The Lycan King

Chapter 48. Sacredos


"Under no circumstance will you use your powers. They make your hair go white and your eyes blue. And we do not want?anybody?to know about then. Am I clear?" I asked. The last thing I wanted was everyone to be after her life. Revealing her secret in an unknown place is as good as suicide.

"Yes." She mumbled.

Not good enough, Love.

"I asked am I clear?" I tipped her head up so she looked at me in the eye.

"Yes." She replied, licking her lips.

I pecked her lips.

"You do not need to fear the vampires. They are your people. But that does not mean you let your guard down. We are werewolves ruling vampires. I hope you know this has never happened before for a reason." Because both our species have hated each other ever since we were created. "We need to be extra cautious. I don't want you out of my sight." I said the last sentence in my Master voice.

"Yes, Nik." She whispered.

"Good. I also want you to tie your hair up or in a braid. I don't want me touching it even by mistake and anyone seeing it change colour. I do not want to raise questions." I caressed her long locks, seeing them turn silver under my touch.

"Can you but my hair in braid, please, Jasmin?" She asked one of the slaves.

"Yes, Queen Avalyn." A slave— Jasmin got up from her kneeling position from near the wall and rushed into the dressing room. She came out with a comb and a rubber band.

She quickly put Ava's hair in a braid.

"Thank you, Jasmine." Ava said.

"You're welcome, my Queen." Jasmine said with a smile and went to kneel back in her position.

We both walked outside our bedroom and saw Rhazien talking with Vladimir and Sofiya.

"Nikolai." Rhazien straightened up when he saw me. "Avalyn." He nodded at her in acknowledgment.

"Rhazien." I nodded back.

"Hello, Rhazien. Where's Jessica?" She asked.

"She will meet us in the dining hall." He replied to her and then looked at me in worry, "you've talked to her?"

"Yes." I replied, looking down at Avalyn.

"Okay. Thanks. That's good." He said.

"Chill Rhazien. It's going to be alright." Vladimir said. It's true. The man was stressing way too much.

"You can never be extra cautious." He spoke ominously.

"What is it?" I narrowed my eyes at him. There was something he isn't telling us.

"The people are divided. The middle class and the poor ones who disliked Vasilik like the new change in power but the older and affluent families who liked him are against it." By against it, he means against us.

"He only has to keep the throne for twenty four hours before he can announce he is making me the King. Nothing much will happen in one day." Vladimir looked worried too. I'm going to have to have a talk with him about that later.

"Which also means he will stay in power for three more days after that." Rhazien said.

"What do you need me to do?" I asked.

"Rule and be the best King you can. Don't make major changes. Don't do things which will affect any of the elites in any ways. We are pretty rigid in our system and we despise change. To be honest, the only reason you are standing alive right now is because Vladimir is here with you. And people like you more because you announced him as the first in line." Rhazien said.

It was true. Vladimir being here was the only reason we were alive right now.

"I can manage to not get killed for twenty four hours." I said dryly.

"Good. Avalyn, please don't say anything about the slaves. I know you feel strongly for them but if you die, there is no saving them ever." He said in a joking manner but a growl escaped my throat.

"No one is dying." I said. "Let's go. We are late for breakfast." I took Ava's hand in mine and led her out of the door.

The guards surrounded is as we walked to the dining hall.

The guards opened the doors for us and the chattering voices stopped and everyone stood up. A sign of respect.

Suddenly a little girl ran up to us, reminding me of Vanessa. They looked like they were of the same age. But I thought Vampire kingdoms didn't have a lot of children. Whose kid is this?

The girl tugged at my jeans, making every single person in the room freeze.

"Are you the King now?" She asked loudly, her voice echoing in the deadly silent room.

"Yes." I replied.

somewhere in the room. Probably her mother. But I don't think she has anything

or a good one?" She looked in my eyes as she said the wrong name

chuckled at her. So much like

a good one." I replied

will release my sister from jail?"

rushed to

"The girl does not know what she speaks of. I should not have brought her here but she threw a tantrum." Her cheeks tinted pink as she took

at the worried looking lady. "I would also like to announce that if an unfair judgement was passed

wasn't a better way to spend our three days as King and Queen

head of the long table with Ava. Ava took her seat to my right and

the air. They were warming up to us and Rhazien looked happy

sat on my chair, followed by

on the table so the

waited for me to have the first bite. After the slave had served my place, I picked

that as a sign,

besides her mate and

And much more than what Rhazien had thought

prettier, the better. The elites flashed their pets like women flashed their jewellery. And showing power and

just not opening up because of the change in power which hadn't

too. She looked a bit nervous but she

my mouth with the napkin and

you for the breakfast and have a nice day." I said and took Ava's hand in mine before

we going now?" She asked as

thought that a Queen should know what her palace looks like."

eyes brightened at the prospect of a

library." I said as we entered the three storey library. Vladimir, Max and I used to spend a considerable

she spun around herself, looking at the library. Avalyn liked books, I knew that.

books here are thousands of years old."


"Sure." I said.

the stairs and roamed around, finding whatever she wanted. She

I saw it was about Fayes. A shy smile

the ballroom, all five the court rooms, the throne room, the centre room which had a vast balcony to attend to the public, the gallery and

through the garden, Ava had such a blissful expression on her

you like the palace?" I

up at me

I'm going to build you a

need all of this. The home we

is a house, Ava. Not a home. I'm going to build a Palace for my Queen. And that

you are, Nikolai." She

her teeth. Every time she did that, it made me want to bite her scrumptious

heart is. And you own my heart." Damn. Since when did I become so

Queen Avalyn." A man

"Rise." I said.

was made aware that they could apply to the court for their grievances. The time for the court to open is in

now." I said, dismissing him. He bowed again

see the rest later." I told

replied. We walked back to our bedroom

ditched the robe, sword and

one was smaller and didn't have place for the elites to to sit. It was only the important people which included Vladimir, Sofiya and the Lords and

by ignoring them. My and Ava's throne was combined as per my orders. I didn't want her sitting far for me. She had absolutely no

our seat, with her

"Rise." I commanded.

straight from their bowing position and

in the first person."

parents stepped in. They walked up to us till they were standing in

your problem."Lady

was put in prison ten years ago for a

did she

Sacredos Louis raped her. And she used her powers to defend herself and hurt him. King Vasilik passed a judgement that she is guilty

daughter and Sacredos Louis." I

in chaos if you

A gift only a worthy person is bestowed with. Once a Sacredos breaks a rule, another Vampire is given the power of a Sacredos. If that's


and a guard brought in a decaying girl. I had heard that those who were put in the prison were only given enough blood that

in and walked up to us,

has to be a joke." He scoffed. "I?made you the King and this is what you do? Accuse me

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