The Lycan King

Chapter 57. Cheater


We took a flight the same night and reached home at around six in the morning. I couldn't afford to stay away from the pack for any longer. Also, there was a theory I wanted to test immediately.

"What are you doing here?" I asked Natalia when I saw her sitting in the living room with Andrei.

"He means good morning, it's?so?nice to see you again." Ava said and went and hugged her.

"Nice to see you both too." She hugged Ava back but her eyes were on me.

Something is wrong.

I'll talk to her later.

"How is Mikhail?" I asked.

Her face fell at that. "The poison is slowly reaching his heart."

That's not good at all.

"Ava, come with me." I told her and walked to Mikhail's infirmary.

He smelled like he was dead. But his heart was faintly beating. He was bare chested so I could see that the poison was spreading through his veins. One particular darkened vein was very close to his heart.

Ava sat on the bed on other side of Mikhail and looked at him with sadness in her eyes.

"I think you can cure him." I spoke quietly.

Her eyes bulged as she looked at me and shook her head. "I -I can't. I don't know how. What if I mess up?"

"You won't. Because I will tell you want to do." Grace had told me vaguely what needed to be done, and I'm going to try that.?

I know that if any one of us messes up, Mikhail will die. But he was going to die anyways. I wasn't going to sit around and wait for that.

"Okay." She whispered. "But we will have to be very careful. He is in a lot of pain." Her eyes fell on him again. It was almost as if she could feel his pain.

"Close your eyes." I told her and her eyes slid shut.

"Focus on Mikhail. Imagine his immune system strengthen. So strong that it is fighting with the poison." I kept my eyes on Mikhail and the black veins for any sign of change.

"So strong that it is overpowering the poison and is killing the virus in it." I said.

I had also done a lot of reading about this while we were on our way back. But there were many different ways to do this. Most of them were theories and I picked two which I thought could actually work.

I saw the blood underneath his skin sizzle and the veins darkened more, making Mikhail go into a seizure.

"Stop." I said quickly.

This isn't working.


I waited for him to recover. It took him two longs minutes to go still again.

"This didn't work. Let's try something else. Focus again." I told Ava. "Imagine the poison receding from his veins back towards the bite. Away from his heart. Slowly and gently. All of the poison is receding back."

It's working!


"Everything is gathering around the bite mark. His entire body is clean and free from the poison. His blood is pure. All of his veins now only carry pure blood. They function properly, just like they did before." Slowly, they veins that had darkened turned into his normal skin colour.

All the black poison had gathered near the juncture of his neck and shoulder, where the vampire had bit him.

I got off the bed and searched for a knife around the room. I found it in a drawer.

I made a small cut on top of the inflated blackened portion.

"Imagine all the poison flowing out of the cut. Nothing remains in his body." Slowly, the poison dribbled down from the cut and fell on the bed.

"What the—" Natalia and Andrei were standing at the door, seeing us with shock evident on their faces.

I motioned them to remain quiet. Ava needed to focus.

"All the poison is out. Nothing remains in his body." I said and the last drops of black poison fell down.

"Now the the bite and cut is healing. Nicely and gently. Without any pain or blemishes. Just like how it was before." I said and I saw the muscles in the wound join back and the skin grew back over his wound, not leaving any scars behind. It was like his skin was untouched.

I exhaled loudly.

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hands on his chest. "He is tired, Master. His body needs rest. He will wake up when he is fully rested."

Okay. We could wait.

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brushed her tears with the back of her

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Like?really?angry. A-and then," a sob bubbled up

placed my hand on her back, rubbing to soothe her. "What

breath hitched. "He choked me."

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he choked me again and lifted me off the ground." She played with her fingers as she whispered. "I couldn't breathe. I thought he was going to kill me." Her jaw locked as she controlled her

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heat which they get once in six months. And that is six months after they finish their mating.

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I tell her? She has the right to

rushing in through the door. Her eyes fell

think Max is cheating on you."? I said without beating

sob left her throat the moment those words

meant she was using her magic to help lessen Nat's pain. But there was no sign of decreased pain

it was shut tight. I took out my phone and called him. I walked out the door

He cut the call.

And he

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