The Lycan King

Chapter 52. Swimming


Right now, she would anything I say, no questions asked, with no hesitation at all. Just like when I had bought her in the start.

The difference was that she would do this out of love and not out of fear. And that made all the difference in the world to me.

It made me feel powerful. It gave me a sense of responsibility. It turned me on in a way I hadn't been turned on before.

I love her so much.

"Stand up." I ordered softly.

She stood up gracefully, her eyes still downcast.

"Strip." I ordered.

In a second, her dress off her. Without hesitation or without fear of anyone walking in. I knew Dimitri was not going to come out for a?very?long time. And no one else was in the apartment. And the door was locked. But Ava didn't know that. Her still following my orders turned me on.

Next was her bra and panties. She was about to throw away her panties but I snatched it from her hand and put it in my pocket.

I stood up, our bodies touching. The first thing I did was take her hair out of the hairstyle she had done to tie them up by my orders.

Her hair tumbled down her back in soft waves down her back like a waterfall.

I put both my hands on her ass and pulled, grinding against her bare core and then kissed her full lips.

"You like defying me, huh?" I whispered against her lips.

"No, Master." She breathed as she managed to keep up with my assault on her mouth.

"I don't think so." I said and picked her up, her legs coming around my waist immediately. I walked towards our hallway and pushed her against our bedroom door, making her moan. "I also happen to think you deserve a punishment for what you did today."

I slapped her ass, making her gasp. I shoved my tongue in her mouth and kissed her thoroughly. We had been so busy in the last couple of days that I hadn't had the chance to devour her properly.

That changes right now.

In a flash, I opened the door, entered, closed the door and then pushed her against it again. I kissed her neck and sucked her sweet skin.

She let out a loud moan when I sucked on my mark on her neck. Her arms came around my neck and fingers tangled in my hair, grabbing and pulling.

The sound of multiple people breathing and their heartbeats reminded me that we weren't alone.

Fuck me.

I put Ava down and stood in front of her, covering her body with mine. "Males, out of the room.?Now."?I growled.

They all quickly filed out of the room.

"Go lie on the table, Ava. On your back." I told her, motioning towards the dining table.

before pushing herself behind and lying in the middle, her hands on her

told the female slaves and walked towards Ava. I stood by her

head." They got up from their

I told the other two. "Open them wide."

was in proper position I stepped forward. She wasn't looking at me. This won't

her hands. You, support her head up." I told the slaves. "Ava look at me." One slave held


am I going to punish you, Ava?" I

I didn't listen to you, Master. I should stay out of a Master and slave's business. Also because I hit you and I was rude to you when you only wanted what was good

smile spread across her face at that

times because I have already punished you once for your rude behaviour and you still did not listen to me. So I think I


pulled her down towards me, making everyone else shift to

from the bottom to the top, slowly

got more wet. I kept

used my fingers to spread her lips and lick a little deeper, earning a needy moan. I inserted two fingers in her pussy and continued licking her, doing it but not doing it enough to

She moaned and begged.

her cry out at the sudden sting. "It's a punishment. No cuming."

long since I had gone down for her for an extended period

.." she said in

I said in between licks and intensified my motions more, making her cry

before she was about to cum and couldn't


of her wetness. She was dripping so bad that the

out of her mouth when I released her. "Please, Master." Tears

struggling against

I replied and sucked

her." I

let her go but Ava remained in that position, already tired to move. I extended my hand for her

in a sitting position. I caressed her flushed cheeks and kissed her forehead. "You

Master." She

besides her legs and

next thing I've planned is something you have never seen or heard of." I told her. "Do you trust

my life, Master." She

you trust me enough to control your life?" I asked. I hope she understood

thought for sometime. "Yes, Master. You want what's best for me and you will never put

I want you to trust me enough to control the danger." I spoke and the confusion grew

heart and soul are yours to do with as you wish." Devotion shone

have been blessed with the best mate in the entire world. I

told the

picked Ava up and carried her to the bathroom. I

underwater. It will intensify everything as well as numb you. And it will drive you crazy because of that. You won't be able to breath or speak. You won't be able to ask me for the permission to

long we stay in there and for me to decide when you will cum, before which we won't come up. Werewolves can hold their breath under water for seven minutes, after which I will bring you up. Do

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