The Lycan King

Chapter 49. One True King


My eyes fluttered open when a soft sound hit my ears. I was about to wake up Nik when a hand came over my mouth. My eyes widened before I realised it was Nik's hand.

I looked at him.

He placed his finger on his lips, motioning me to remain quiet.?

'I think we have some unwelcomed visitors in the quarter.' He mind linked me, Vladimir and Sofiya together.

'I will go first. Vladimir come in thirty seconds. Girls will not come out of the room.'?He said.

'Yes, boss.' Vladimir right.

'Umm no. We can help!'?Sofiya said.

'Yes!' I pleaded Nik with my eyes.

'Fine. But only if we are not done in two minutes.'?He looked at me. I nodded, scared of what was to come.

He took of the blanket quietly and took the sword that was given to him during the coronation. 'Use the dagger if you have to come out. It will kill any vampire with a single strike anywhere on his body.'?He looked at me intently before opening the door and slipping out quietly. I got out of bed and took the dagger in my hand. I looked at the watch, seeing if it was two minutes already.

I head a couple of grunts and swords clashing from outside that worried me. I heard a few bodies fall on the floor too.

I can use my powers. I can help Nik. I was about to walk to the door when it opened and I saw Sofiya standing there. "What are you waiting for?" She asked, rushing out, a sword in her hand too.

I ran behind her. When I reached the living room, I saw Vladimir and Nik fighting off eight people together— four each.

Sofiya immediately went to help Vladimir.

I'm not sure if I could use my magic so I decided to just not use it. I didn't want them to mind link someone or something.

I quietly went there and stabbed one vampire from the back, making him fall down. Nik's eyes darkened when he saw me but he remained silent. He fought two while one came at me.

Scared by his speed, I threw the dagger at him with all the force I could muster. He tried to duck but it flew over his shoulder as he threw himself on the ground to save himself.

His hand was reaching for the dagger and was an inch away but I extended my hand, making the dagger fly back to my hand.

He looked at me with shock.

I walked to him and loomed over him before digging it in his chest, killing him instantly.

and looked at Nik who had killed the other two and was smiling at

I smiled back.

vampire and showed us a sort of symbol. "They work for the Sacredos. At

to kill us because we punished him for raping someone?" Nik

You should have

I felt bad. I know I did the

Nik said calmly. "I stand

leave." Vladimir narrowed his eyes at Nik, making me feel

placed her hand on his arm. "He is only worried because I'm pregnant,

like that, I knew what to say. How to make him see what

is a rapist." I told him softly. "I'm sorry this put you both in a dangerous situation. But in the long

He released a harsh

"He was right from

her hand over her belly. Which is right. "I will go talk to him." She

not leaving the apartment. It's not safe outside and Vladimir needs time to himself." He told

she walked back

to go have a word with him. There are slight

I followed Sofiya to her

into a ball

softly as I climbed into the

I'm going to be all alone

grow up

my hand with her

outer courtyard of the palace. We were standing on a stage and looked over the crowd

where they could walk in the sun. The rest of them only

yesterday and and announced

in." Nik

with silver and a single chain attached the six of them together. The guards brought them in front of the stage, making them

on, no crime will no unpunished, irrespective of your influential background. Tonight, an attack had been planned to our quarters. We do not know how they managed to pass the security but we will catch the person responsible. And that is

They didn't believe that their Sacredos could do

"Kneel." Nik commanded.

them fell on their knees from the strength of

the guards. Five guards stepped forward and ripped their hearts out. Hearts

spoke, looking around

the crowd parted to make way for her. Slowly she made her way out of the crowd and the

at Louis

out a dagger from the sheath of the guard standing besides him and threw

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