The Lycan King

Chapter 59. plan


"This is the only time we have." I told everyone at the table.

Nik and Max just left and I told my family about my plan. Nat was still in shock. She couldn't believe that the devil had captured his soul.

Nik didn't believe in me either. It hurt but I understood. He has known Max since he was a child. And he didn't want to think that the brother he grew up looking up to was evil.

The thing is, Max isn't evil. He just has a little part of Devil inside him.

"Are you sure?" Natalia asked me.

"Yes." I nodded.

"I believe you." Dimitri spoke and then gave Mikhail a look.

"Fine. Let's do this." Mikhail stood up.

"Good. Mikhail, sit at the back windows. Dimitri ready the wolves and hide by the patio near the beach. And try not to get hurt." I bit my lip as I eyes both the men.

Max is strong. Like really strong. Maybe even stronger than Nik.

"Yes, Luna." They both nodded.

"Let's go, Nat." I said and we both walked to her bedroom.

The curtains were pushed open and the the balcony windows were open. For which I was glad, because it removed the decaying smell that had saturated here. The bedsheets were changed and the room smelled much better than before. I mentally noted to reward April. She is a good female.

We both sat on the bed and Nat got noticeably quieter.

"You can talk to me, you know?" I told her softly.

"I know. But it's not really his fault. Deep down, I know you are right Avalyn. I saw his eyes. They turned black. And his whole demeanour changed. That wasn't my Max. I can't be upset with him for something that wasn't in his control." She sighed.

"You're right. He can't be held responsible for that. But you can be upset about it. You were hurt. You have the right to be hurt." I looked at the frail girl.

She has been through something no woman should go through. The betrayal of your own mate, under whatever circumstance, is something one can never just let go.

A tear fell down her eye and her hands cupped her lower belly. "I felt every stroke, every thrust. And it burned. It hurt so bad." She cried. "I could feel him cum."

I gathered her in my arms, tears rising in my own eyes. She doesn't deserve this. I don't know what I will do if Nik did the same thing to me. I'd die. Surely.

But Nik wouldn't ever do that. He loves me too much for that. And his soul isn't captured by the devil either...

Nat stiffened. He's here. I could feel him. He was standing on the other side of the door.

"I hate him, Avalyn. I hate him so much. He ruined me. He ruined everything we had." She sobbed, going according to the plan now.

"But he is here now. And he is your mate. Maybe with time, you can forgive him." I wiped her tears.

"I can't." She cried. "I'm sorry but I can't follow through Nikolai's plan. I can't be with him like that anymore. I can't." Tears streamed down my cheeks at her words that were laced with pain. "He hurt me too bad. I could feel every single thrust of his inside my vagina, literally slicing me open from the inside. I can never forget it." Her voice broke. I couldn't decide if this was her acting or not. I could feel her hurt and heartbreak. It was rolling off of her in waves.

"You should talk to him." I whispered.

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