The Lycan King

Chapter 46. Pamper


"I wish I could do something to help him." I whispered.

We were sitting in the infirmary by Mikhail's side. His entire neck and shoulder has turned black and is decaying. He smelt of death already and he hadn't opened his eyes since yesterday night. His heart was beating normally but Grace said that he would suffer for a couple of more weeks before he would die.

"Let's see what we find in Mozog." Nikolai murmured.

We can't let him die. Mikhail was our brother.

I vow to find something to help him. He was out there because of me. He is hurt because of me.

"Let's go." Nik held my hand and stood up. Following his lead, I stood up too and left with a last glance at Mikhail.

Nikolai was hurt. I could feel it through the bond. But he was staying strong for all of us. Didn't he know he didn't have to pretend in front of me?

"Are your bags packed?" He asked me.

"Yes. April helped me." I murmured.

"Good." He said as he took both our bags and carried them out to the car.

Today was the day we were going to Mozog with Sofiya and Vladimir. Andrei was staying back to look after the pack and Mikhail.

Rhazien, along with his mate and the other vampires had left the day before for preparations. Preparations for what? I don't know.

After a two hour drive, we reached the airport and boarded a private flight. During the flight, Nik and Vladimir worked while Sofiya and I spent our last hours together.

I was going to miss her dearly. She was my first friend and I don't think I can ever get used to her not being at home with me.

We talked about any and everything before Nik called us back and told us to take our seats because we were about to land.

Mozog as a total of six hours away from our pack, including road and air travel. It was going to be difficult to visit often but I'm sure we will manage it.

The first thing I noticed when we reached that the Kingdom of Mozog was perched up on a mountain. And on the very top of it was a castle.

It looked very small from were we were standing right now but I was sure it's going to humongous.

It was out-of-the-world beautiful. A lush layer of green coated the mountain and I could see the roofs of the houses in between. I now understand why Vladimir missed his home so much.

"It's so beautiful." I said as I looked out of the window from the car. We were climbing the mountain and Vladimir told us that we would reach in an half an hour.

"You should see the palace. You will love it." Sofiya was amused at my amazement.

"Can't wait." I smiled.

I hadn't been in the mountains since I was in Montana Pack. But then again, I didn't really leave the house so much.

The world was too beautiful to stay in one place. I wanted to see so many places and visit a lot of countries with Nik.

The density of houses increased and I knew we were in the main city. As we passed houses, their sizes kept increasing, indicating the growing wealth of people as we reached nearer to the palace.

A blank mask was in the place of Nik and Vladimir's faces. I wondered what they were thinking about. Nik's link was closed and I had no idea what he was feeling.

Slowly, we entered the gates of the palace. It was made out of white marble and real gold. Guards were stationed at specific points, bowing as our car passed from near them.

Another gate appeared and the driver stopped the car in front of it.

Two men stepped forward and opened doors from both the sides. Nik and I slid out from one door and Vladimir and Sofiya from the other.

"Do not react to the slaves. You will ignore them."?Nik mind-linked me.


What was he talking about?

All I could see was happy and welcoming people standing, waiting for us to come in.

When we stepped in through the gate I saw more people. The path for us was clear to the doors of the palace by the guards who held the people back.

Nik extended his arm and I took it.

He led us through down the carpet as the people bowed down in front of us. Vladimir and Sofiya walked just behind us.

We climbed up the marble steps of the castle and entered through the gold doors.

My pace slowed as I took in the interior.

The word 'beautiful' wasn't enough to capture the essence of this palace. Tall marble pillars intricately carved with gold supported the palace.

It was surreal.

of the passage was bordered with water and different types of flowers floated on it, releasing

surrounded, forming a square around us. They led us through the palace and through

doors while they stood

the doors behind us and just like that, we were left alone. We were in a huge room which looked like the royal version of

at Sofiya. "This palace is

knew you would love


smiled but he still had a far away look in his

catching his hand in her

You don't need to be concerned about your safety once you are here." He informed. "You should take the king's room." He told Nikolai who nodded. "It's the door straight down the


my old room."

course. That was a stupid

in two hours. Meet us here in the living room."

way to the room Vladimir

the double doors for us and

the pack. It was a mix of classic royal and modern interior. It had its own

On the door's left kneels four female and four male were on its right. Each of them wore collars and had

felt a

It's just Nikolai.

calm my

kissed my forehead. "It's a custom all vampires are following since the

tear trailed down

For what? For doing things I can easily do

Master said quietly. "I told you to not react

thought of

this since thousands of years. Let it

and rubbed my back. "We need to start getting ready

and let him

of the slaves. All of them stood up from their position, took off their leash from their

a door, all the slaves following us. It turned out to be the bathroom for a lack of better word. It was just as big as the bedroom and had two sinks, one large shower area and two swimming pools. One was filled with milk with rose petals

ordered. The slaves stood up and then took their leashes off and placed them by the door in

He ordered

body as opposed to me who was

captured me, rooting me to my place as two females undid my dress and slid it down my body. Then my bra and panties were next.

he grasped my hand and took me to the milk pool. It had steps inside so we went in easily. The milk was warm and felt nice against

rose on my

there was a distance between us I didn't like. I wanted to close the distance but I didn't, waiting for Nik

me and then I heard them

they doing

females came besides me. One held a basket that floated on the milk and had many things in it. Two stood on my

males did the

opened my hair that was braided

eyes dilated seeing that. He was turned on. I felt like he will pounce on me any second. It's just

of rose wafted in the air as the female holding the basket passed the bottle of rose oil to the ones on my sides. The one behind me was massaging

Nik smirked at that.

was amused by what he was seeing. The females

and finally one's fingers touched my core. I

knew exactly

lip as she massaged me thoroughly. A small moan left my

turmoil inside me though, it was Nik's heated gaze. Normally, I couldn't get off without receiving a couple

could feel him being


Nik's gaze set my core of


my lips thoroughly with lavender oil

"No." He denied.

if she touches me anymore. I pushed

stepped aside

my hand and then took me to the pool willed with water next which was

with another

washing my hair but the ones on my sides lathered my body with a mixture. It

is that?"

is a mixture of yogurt, lemon, honey and avocado oil, Queen Avalyn."

smiled at me. I

actually having fun. I

it in before they


me out once again but and took me to the

came in and turned on the shower. Water sprayed from all directions, making me giggle and

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