The Lycan King

Chapter 56. Rulers of Mozog


"....which is why Lord Darius and Lord Leikos will be executed for the act of treason." Nik announced to the people of Mozog.?

Instead of ordering the guards, Nik took out his own sword and walked down the stage.

With a single strike, he cut the head of Darius first, and then Leikos.

He climbed back the stage and stood next to me again. "Today will be the officiating of Prince Vladimir and Princess Sofiya. They will choose new Lords that they think will be fitting for the role. Dismissed." He said and then grabbed my hand before we walked back towards the palace.

It felt so good to walk in the palace without any guards and without any fear.

We entered our quarters and Nikolai sat me down in the living room.

"Are you good now?" He asked me. Dimitri, Vladimir and Sofiya circled around me, looking worried.

"Yes. I am fine. You shouldn't be scared of her. She is me." I told them.

"What?" Nikolai asked.

"Yes. I've seen her in my dreams a couple of times before." I told them.

"What?" Nikolai asked again. "And you didn't tell us?"

"She didn't say much. She just tells me that she is me. All she ever said is 'save Nikolai. Lead them all to victory. Brighten the darkness. The time is coming." I told them. "It's the same as day of me getting accepted in the pack."

"Oh." Nik frowned.

"But what exactly did I do last night?" I asked.

It was like I know I'm doing those things and saying those words but it wasn't me at the same time. Like it was some different part of me. But I trust the lady. And deep down, I think she was me, too.

"Suddenly your hair turned all white and you started floating in the hair and started saying all of those things. It was almost like... someone else was controlling you." Nik said.

"But it wasn't." I shook my head in denial. "It's not someone else." I looked at everyone who didn't look like they believed in what I was saying.

"It's like I was saying those things but subconsciously? I wasn't aware of it but I know it was me." I tried to put the feeling into words the best way I could.

"You passed out after that, Avalyn." Dimitri said.

I shrugged. I directly woke up in the morning and don't remember anything at all.

"Are you sure about the fact that the woman is good?" Vladimir asked.

"Yes." I nodded.

"I felt it too. When you made contact with me in that...form, I felt a sense of calm and peace one would get only after they walk the moon. That kind of peace is not for mortals." Dimitri spoke.

That confused everyone else more.

to know what happened

it was Darius or Leikos. We hatched a plan and got them to think Dimitri hates me. They approached Dimitri but they were still weary about it. Everyone knows that a werewolf doesn't betray his pack easily. Dimitri confirmed their doubts by outright telling them that you were a Faye but they weren't convinced

up an attack on me in the corridor." It suddenly made

you used your powers immediately and revealed yourself in the start itself, they would know something isn't right. So I told you to use it later. Once they

"But they underestimated me."

me a

around me and kissed the side of my temple. "And that

underestimated you too." Vladimir said. "It is unheard that a Faye has healing abilities. It must be because you are

down at my hands. I still don't know how I did it. Most of the credit goes

were you all this

course. We needed to make sure that they didn't intervene with our plan in any way till we had a sure shot plan to get Sofiya to safety. We didn't know where exactly they were holding her. While this was happening, we had their living

cell in Leikos's quarter.

through all

you for everything." She gave me a small, brave

it all again any day." I

way Nik's arm tightened around me, I knew

you not, love. I'll come up with a better plan next time. One that doesn't include having you as a bait. There was just too little time yesterday and we couldn't come up with anything else.' Nik

not mad. I'm just happy to help.'

ready. The coronation ceremony is in two hours." Nik spoke and got up

Everyone else murmured

I called her

All the marks on her face

came up to cover her protruding belly. "Yes. We went to

I smiled. "Now go get ready. It's time to become a

is only one true Queen, Avalyn. And you are her." She

What's up with her?

of days. I understand we have been busy but not busy enough to not spend time. And now, Nik

Was she alright?


I saw no one there but I followed his

there, in the milk swimming pool and the slaves around him, waiting for me to

took off my

us for the last time like they had done before. I loved it. It was time consuming but it felt so good. We made love again in the pool. I will never be able to look at a swimming pool the same way now. Blush rose on

I went to the dressing room and chose an outfit. It was a body hugging red dress with a plunging neckline. I wore the belt, the robe, and put the dagger which was in the scabbard on the

out and saw Nik ready and waiting for

I smiled as I walked to

of it. "Since you won't let me ruin

you." I smiled at

his arm and led me outside. We were the first ones there so

and a minute later, Vladimir and

dress which looked like a red wedding

look beautiful." I hugged

back. I couldn't help but think that it wasn't

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