The Lycan King

Chapter 58. Silver Bullet


It was a few hours later when I was sitting on the couch, looking at Max who was dodging the bullets my security pelted him with, as he ran across my backyard and finally dove in the living room, breaking the glass.

Why the fuck is he only in boxers?

A bullet was lodged in the back of his calf, making him bleed profusely.

"You took your time." I said drily, not feeling sorry for him at all.

His head snapped up and he looked at me. "Nikolai." He breathed.

"You reek of sex and alcohol." I told him.

Guilt clouded his face and his eyes lowered.?Damn right. He should have a better control over himself.

"It's nothing." I waved away the security that had had opened the windows to come in and get the intruder. They nodded and left.

"What do you want?" I asked him. I have lost all respect for him.

"Talia." He whispered.?The audacity?of this guy!

"Take a fucking shower and wear some clothes first." I spat.

He nodded and bent down, removed the silver bullet from his leg, hissing as he did so. He threw it on the floor and stood up again.

"April." I called the slave. She came running in the living room.?

"Show him to the washroom and then giving him some clean clothes." I told her, not taking my eyes off Max.

He left with her and then I sighed. How the hell can he do this? He cares about Natalia. I know he does. He has ever since she was thirteen and we found her. I also knew that he had a thing for her back then.

Once Ava came in, I pulled her in my lap. "How is she?"

It feels like I've been away from her since a very long time.

"In pain. I just got her to sleep." Her thumb traced the skin under my eyes. "You need more sleep, Nik."

"So do you." I murmured and brought her head down to kiss her full lips.

"Max is here." I told her. She stiffened at his name.

"He hurt her bad, Nik." She whispered. "She doesn't want to see him."

"I don't think anyone can keep him from seeing his mate. I don't want him to either but it's inevitable." I whispered.

"Damn right it is." Max said, entering the living room. He was freshly showered and was wearing my shorts and t-shirt.

At least he doesn't smell of sex.

Ava stiffened further and her hand clutched mine tightly. I rubbed soothing circles on her hand but that did nothing to help her.

"Where is she?" He asked us.

"She doesn't want to see you right now." Ava told him.

"Where the fuck is my mate?" He hissed, his eyes turning flickering between red and his normal brown colour.

But that wasn't the normal vampire-red colour. This was the much darker red, and it turned the white area around his eyeballs black.

He zipped up the stairs and Ava and I ran after him.

Ava and I stood at the door, ready to throw him

he looked at Nat

the blanket covering her body aside, revealing the blood that was still on her legs

his knees

sorry." Came

it behind us. This was their private matter. Nat

have to tell you something." Ava whispered and

happened?" I asked her after I closed

I caught

Where is going with

And now...I feel it coming

sure?" I

whispered. "I think that the devil has merged with

covering his tracks. But then one day, he suddenly went clean. All I knew was that Daniel helped him. But we hadn't talked once in

to such a big conclusion based on this." It can't be true. I will be the first one to say Max is not the best guy around. He is evil. But he isn't the

I a

No one is.

heart though. At least for the people

what I feel. Don't you believe in me?" She asked

believe in Max too. Let's

to kill him if

with some food and blood for both of them but

and talked to them

I will have to

Max was sitting on the floor against the wall as he kept staring her. His glass of blood was also untouched and his colour had lightened due to lack of blood. He smelled like

Because it's not going to last long if you stop fucking eating. Natalia, you look like you're going to disappear and Max, you

was no reaction on either

should make him angry. Some reaction is better

like that. You're no good to her dead. And you're an asshole if you think she is going to forgive you if you keep staring at her like a fucking pervert." I

Still no reaction.

you in your ass. You killed three hundred and forty seven vampires in seven fucking days. What the fuck were

They both ignored me.

the door behind me. Goddess knows what they will do

down to the living room. Avalyn looked at me worriedly

Nothing is working.

can try?" Mikhail asked. "Nat will listen


three days and what did you get

it be

Max might snap again if he feels threatened by

you know?"

About Max and she doesn't even know the guy. And I think we should believe in her."

"What's that?" I asked.

wrote down a couple of signs and symptoms. And if the Devil has really captured his soul, she has written what we

she?" I

met her parents and those vampires adopted her. One moment I was talking to her and

her saying her parting words to Louis.?Adopted. Outcast.

some girl like this?" Andrei

won't be able to touch anything holy without destroying it. And he will get loose control when he will get angry. And she has

test all

need to get him out of the room

Our heads turned to the source of

said. "Neither of you are allowed to

ones to whom they

discuss this over dinner? I haven't had proper food in days." I

immediately said, realising I am right. "Come in the dining room, I'll get Irina and April to serve dinner." She said and disappeared towards

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