The Lycan King

Chapter 47. Royalty


The slaves had brought out two full hanging shelves. One held clothes for me and the other for Nik.

All of them were red in colour.

"Why red?" I asked.

"Red is a sacred colour for vampires." Nik said as he went through his clothes.

I hummed as I went through the beautiful dresses.

I chose the most simple and dress with maximum coverage from all of them. It had a tight corset bodice and the bottom part was made of silk that reached the floor. The thing about the top was that it was see through but the intricate designs on it would cover my nipples well enough. At least my lower body would be covered entirely.

I had noticed while coming that vampires like nudity. And they don't shy away from flaunting their bodies. It's a part of their culture. The less the amount of cloth covering your body, the better.

"Don't look at my dress." I hid it behind myself. "I want to surprise you." I smiled.

"Fine. There must be a dressing room in here. You can go there." Nik smiled.

Nodding I looked around the room, trying to guess which door it is.

It's getting ridiculous now.

"Help me locate the dressing room" I told a slave.

She bowed and led me to the dressing room. all the clothes were in this room and one entire wall was covered with mirror.

"We can help you get ready, if you wish, Queen Avalyn." One spoke softly.

"Of course. You can tell me what you need me to do." I didn't want them to scared of any punishment or something. I would never punish anyone.

"Can you please sit on this bench?" She asked.

Nodding, I went and sat on the cushioned bench which was in front of a ceiling to floor mirror.

All four of them worked efficiently. One was giving me a manicure, other a pedicure, one was applying makeup on my face and the last one was doing my hair.

"Don't apply too much makeup, please. I want to go for a simple and elegant look." I instructed them.

"As you please." She whispered. I closed my eyes and let them do everything. They were much more experienced than me anyways.

After about half an hour, they were done. I opened my eyes and smiled at myself in the mirror. The makeup was very natural and my brown eyes were popping because of the perfectly applied eyeliner and mascara. The only thing that was dark was the red lipstick but it also looked nice and went really well with the look. My hair was done in a low bun and soft locks framed my face. My nails were painted red and golden nail-art was done on it.

It looked perfect.

"Now the dress." I smiled.

One slave carried the dress and the other three helped me wear it.

My lips parted. I looked beautiful.

"Heels?" I asked.

"Here, Queen Avalyn." A slave called. I turned around and saw her slide out an entire shelf of heels from the wall.

The wall had floor to ceiling, in built shelves that held different clothings, accessories and shoes.

I walked forward in amazement and looked through them. I wanted something in red and gold.

I finally found the perfect heels. They were golden coloured high heels and the heel looked like it was a stem and on top of it rested a rose which joined with the shoe around my ankle. It looked really nice.

like to wear ornaments, Queen

do you

and pulled out an entire shelf full of ornaments. I

I felt guilty picking up something

chain with a small tear drop shaped ruby hanging at the end.

and motioned towards the section of belts that had chains in between and some designs I didn't

the simplest one. It was a single gold chain and handed it to a slave. She encircled it around my waist and tied it at the

at the mirror for

look good?" I asked the one that put the belt

Avalyn." A small smile spread across

I smiled warmly at the

room and saw Nik standing in

looked up as soon as he heard me. His eyes glittered and his pupils dilated when he

delicious,?Moya Lyubov." He

You too." I smiled slyly and checked him out too. He had worn black pants and a black tunic which had red embroidery on it. His hair was gelled back and he looked every

bent down to kiss me

and makeup."

My eyes widened when I realised there was a slit in the dress. It went from my hips down to my legs. One wrong move and my hips

I bit my

I swear I will not hesitate to spank you in front of that same person." He promised in my ear before he pulled

blushed. The promise sounded very

They soon as they saw us. Vladimir had worn something very similar to Nik but only less dressy. Sofiya had worn a red and white dress and it

We both said together

now. Or else we will be late." Vladimir, ever

it. We walked out of the doors and the guards stood in attention

Nik said and

going to happen and the guards formed

we reached a set

women swimming in each of them. They had a collar

front of

swimming pools and they had

throne like chairs placed. There were six in total, three on each side and a considerable distance between each of them. Lord Leikos, Lord Darius,

of that lay two thrones. One bigger

I stood in front of our thrones and looked

his voice booming

had their undivided attention on us.

man with white hair and beard walked down the carpet, four fully naked slaves, two men and two women walking behind him with different things in their hands. Their collars were attached to chains which was finally attached to a thick, gold chain. The other end of it was tipped

him but I knew he held some kind of

welfare of Mozog?" He asked us. So he was the

I's voice came out together, strong and

The man

from his throne and walked up to us. One male slave and a female slave stepped forward, and in their hands were robes. It was all white and had fur around the shoulder area and the rest

and then put it around Nik. And attached the

with the smaller robe and Rhazien put it on me. It was incredibly soft and light. With it, I felt a

people of

do." We

Ezra." The man

a ring and then came to us, bowed and slid the ring in the middle finger of his

took another ring and slid in my middle finger of right hand too. It was a gold ring and a blood red coloured stone on top of it. And I had a suspicion

vow to protect Mozog with your life?" The man

do." We

was in its sheath

then attached the


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