The Lycan King

Chapter 53. Backup date


"Oh dear, sweet Moon Goddess! You look extra beautiful tonight." Dimitri said in a british accent and grinned as he offered me his hand.

After what happened yesterday, I had been wary of Dimitri all day today. He finally got tired of me running away from him or avoiding him and confronted me. He taught me that a good Master is the one who doesn't back out from his words. Or the slaves may take advantage of it. But once the punishment is served, everything is forgiven. He even made me talked to his slaves or Rose and Sunflower as he called them.

They said they were honoured to have been punished by him. And he even gifted them multiple orgasms after that. I didn't understand that logic. Were orgasms enough to let go of such a harsh punishment?

That's when Dimitri told me that most Masters don't let their slaves orgasm. Ever. And it's mostly for their own sadistic amusement. And to get another reason to punish them when they do cum.

Rose and Sunflower said that they hadn't cum without a punishment in four years. Which made me more sad. But I didn't have it in me to be upset with Dimitri anymore. I understood. And he is family. And family is everything to me. I forgave him. And Nik. I finally realised that they did it all for me.

I placed my hand in his and chuckled when he kissed the back of it. He was dressed in a smart all black suit with a red tie. And for the first time, I saw his hair combed to the side.

"Why, thank you, kind Sir." I did a bad impression of an english accent.

"No." He made a constipated face. "Don't try that ever again."

"You're right." I snorted and put my arm in his as he led me out of our quarters and towards the ballroom.

Tonight was the night of the Ball and the day we had to charm everyone and try to help Vladimir.

"Nikolai said he would have liked to pick you himself but he had some pressing matters to attend to." Dimitri said.

"What happened?" Was everything alright?

"Oh-uh it's nothing. Just the usual." He said but the way his arm stiffened, I knew it was not nothing.

"Okay." I said. I'll probe more later. From what I'd learn from Nik was that Vampires have a more enhanced hearing than werewolves. I didn't want anyone to listen to our talks anyways.

"Don't you have a date, Dimitri?" I made small talk as I looked around. Something didn't feel right.

"I do. You're right next to me." He said as his eyes moved around. That means he senses it too.

'Something isn't right.'?I mind-linked him.

'Maybe its nothing. Continue talking. Stay close.' He replied.

"And here I thought you would have charmed a girl in the twenty four hours you have been here." I slapped his arm jokingly.

"Are you doubting my skills?" His eyebrows rose.

"I'm just saying." I shrugged. We entered a long hallway and a man was walking towards us from the opposite direction.

Maybe he is just passing through.

a girl tonight. I'm feeling lucky." He said and pulled me

by the sudden movement, I saw the vampire lying on the floor, bleeding over

that?" I whispered, shocked

He said as he looked at the to ends of the

group of vampires had blocked our way from each side of

against the wall, his back to me

I use my magic?' I asked

absolutely necessary. They might have someone else watching their back. Use your dagger if someone comes too close to you. I've already mind-linked Nikolai.'

'Okay.' I whispered.

vampires were running towards us and I took out the dagger from

fight against all of them. I'll

I slid from behind him and faced the vampires coming from

Nikolai to make me train everyday. And for not tolerating me slacking off even though I am his mate.

I ducked and impaled him with the dagger and slashed the other that just appeared

to scream. He had four slashes of my nails on

suddenly I fell on the ground because the man behind

heart of the

and I threw the dagger that whizzed past

behind him and was about make a swipe for his head so I brought my wolf forward and pounced on him, tearing his

released me.


Where is Nik?

they were quicker and one circled his arms around my waist and over my arms to I

I saw the other going towards Dimitri. He was

to know one was running towards him from

dug my claws deep

screamed and threw me on the

as I my head hit the floor hard. I think I split my head

he caught hold of my dress, yanking so hard that the material of the dress ripped open, leaving me only in the upper

I growled.

but got up and started running towards me. I searched

off and threw it off at him in a second, lodging the pointy end in his chest. But he hissed and took it out, throwing it off him and charged at me with

shaky legs. My head has taken

I had touched it and I immediately

so much blood on

My head spun.

"Avalyn." Dimitri called.

in time to catch the dagger he threw


in his stomach just before he was about to bite

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