The Lycan King

Chapter 60. Morning Glory


(The Latin to English translations are given at the end of the chapter.)

I saw Max on the ground and everyone surrounding him. He used his hands to rise up again.

"Sinit satus sanguine festun." He and extended his arms wide, almost like he was inviting everyone.

What does that even mean?

The wolves started backing away from him. This was unlike anything anybody has seen or heard.

His usual light blue eye had changed into a pitch black colour and the white area of his eyes had turned blood red. The green and blue veins under his eyes had risen up to the surface, making his eyes look even more scary. His fangs were also out, longer and sharper than that of a normal vampire.

His features had turned sharper, harsher in a way.

Max looked like he was possessed. No. Seeing him like this, I know he is possessed.

I focused on him and froze him in his place, walking past the semi circle formed around him.

"Pithonissam." He hissed as he looked at me, his voice more heavy but also high pitched at the same time.

"Fall back." Nik came to stand besides me. Everyone backed away now, giving us a wide? girth.

Nik nodded at me and strode forward, standing right in from of Max. I made sure that Max could not move at all. I was not going to take a single chance with so many people around us that are in harm's way, especially Nik.

In this state, Max was unpredictable. And the people around me were vulnerable, especially because not everyone knew what was happening and no one knew his potential.

We have to bring Max back now.

Nik punched Max in the face. Again and again. Hard. So much, that Max's nose started bleeding.

The wolves brought silver chain and I imagined it wounding around Max's wrist, behind his back. It should weaken him.

The chains flew out of the wolves' glove-covered hands and wound around Max's wrists and then pulled his hands behind his back. It for for extra precaution.

"Sanguis." He hissed.

Nik punched him again, making his head snap to the side. It was working. I could see his eyes flickering until they turned back to his normal light blue colour.

He lifted his head and Nik was the first one he saw.

"What the fuck Nikolai?" He growled in Nik's face.

Max was back but he was still angry. The devil could still come out again.

"Come back." I told Nik.

Releasing a harsh breath, Nik walked back to me. Dimitri, Andrei and Talia stood besides me too.

Seeing Talia's bruised face, he pulled at the constraints. He was strong. So it was a difficult for me to keep him tied up but I focused hard, not letting him move just yet.

"What the hell happened to her face?" He snarled, applying more pressure on the restraints.

He was too strong, and it hurt my head and the chains loosened for a split second but I focused and tightened them again.

There is no way in hell I can let him go, not like this.

"Please tell me what happened?" His eyes looked troubled as he looked at all of us. "I'm a guest at your home right now, Kol."

When he didn't reply, anger took over Max's face. "Is this how you fucking treat your elder brother?" He growled.

I could feel Nik being hurt through our bond. I heard a small whimper and realised Nat was crying.

"Come here princess." Max whispered, begging her.

She took a step to go to him, almost instinctively. I can only imagine what she must be going through, seeing Max like this.?


a searing pain go

mine, giving me more power. His hair

on keeping

fight against me, I walked to him, releasing Nik's


so I can go nearer to him. I should get him

wilted flowers that were still in my hand. "Do you know what these

Morning glories." He replied,

him, didn't

gave a short nod and his canines receded.

moon flowers."

eyes flickered to red before coming back to

kneel and be still. I placed my hand on


go through all his memories. I need to pin point the start of this devil. I need to find out the point

memories flashed in front of my eyes like

hitting his mother

for him to

him at

go. Him

picking him back from

then dropping him

then picking him up

And again. And again.

father belting his mother.

His mother running away.

for her to come back to him. To save him from his

Max screamed. I could feel he was in a lot of pain. But I kept him still.?I'm so sorry but I need to do

have sex with

continued going through his memories.

to beat up women. Teaching him how to use a paddle, a crop,

off to

finding him and dragging him

His mother returning.

apologising him for

him off

the dead body

I tuned them out.

Mary helping him.

Him slowly getting better.

with Mary every day. Tea and

him off at Viktoria's after a close call with his

his shoulder, telling him to kill his

old boy had been through all of this.

Max's agonising screams ceased, I placed my

he came forward

It felt like I was tearing apart his soul. But Max's soul was in it's place. I was only tearing out the little black part that was

ring. I just kept going because it meant that

The devil's scream.

the air. The noise noises very distinct

was hurting too. He was feeling like his soul was

darkness seeping out

was a

feel it. All

the devil was separated from his soul, after hours of hard-work and

was crying as I rose him to his feet, but kept him still. I could feel his head and body hurting. His soul was

tore away his black t-shirt, making the tatters

drew a circle in the middle of his chest with my nail, deep enough to engrave it in his body and causing him to

head rolled back and his body shuddered and

was racing

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