The Lycan King

Chapter 55. Heart of Gold


I tried to pull my hand from his grasp but he didn't budge. My eyes widen as I saw Leikos and Darius walk out in front of me.

"Dimitri. What are you doing? Please! Dimitri! Leave me." I tried to wretch my hand away from his tight grasp.

I looked at the two men who had vicious smirks in their faces.

Darius walked towards me and grabbed my face. "Pretty little thing, isn't she?" He chuckled darkly.

"Why do you think Nikolai is stuck to her like a fucking leech?" Dimitri laughed maliciously.

I didn't recognise him.

Tears grew in my eyes as I looked at him. "Dimitri." A whisper left my mouth. "I considered you my brother. Nik consi—"

"Shut up." He growled. "I've had enough of your talking for the night. My fucking ears are bleeding."

"I saved you!" I sobbed. How can he do this? We were fine a couple of hours ago!

Is this really true? Is he really betraying us? His entire pack? Especially after I saved him today?

He let out a harsh laugh. "That was all a ploy. They wanted to see if you were were a Faye. I showed them. And I have Nikolai's trust. Enough to let him let me take you out alone like this."

My chin trembled as I looked in the face of a man I did not realise. His dark eyes didn't have the love and humour they usually held. He looked more...darker somehow. Dangerous.

My heart stammered. ""

I tried to mind-link Nikolai but I couldn't feel him.

"Don't try to mind-link him. I mixed wolfsbane in your drink. You won't be able to use your powers either." He said.

Worry gripped my heart. What will I do now?

I have no option other than being strong. If I'm going to die right now, I'd rather die strong, with my head held high than with tears in my eyes and begging the traitor.

I reigned in my tears and spat, "You disgust me."

"I've been called worse." He said, unaffected.

"Enough." Darius hissed at both of us.

"I've not had such a beauty beneath me since a long time." He caressed my cheek with the back of his fingers.

Never in my life will I let anyone else touch me.

I kicked him in his ballsack, making him fall on his knees in front of me. Exactly where he belongs. And only my hands were bound, not legs.

"What do you want?" I demanded from Leikos as he watched Darius writhe on the floor. Dimitri was a lost cause. I was done talking to him.

"Your heart." He said.

"Why?" He wants my heart?

"I will be truly immortal. Nothing will kill me." He grinned.


I gulped.

I tried to take a step back but Dimitri had a tight hold on me.

I was trapped and had no where to go.

"You fucking cunt." Darius stood back up. "I will fuck you so hard that your mother will feel it in her pussy." He snarled.

Anger filled me. His disgusting mouth doesn't even deserve to talk about my mother.

"Don't you fucking talk about her." I tried to kick him in the balls again but he was quick and caught my knee.

"Not so fast." Dimitri said and pulled me, making me stand besides him. "I want my payment first." He growled.

"Which you will get. Give her to me!" Darius tried to get a hold of me but Dimitri punched him so he fell back.

"She is mine until you give me my payment!" Dimitri snarled.

"Bring her out." Darius hissed as his red eyes fell on me.

Bring whom out?

Two men brought out Sofiya. One of her eye was swollen shut and her lip was torn.

I gasped and tears grew in my eyes.

Was this the reason Dimitri was doing this?

"You told me you haven't touched her." Dimitri growled loudly.

talks too much." Leikos spoke. "We taught her

don't touch her."

Not her. She's pregnant.

much prettier anyways."

I shuddered.

tightened his hold

and Sofiya sobbed as she

"Now." Dimitri spoke lowly.


Dimitri pushed us behind him and the doors opened, a file of guards


Nikolai's chest.


This is too much.

for one

want to go home. I want to walk around in my home without guards and feeling scared of getting ambushed. I want things to go back

kissed my forehead and caressed my

I tried to

of men. But mainly, I saw Darius and Leikos being

didn't you tell me?"

to be natural." He whispered. "I'm sorry. And Sofiya's life was in danger. We couldn't spoil the


released him and looked around for her. She

pushing past the men standing around.

me and

so sorry!" I cried. I am such a bad

I'm okay." She tried

be the one to calm

heal her wounds


this happen?" I asked

for me. They brought me here and then

this happened to you." I murmured. She doesn't deserve this. Sofiya is the kindest

first." She said. "They

I was going to die." I said

his arm coming around my waist. I placed my hand

you." I heard someone

at the


you for coming out

What did she do?

do so or are offered money. Which only Darius and Leikos can do. Then I saw the mark on the men's arm. Which meant that the guards had stolen the branding iron from Louis's house. They used that to mislead you into thinking that the followers of Sacredos were after you. Which

you so much Zora." I hugged her. "You are a smart woman. You

all will return the

What did that mean?

Nik said and led me out, away from the destructed room and

relief when

walked inside, trying

me as he undid my zipper for

any idea how scared I was? I thought I was going to die!" I moved aside so he wasn't

dress and

He said, trying

the loop like this! You can't hide things like these from me!" I was mad now that the

the word. This was not the first time. He didn't tell me when Mikhail was kidnapped. Or the time when the manager of one

actually doing things, he does everything on his

trying to come near me

now. Don't touch me." I pressed my lips together

heard a groan come from is mouth at my naked sight.?Good. Let

of pyjamas and a loose top." I told one

sorry, Ava. What do you want me to do?" Nik asked as he stood a

pushing them up further. A voice came from

Love." He groaned, rolling his head

the bedroom, holding my clothes. "I'm not sleeping with you tonight." I declared, narrowing my

was in front of me in a second.

the slave and grasped my hand tightly. "You are not going anywhere." His eyes flickered between black and grey as he fought

me those clothes right now." I told her before

mine as he threatened the slave. "I will

"You won't." I challenged.

that would he? He knows I can't go out without wearing clothes. But that doesn't mean he will kill her for

look in his eyes, I knew. I

me. But the thought of him going to such extremes to keep me near him turned me on. No one has ever wanted me like Nikolai

breath, inhaling my arousal. "You like it, don't you? You like the thought of me being so possessive over you that I would do anything to keep you from

a step towards me and I took a step back. And then

go. He put his hands on the wall, on either side of


my eyes and lips. I tilted my lips up to kiss him but he didn't bend down enough to let me

now I can touch you?" He asked, his voice

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