The Lycan King

Chapter 63. Something to share


"Max has something to share." I announced as soon as I stepped out of the closet, fully dressed.

Ava, Max and Natalia were sitting on the couches in the sitting area in our room. I sat besides Ava, took her hand in mine and placed our hands on my thigh. I needed to feel her right now.

He glanced at me before looking at Natalia. "I killed the man who kidnapped you. His name was Lionel Preston."

Natalia didn't even bat an eye at that. "Good," she smirked instead.

Max gave her a short nod. I know he is still squeamish about the week when the devil had taken over his body and didn't want to say anything that would upset his mate.

"He was the leader of the rebels of all the vampire kingdoms. Something like rogues in the werewolf world. But the difference is that they don't support the Vampire-Werewolf Peace Treaty and, unlike most people, weren't afraid to say it out loud," he told us. "They had taken upon themselves to kill any and every werewolf that comes their way."

"Why would they do that?" Ava asked, looking worried.

"Werewolves and Vampires have hated each other since the dawn of time. It is known," Max said. "That was until lives got tangled up and they started finding their mates in each other. That's why the treaty was drawn. To protect the sacred bond of mates." His eyes fell on Natalia and he gave her a small smile.

"Everyone knows the rebels exist but no one knew where. I used a bait and caught one rebel Vampire. He lead me to their lair. I went back home, took my weapons and went to the property they were hiding in. I killed them to the last man. And woman." His nostrils flared in anger before his lips curled up in a familiar malicious smile. "They got what they deserved."

"What did you do?" He has always been a creative bastard.

"Lionel had a sister. She was the one who injected Talia with wolfsbane. I ripped Lionel's heart out in front of her eyes and forced her to eat it before killing her." His eyes shone with pride.

I'll be sure to try that. A smile slowly formed on my face but Ava's hand tightened in mine. She looked shocked.

I know that seeing Max, he doesn't look like a bad guy. But this fucker is worse than me. I'm a hundredth percent sure that he has done worse things in his life than was he was is tell ys right now.

"Wish I could've been there." Nat mumbled, sad to have missed the opportunity.

I squeezed Ava's hand.?They were bad men who have killed hundreds of innocent werewolves.

"Next time, princess." He winked at her.

"When I was ripping the heart out of Lionel's body, his sister tried to attack me from the back but I felt a guy hold her back. He helped me kill her. I didn't know him but he said he was honoured to see, and I quote, 'The Legendary Maximilian Romanoff'?in action." Max grinned. "I was happy to meet a fan so I invited him to my club which was coincidentally in the same neighbourhood. But he said he had work to attend but promised me he will visit soon. Told me to give him a call when I was going to visit so he could come meet me." He shook his phone in the air.

"However, he dropped me to the club in his car. When I asked him what he was doing here, he said that Preston was creating troubles in his pack and then he thanked me for doing the job. He also said that he was opening a club in the city." His eyes fell on Ava's slowly widening eyes.

Her hand gripped mine tightly.

"His name is Emilio Gonzalez."

Ava's breath hitched. I gripped her hand tighter.

You are safe with me, Moya Lyubov.

mine and she stared in my eyes and

opportunity for us. We need to take action and quick." Max said softly. "And Kol has come up with a perfect

is it?" Ava whispered, her eyes

before. But it has to be done.

to befriend him first. He will make them think that he hates us. He will say that he wants to massacre the entire Rogue Pack and will lure Emilio to join forces. They enter our lands, we surround them and kill them all."

can't let them come

we can. I have planned it

here and families and children!" She looked around at all of us frantically, trying to make us

wolves will

are not as big as Montana, Avalyn. Nor

without a lot of weapons because he will

want revenge. I'm fine here. I'm happy." Her eyes

way that can't be forgiven, Love. I'm not going to let him live

forgive him." She quickly


is my past. But you are my present and my future. My family is my present and future." She looked at all of us

my hands. So will Emmanuel for what he did to mom." A growl left my

investigate more about her death.

about her?" Max's eyes turned

raided packs in a fruitless attempt to

spent two whole years hiding

wasn't dead. Emilio's fucking father—Emmanuel had taken her captive.

loud snarl left his mouth and he stood up angrily but Nat caught him and kissed him to calm him down. They looked like they

kill those fucktards. It helped me bring down my temper. I

and placed her arm around his shoulder. She was the only one who will be able to

at me. "You either work this plan out well or else I'm going to kill him. I don't give a fuck who


I don't give a fuck." He hissed,

Then I will come with you." Nat said

attack us like that. He will send his wolves to do the dirty work. He probably only came to Preston's house because he was in the

will make it personal.

She asked

said and I literally

look and he narrowed his eyes but leaned back in the

in the city. An S&M club to be exact." I rubbed circles on her hand. "Max had told him that his mate was visiting her pack. And now,?I?will be dropping our dear friend Natalia back to her mate, her Master." I gave Max a hard look. I'm not budging on this. Ava is?not?coming. He doesn't know the depth of Ava's scars and issues. I don't know them entirely either. And I

'hates us'. We need to keep Nat safe at all times because she will be the most vulnerable target. But he already knows Max is a psycho, especially when it comes to his mate. He won't touch her. But that doesn't mean Mikhail, her best friend, won't want to say good bye with a hug. That will make Max snap. And he will claim he wants

she was scared. I'll make her understand. "No." Ava

monster. It's—it's not safe." Her chin trembled. "I'm happy now. I

people will die. Until now, I never cared for others much. But you changed me. You showed me that while this is a bad world, there are good people in it too. Which is why I would use the option of a war as the back up plan. This is the safest plan and it makes sense the most." I

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