if she doesn't like me?

I realised that she knew my mother the best. After papa, of course. But she knew my mother the second best. I could finally get to know more about her.

That worried me more. What if she hated me? I am the reason my mother is dead.

Nik grabbed my hand placed our joint hands on his lap as he drove with his other hand. "What's going through your mind, Love?"

"Meeting Mary." I whispered and squeezed his hand, craving comfort.

"She will love you. It's impossible not to fall in love with you, Ava." He glanced at me.

I hope so. I really really hope so.

Nik pulled up at small cottage type house with a big garden. We got off the car and I stopped him before he could walk down the cobblestoned path bordered with bushes.

"Do you promise she will like me?" I asked him.

my hair and put a lock behind my ear before grabbing my hand tugging me to walk

the doorbell andI waited behind

opened in a

any form.

want to talk."

I stepped out from behind him and

eyes widened before they watered. "Valerie." She whispered and pulled

put my arms around her and

softly after she

She replied and looked at Nik before

hand in her's

on a two- seat couch,

blond hair that were more white that blond because of her old age. She had a relatively round face with brown eyes and thin lips

wasn't?actually?my grandmother. Just adoptive. But she brought up my mother like her own. I firsthand know that relationships aren't

Mary asked, giving

I love him very much." I replied. She didn't

too and looked at Nik over her back, raising my eyebrows in question. Why

keep her happy and pampered." Nik

deeming him enough for a

you been child? I -I thought you were dead." She had tears in her eyes

It was all Emmanuel's doing. Emilio and him kept me captive in our house as a slave for eight years. Nik saved me." I said as I looked at

My saviour.

her voice barely a whisper.

bit my lip. Her chin trembled and

her trembling hands. "I'm safe now. I'm

and looked at Nikolai in a new

only nodded. "There is something

at him

that Ava is a descendent of Faelern. And Fiona. And that she was cursed that she would die giving birth to her child. Is that true?" Nik's face was blank, his side of the bond closed shut. He was

dimension, asking Jerome and I for help." She looked at me. "We couldn't have kids. I think, the moon goddess had greater plans for us. Fiona begged me to take care

wanted her kid to retain her heritage but also wanted to hide her from Faelern. He was bitter towards his child ever since he

used a spell on her. It took half of her powers and converted them into a wolf. That way, she would

grew older and shifted into a beautiful white wolf. All of us were happy. The pack's speculation was gone too. But then she met her mate, Javier." There was a slight bitterness to her

at that. Papa was the kindest

the pack was not very sure about having a vampire as their Alpha. But Javier proved all of them wrong and won everyone's hearts. Its just—we told him about the curse. But he still got Valerie pregnant. He should have been more careful. Valerie is dead because of his one mistake." Tears spilled down her cheeks. "Not that you are a mistake," she quickly added, "but my child could have

know?" Tears blurred my eyes. "And he missed her everyday. He didn't talk about her a lot because it hurt him but he loved her. I?know?he

were sad, always sad. He smiled and pretended to be normal in front of everyone, in front of me but there was a lingering sadness in his eyes that never went away. He had pictures of her all around our home. He wanted me to grow up seeing her. Everyday, on my birthday which was also her death anniversary, we would go to her grave and give her flowers. He used

my home and saw him there like that, shouting at God Sol for taking his mate way. I ran to him and hugged him. That was the first time I had seen him cry. Over anything. He used to stay back to properly mourn mamma. Because he wanted to stay strong in front of me. He wanted to stay strong

deliberately. It was a mistake." I cried. "I killed

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