The Lycan King

Chapter 51. Rose and Sunflower


"I know how." Dimitri announced as he strolled out of a hallway in his boxers. "I'm back with my buddies." He came and hugged Ava. She patted his back awkwardly for some reason and then he came to hug me but I pushed him back. Now I know why.

"Take a damn shower. You stink of sex." I gagged.

"Which is the best scent ever." He winked. "Man. I missed this place. Almost forgot how good it was."

"No. You missed the sex. And forgot how good the pampering here was." I corrected him.

"This man knows my heart." He pointed at me and winked at Ava. "You know he secretly loves me right? Like he loves you, yes, but deep down, he is in love with me. Which, well I consider cheating. But I let him be with you, y'know? I'm a generous man and I don't mind sharing." He placed his arm around Ava's shoulders and winked at me flirtatiously.

"Oh hell no." I groaned and pushed his arm off my mate, pulling her into my body. "You stink dude. Go have a fucking shower."

"It will take me like three hours." He grinned. "Do you want me to have a shower or help her?"

I gritted my teeth. He was in an extra annoying mood today. He usually was when he was 'satisfied'.

"Wear some damn clothes at least." I grumbled.

"Fine." He thankfully agreed.

"Rose. Get me a pair of shorts." He yelled. I pinched the bridge of my nose.

A slave skipped out giggling out of his room. "Here are your shorts, Master." She purred, placing her hand on his chest.

"Good girl. Remind me to reward you later." He whispered in her ear smirking making her giggle more.

Oh god.

"Now run along." He smirked at her and slapped her ass, making her run back to her room.

"What?" He looked at our disapproving expressions. "I'm just being a good Master and keeping the girls happy." He smiled and put on his shorts.

"Wipe that smile off that face or I'm going to punch it off." I threatened.

"Oh I'm so going to enjoy this." He smirked but then his expression turned serious and then he faced Ava.

Damn right. It's time for business.

"So from what I know, you loose your control when you are angry. Anything else that ticks you off?" He asked her.

She thought about it. "No, I think that is it."

"Good. Now I'm going to make you angry. And you will not do anything to stop me, okay? You will try to control yourself." He looked at her.

"Okay." She nodded.

He turned around and punched me in the face, making my head tilt back.

"What the fuck?" I growled and Ava gasped.

"What better way to make Ava angry?" He grinned and tried to punch me again.

I ducked.

"No!" Ava yelled. "Not like this. Please."

Fuck, he is right. I can't believe I'm even considering this. This is dumb. Probably the dumbest thing I've ever done.

His grin grew when he saw me realise that.

He threw punches at me and I stood as straight as I could. He wasn't pulling back any of the punches. And they hurt like a motherfucker.

Ava kept pleading and shouting but Dimitri didn't listen. He was having the time of his life. He kicked the back of my knee and I fell down.

"Please no!" Ava kneeled in front of me, shielding me from Dimitri.

"Dimitri stop!" She cupped my swelling cheeks and looked at me with her teary eyes. "I don't want to learn like this."

Dimitri pouted, looking confused

sore from different parts of my

to get someone to hold her

Sunflower? The

giggling girls came running

up. He placed Ava on the couch which had a direct view of

her tight and don't let her move okay? A reward if she stays put and a punishment if she gets off the couch." He told the girls,

a dagger from the table

fuck." I grunted. I didn't expect him to

if this really

your mouth. I don't want you biting your tongue off or anyone thinking I'm murdering you." He tried to shove a piece of rag

"Fuck no." I scoffed.

it. We got lucky that there wasn't anyone else in the library. If Ava lost control in front of anyone else, we were doomed. Not even us being the King and Queen or Vladimir being

She was sobbing as

sit. I sat

he hot, Avalyn?" He asked her. "It would be such a shame to reconstruct

Dimitri would be six feet under. She

brought the dagger to my shoulder but it flew out of his hand

hair had turned white

"Avalyn." I snapped.

she was

"Control." I told her.

teeth she

my arm, making a straight line which hurt a

be better than

the other shoulder and made a similar line on

as he concentrated on

the dagger and I shut my eyes when I realised he raised it, wanting to impale it in my shoulder but opened my eyes when I

in front of Dimitri, a millimetre away from his skin. If he moved even a

Avalyn." I

with this stupid game!" She yelled, her eyes turning into ice. "No one is hurting you on my watch."

my arms sealed and the swells reduced and under a minute, the soreness

have taken me a couple of

she was the one who did

has a healing affinity

back in shock at

isn't a normal Faye. She is a

and went to our room, slamming the door behind

behind her and then closed

crying. Her hair back to normal and sprawled on the bed as she dug her face into the

"Avalyn." I called softly.

talk to me." She sobbed into

I lied. It was totally worth it. Healing powers?

kept crying. I walked to the bed and sat besides her head, caressing

look at me. Then she frowned. "You're

healed me, Love."

"I don't know.

in anger." I

lash's sound

eyes. It was coming from out quarters and there was no one who would whip a slave...oh that motherfucking genius. I

She asked, hopping

see." I lied and

Dimitri held a whip in his hand. There was

him. Well played.

hi. I'm sorry, did we disturb

so." I said causally and went and sat on the couch which had a

girl, making her scream. "Two,

tears in her eyes again as she saw me and

hair white as she healed the wounds of the girl, leaving her skin unblemished, as if there was nothing

"Avalyn!" I reprimanded her.

strike on her back, making the girl let out

"One, Master." She sobbed.

my word Avalyn." Dimitri shrugged. "I told

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