The Lycan King

Chapter 62. Closure


"So what have you decided?" Max asked me the second he entered my office.

I gritted my teeth. I hated his plan. I hated it with every fibre of my being. I have made promises to Ava. Promises that I will have to break to go through with the plan.

"You know it's the only way." He looked at me.

I know it. And it was the best way too. The rest were too dangerous. But this will hurt Ava in a totally different manner, it will hurt her in ways he won't even be able to fathom. It can even break her. I'm not sure how strong she is. I know her wolf has given her immense strength. But she will have to push her wolf back in for this. She will have to look like an omega. Weak and helpless. Not the Alpha female she is slowly growing into. This can backtrack her growth as well.

"I won't do it." I told firmly, meeting his eyes head on.

"Talia will be going through the same thing. Something much,?much?worse." He narrowed his eyes at me.

"I said no." My voice was quiet but angry. I didn't like it when people questioned my decisions. My pack new it. No one question the Alpha.

But Max is not the part of my pack.

Regardless, he is my elder brother, for which, I respect him.

"Do not tell me to do something you would never do yourself,?Alpha." He mocked.

"I am not the same little brother you left behind, Maximilian. I will not tolerated disrespect." I growled, giving him a fair warning.

I am not the same little brother who used to follow him around the pack and used to wish to be like him in everything. I am my own person now. Strong and independent. I don't?need?him anymore.

"I left behind?" His voice rose. "Where were you when the entire fucking pack disrespected me? Because as far as I know, a?little brother?would have backed me up."

"What could have I done?" My hands slammed against the desk as I stood up from my seat in anger. "If I had backed you up, maybe you would have become the Alpha. But of whom? Wolves who didn't like you?" I growled.

I remember the day like it was yesterday.

More rogues had joined us so we decided to officially become a pack. And we needed an Alpha. A strong one at that because the other packs would surely not go easy on us.

The responsibility came on the Volkov family. Because it was mom who took everyone in and helped them. And even after she was gone, it was because of her goodwill that people came to us for help.

The strongest stepped up to become the Alpha. It included me, Max and a couple of others from the pack. It was a fight till death or submission.

Max and I remained till the last. We made a deal that whoever will loose shall show his neck and submit. Brothers will not kill brothers. That's not how mom raised us.

Max was older and stronger.

He won, I showed my neck.

But the pack opposed.

Treaty was signed, no one would tolerate a vampire leading a pack

openly showed their resentment

Corps. after that. He had left after the

a pack who doesn't like me?" He snarled, his eyes flashing red. "You know what? Fuck you, Nikolai!" He yelled. "You were always the spineless little bitch and you still are.

him in the face, making him stumble

know you are wrong, as always. Tell me. Why the fuck is Adrik still alive and living like a goddamn

again. "Shut up." I growled, my anger spiking with every word that came out of his

He knows nothing!

again but he ducked and moved away from me.

"I crashed his fucking mansion and killed all the fucking hundred something vampires

growl tore through my throat and I lunged at him in blind fury, making both of us go fall out of the

the front yard,

punched him. "You know nothing."

hand and pushed me off him, making

up and be a?man,?Nikolai." He snarled. "Get over

landed on the ground. Max was

good few feet away. He scraped against the rough ground

He grunted in pain.

hell is goin—" Dimitri came running but paused when

that had dribbled out of his

a snarl, he charged

him I'm not the weak little boy he once

a couple of feet away, I lunged at him, my mouth

air. His hands landed on my shoulder as we fell on the ground with a thud and rolled

on his face, drawing blood. His eyes turned red, his vampire

him, making me fly back but I twisted in

the fuck is going on?" Natalia came

Ava looked worried as she

before looking at Max again. He needs to know his

then charged at him again. He might have won that fight. But it's

have grown

dodged my attack and then

before he could touch me and ducked out of the way. I grabbed the back of his neck and slammed

me down with him but I punched him anyways. "I didn't attack Montana because there are innocents there."

another punch on my nose. I tried to block it but he held me down. "And if you want to do the right thing." He gritted, "then I will do the right thing by Talia." He landed another good punch. "I will

and I could feel blood rising up

He snarled before landing

Fuck?it hurt.

But I'm no coward.

all my strength, I caught his flying wrist before it could touch me once again and twisted it before pushing back and rolled us over

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