The Lycan King

Chapter 54. Betrayal


I forced my eyes to open. I can't let him win.

Suddenly, like a surge of power had burst through me, I flicked my head to the side, tearing off the man's head to fall off his shoulder and roll to the side.

"Ava..." Dimitri whispered, his voice in unimaginable pain.

Tears flowed down my cheeks as I crawled to where he laid on the floor.

There was a huge hole in his chest. I could see all of his insides. He will bleed out before his wolf will be able to heal him. I need to help him.

I concentrated on healing him but my entire body ached and my head throbbed. I couldn't concentrate. Not anymore.

I had used all of my energy to kill the vampire.

"F-focus." He coughed out blood.

I sobbed seeing his condition and forced myself to focus. My head felt like it was going to burst now.

I saw that there was no improvement to his wound. I could hear his heart beat slowing.

He is dying...

"I can't." I cried.

"Ava." I heard Nikolai's voice and my head snapped up.

Everything was blurred but my eyes somehow focused on Nik.?

In a second he was kneeling on other side of Dimitri and examining the wound.

"Heal him." Nik said, his voice urgent.

"I -I cant." I cried. "Head hurts...I -I got hurt." I said, my tears not stopping.

Nik's nostrils flared and his eyes darkened when he registered blood on me.

"Fuck." Nik swore.

"Avalyn, close your eyes." Master's voice snapped.

My eyes automatically closed.

"Focus on your head. Where it hurts. Heal it. Imagine it healing. Imagine the pain reducing." I heard his voice.

I did as he told me. Slowly, the throbbing stopped and the pain subsided.

I sighed in relief.

"Open your eyes." I snapped them open and saw Dimitri.

Tears sprung in my eyes at his condition. His eyes were blank but his heart was beating. Barely but it was beating.

Heal. Heal. Heal.

Oh god.

is bleeding

Please. Heal.

Stop the blood.


and took a deep breath. I can do what he tells me. It's the one thing I

of Dimitri's arteries and

and veins and imagined

My head throbbed.

internal bleeding. Heal

focused on cleaning the

Good girl. Imagine

the lung besides his heart healing. Coming back to

focus on the ribs. Imagine all the

I imagined them in a perfect condition. Without

Clean the

it. I imagined all the blood where it


I imagined them all the

"Perfect. Now the skin."

on the skin that would come on top. Smooth

slow. He has lost a lot of blood. Imagine the blood

blood in his body and his heart beating

your eyes Ava." I heard Master's

smile. I looked down at Dimitri and

smile before his hand rose and he wiped the tears off my

laugh and a cry wretched out of my throat as I hugged him. Only Dimitri would say something like that after almost

thought you would die." I cried in his neck. "And I wouldn't

arm came around my back. "What

sobbed. "For a second I thought I lost you." I would never forget the scene. It was stored in my mind like a photograph. The vampire holding Dimitri's heart


enough of my half

giggled through my tears as Nik circled his arms around me and hugged me

you okay?" He whispered. I nodded against his chest. His scent calmed my

like it here." I can't see my family getting hurt like this. First the attack


run away from a fight Ava. We will find who is doing all of this and then we will

I asked him. Dimitri had told him so why did it take him so much to

in a meeting with Leikos and Darius. I left as soon as I could."

I nodded.

have a party to attend." Dimitri said as he

I stumbled because I was only

some more so I wasn't in pain at all. The slaves helped me clean up all the blood and quickly shampooed my hair to take out all the

Nik asked me, offering his

it, pulling him out of the

come?" I asked Dimitri who was waiting

and stood up from the couch. He gave me his arm

the Ballroom. Tension was rolling off of them in

the stairs

to approach us. "King Nikolai. Queen Avalyn. Hello Dimitri." He bowed. "You look

party going well?"

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